The Sunday Show with Chris Woollams

The Sunday Show with Chris Woollams

You can become a member of the CANCERactive Community for just £5 a month and see every SUNDAY SHOW with Chris Woollams as soon as they are released.  Chris will interview experts and cancer survivors and be interviewed himself on topics with the aim to provide usable information and tips on how listeners can increase their personal odds of survival.

Dear Friend,

First let us wish you a much happier and healthier 2021 than we had in 2020!

Next, we’d like to talk about the Sunday Shows.

Thank you for watching at least one of our Sunday Shows in 2020.  It was a steep learning curve for us, we had a number of teething problems, but we completed 11 shows and we now understand the best format and what people around the World want from the Show.

In 2021 we are going to have two sorts of show.

* Shows where Chris Interviews someone on a particular topic - we are planning shows on subjects such as Intravenous Vitamin C (IVC), Off-label drugs, healing your mind, Chinese Medicine, What works in Prostate cancer, Oestrogen and women’s illness, Fighting Blood cancers with Sophie Trew, Beating Breast cancer with Zoe Wooton (one of Chris’ PP patients) plus more, where Chris will interview experts or cancer survivors and ask your questions. These will happen on the third Sunday of each month. Wherever possible they will be live on a Sunday.

* We will also have a second show each month where Chris himself is interviewed, on topics such as Covid and Cancer – an update, The Truth about vitamin D, melatonin, healing a damaged gut, attacking cancer stem cell naturally, building a personal plan and more. You can still ask questions but these will be recorded. 

Go to: Early schedule for 2021

As many of you know, we had a highly successful magazine (icon) which went into 640 cancer centres, hospitals and health sections of libraries. Covid has stopped this, hopefully temporarily, even though it is now clear that Covid cannot be transmitted via paper. And so we are making these Sunday Shows the replacement.

We have loaded all of the 2020 season into the Members Area of the CANCERactive Community on our website, and will be putting every new show on there too, as it is released.  Plus Chris records shows for other people as their guest; these will go on there too.

And so you have the perfect opportunity to help CANCERactive and your own health!

Don’t pay for a Show – get them all. HOW TO SUBSCRIBE 

Just donate £5 a month - £15 a quarter or £60 a year - to the Charity and you will receive access to the Members’ area (The CANCERactive Community) and ALL THE SHOWS - past, present and future. If you already subscribe £5 a month, then thank you from all of us at CANCERactive, and from the people we help.

Go to: Join our CANCERactive Community

Best wishes

The CANCERactive Sunday Show team.

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