The Sunday Show 09: Top Ten off-label drugs for cancer

The Sunday Show 09: Top Ten off-label drugs for cancer

On Wednesday 23rd November Chris Woollams will be interviewed by Larry Brooks on his Top Ten off-label drugs for cancer - Chris promises to keep it simple!!

Chris built his first off-label drugs protocol in 2007, his interest being sparked after he found research in the USA and Scotland on Low Dose Naltrexone and wrote it up on the CANCERactive website - good for immune boosting and pain relief. Then one of his patients went to Professor Angus Dalgleish at St George's Tooting, and he put the patient on Metformin and Atorvastatin. He then found research from a Hospital in Carshalton in Surrey about the drug Dipyridamol and melanoma. And then someone came to him and said, "I'm in serious trouble with cancer all over me; do something different." So he did, and the lady went on to beat her cancer! 

"The issues don't change. How do I cut my blood sugar and blood fat to stop the cancer feeding and spreading?" You can definitely use herbs, but a doctor will use a drug which has been approved for use with humans. That doesn't make it the best thing to use, though. As Professor Dana Flavin told us a year or so ago - There's a lot of hype, and some of these drugs just aren't very strong," says Chris.  He is determined to keep things simple and tell you what drugs he does consider, for what cancers.

You can expect comment on at least 10 off-label drugs; what's good and what's bad; and even comment on why some didn't make the list.

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