Join our CANCERactive Community

Join our CANCERactive Community
Like all cancer charities, we need donations
We provide a wealth of practical information to people, empowering them to increase their personal odds of survival. We are, quite simply, Europe's most important cancer charity specialising in Complementary and Integrative Medicine (CIM). In fact, many people acknowledge that one of our founders - the former Oxford University Biochemist, Chris Woollams - helped to put CIM on the cancer map in the UK.
    * We provide a unique colour magazine (icon - Integrative Cancer and Oncology News) twice a year which goes into over 680 hospitals, cancer centres and libraries all around the UK. 
    * We provide a twice monthly worldwide e-newsletter full of tips and actionable news items.
    * We provide this Website with over 4,000 pages of highly usable information - on everything from prevention to orthodox medicine to complementary, alternative and emerging treatments.  
Sorry but we are not particularly interested in drugs that maybe of some use in ten years’ time, because we know you are not interested in them either. We are interested in treatments you can use TODAY to EMPOWER yourself, to make yourself stronger to fight the cancer. We bring people the very latest science-based evidence  -  research that has come from expert scientists that often may not have received the publicity it deserved.
The problem is simple: We can't help people like you, if people like you don't help us.
The People's Charity 

Unlike other cancer charities, we do not receive funds from 'Big Pharma' or 'Little Vitamin' companies. We don’t take fees from clinics for recommending them, nor kick-backs from any source. That’s because we know you appreciate our honesty, objective reporting and independent voice. We have no vested interests; no one biasing our comments, views or writings.

To provide an Independent, honest voice, free from vested intersets to people touched by cancer, we can only turn to people who want and respect this 'difference', for funding.

If you make a regular donation, we are happy to give you something in return

     * People who donate through a direct debit of £3 per month will receive the magazine through the post when it comes out; they will be able to look at all past magazines on line, they will receive Chris’ e-newsletter, and they will receive priority booking on Chris’ speeches in Britain or elsewhere.

     * People who donate through a direct debit of £5 per month or more will receive all that, plus they will join 'the CANCERactive Community'. It’s a private, closed community. No outsiders. No skeptics clouding your judgment. PLUS ...

Rendezvous with Chris Woollams - Every two weeks Chris will post regular video blogs (Vlogs) exclusively in this Community – what’s happened, what’s new, what’s he looking at, who he's met, what important things they told him, what might help you. Nothing posh; just real-life Chris. You can also post comments. If you want to know something, ask the question and he’ll try to cover it in the next Vlog. These blogs will never go public. They are just for our special friends in the CANCERactive Community.

We have also arranged a deal with ‘Our Natural Selection’ so that Community members can buy from their range with 10% off. Be clear: Chris already selected them for you out of the vast numbers on the market – his criteria were 'quality', 'all natural' and 'value for money'.

Finally, people who have had Personal Prescriptions with Chris get free CAC membership for a year

Building a real support community 

And in future, Chris is looking at building this into a real an online support group – maybe with worldwide discussions groups on video - a support group on breast cancer; or prostate cancer; brain cancer or ovarian. Just imagine you are in Wales or Australia and you can hear how someone was treated in Germany for breast cancer; or what is happening right now with brain cancer treatment in America. Is the Nanoknife or surgery better for liver tumours? Is Immunotherapy really all its cracked up to be? What about GcMAF, or Rigvir? The more people who join this community the better. He can actually get 100 people onto one of these calls.

This kicks off today - November 16th 2018 with the launch of this new Website. It’s a game changer.

Please, please, make sure you are part of the CANCERactive Community. It will be the best charity donation you ever made.
You can join the CANCERactive Community by making a donation - HERE
Or simply Donate HERE

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