* The Sunday Shows Spectacular: ’Cancer - Why you’re not doomed!’

* The Sunday Shows Spectacular: ’Cancer - Why you’re not doomed!’

"Cancer - Why you're not Doomed!"

A spectacular week of Cancer Shows. Chris will be bringing you 8 'Sunday Shows' in 8 days - a different show every day involving an array of highly knowledgeable speakers. It promises to be a really great learning experience for anyone touched by cancer.

The CANCERactive Show Week - "Cancer - Why you're not doomed" 

Tips and information to increase your personal odds of survival. 


 * Sunday November 20th...  Chris Woollams will explain for everybody touched by cancer -  'Cancer - Why you're not Doomed?'

 * Monday November 21st ... Patricia Peat of Cancer Options interviewed by Chris on 'Using Integrative Medicine to increase your personal odds of Survival'

 * Tuesday November 22nd... Sophie Trew will be interviewed by Chris on 'Breathworks' - How better breathing and breath techniques can improve your immune system, your mental state and your survival'.

 * Wednesday November 23rd... Chris Woollams will be Interviewed by Larry Brooks on his 'Top Ten off-label drugs for cancer'

 * Thursday November 24th... George Cooper, our TCM expert, will be interviewed by Chris Woollams on his 'Top ten Chinese herbs for cancer'

 * Friday November 25th... Laura Davies, who faced colorectal cancer, will be chatting to Chris Woollams from first hand experience on 'What issues do you must consider to increase your personal odds of survival'  

 * Saturday November 26th ,,, Dr Elmar Jung will be interviewed by Chris Woollams on 'Holistic Dentistry and cancer - how your teeth can influence cancer survival'

 * Sunday November 27th... Dr Abdul Kadir Slocum of Chemothermia, Istanbul will be interviewed by Chris Woollams on 'Using Integrative Therapies to increase your personal odds of survival'


As always, your questions drive the shows. Click on each underlined title in Blue to read more about each show.

You can expect to learn a massive amount, and I'm sure you will hear a few surprising comments.

Of course, these shows are all FREE to CANCERactive Community members.

Join the CANCERactive Community HERE 


PS. There's another Sunday Show planned in December:

* Sunday December 11th Brain cancer - Chris answers your questions on Brain cancer. Madeleine Kingsley  will be asking the questions people have sent in to Chris on Facebook or via e-mail over recent months.

Yes. 9 shows before Christmas - all to help our 'Community' increase their personal odds of survival.

The Sunday Show 2022
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