Book Review: Oestrogen - The Killer in Our Midst

Book Review: Oestrogen - The Killer in Our Midst


Oestrogen - the killer in our midst’ 

(Third Edition - compiled by Chris Woollams, completely revised, January 2014)

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Start taking action today!

Human oestrogen and chemical oestrogen (estrogen in America) can drive not just women’s cancers but men’s cancers too! For example, breast, ovarian, endometrial cancer; prostate and testicular cancer, colorectal, NSCLC and brain tumours too. 

So while your doctor gives you drugs to block or tackle your oestrogen, or drugs to tackle your testosterone, or just gives you chemo to kill off some cancer cells, this book tells exactly how to empower yourself and take simple steps to control the hormone yourself. You can start today:

   * Find out which human oestrogen is ’like pouring petrol on a fire’ and what you can do to limit it, or change it.

   * Discover which chemicals act like estrogen in your body and how you can eliminate them from your life.

   * Learn which natural compounds can help regulate and reduce aggressive oestrogen in your body.

   * Get top tips for changing your eating and lifestyle habits to reduce your estrogen naturally.

   * Understand which supplements can start helping immediately.

   * Read which supplements can make Tamoxifen work better; and which common in-home factor restricts its action!

   * Find out what Soy has to do with it.

And so much more; all in one place in an easy-to-read and easy-to-use book.


"I don’t have breast cancer, but my mum died from the disease. I couldn’t put the book down. Seven hours later I knew exactly what I had to do to get oestrogen levels down in my body. Who wants breast cancer? I don’t. But what was really interesting was that men get cancers caused by oestrogen too. Who’d have thought. Fat is one cause, poor sleep as well. But the steps to cut levels are straightforward. Great book. I’d recommend it to every woman in the land! With or without cancer. It tells you clearly what you can do to help yourself."

Jane, Royal Marsden, Surrey.

"This book brings together, in an easily readable form, important research from around the world, totally relevant to men and women alike. It helps us all understand about the dangers of things we too easily take for granted."

Dr. Andrew Tresidder, GP (Somerset)

"The oral contraceptive pill was launched amid claims that it would lead to the sexual liberation of women. Forty years after that drug’s launch, we realise that the two active ingredients of that pill and HRT have led to a massive increase in chronic illness in both men and women. I recommend this book as an authoritative guide not only to the dangers of oestrogen, but also on how to combat them."

Dr. John Millward, Southbourne Natural Health Centre (Bournmouth)



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