Cancer research and news - 2014

2014 Research

Here, by month, is a list of the very latest cancer research and news for the year 2014. Bear in mind we only cover stories that you can use in your life today; not possibilities of treatments in five year’s time!

Cancer Watch January 2014 (Gut bacteria and colorectal cancer: Research summary)

Cancer Watch January 2014 (Fastest growing area of lung cancer caused by oestrogen, not smoking)

Cancer Watch January 2014 (A step change in stopping metastases)

Cancer Watch January 2014 (Prostate cancer risk linked to BPA exposure in the womb)

Cancer Watch January 2014 (Scientists learn how to stop lymphoma)

Cancer Watch January 2014 (At last, a drug found to kill cancer stem cells. Maybe)

Cancer Watch February 2014 (IVC shows effects with cancer)

Cancer Watch March 2014 (Blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and added sugar linked beyond doubts)

Cancer Watch March 2014 (Over-diagnosis of thyroid cancer causing harm)

Cancer Watch March 2014 (Is the game finally up for screening mammograms?)

Cancer Watch Match 2014 (Colon cancer risk reduced by probiotics)

Cancer Watch April 2014 (Radiotherapy and gut bacteria)

Cancer Watch April 2014 (Deaths from breast cancer plunge)

Cancer Watch April 2014 (Environmental toxins: Diesel Fumes cause death)

Cancer Watch April 2014 (Breast radiotherapy linked to killer lung cancer)

Cancer Watch April 2014 (Dark chocolate is good for you thanks to your gut bacteria)

Cancer Watch April 2014 (Magnetic, rotating nanoparticles cause cancer cells to destruct)

Cancer Watch April 2014 (Nanoparticles may provide accurate cancer diagnosis)

Cancer Watch April 2014 (Research shows cancer risk dangers of alcohol-based mouthwash)

Cancer Watch April 2014 (Diabetes drug linked to cancer- Pharma firms fined)

Cancer Watch April 2014 (Triple Negative Breast Cancer progression reduces with natural compounds)

Cancer Watch May 2014 (Are orthodox prostate treatments a waste of time?)

Cancer Watch May 2014 (So did Angelina lead women in the right direction?)

Cancer Watch June 2014 (First bladder cancer drug in 30 years)

Cancer Watch June 2014 (Two new drugs for melanoma)

Cancer Watch June 2014 (Mistletoe wins more fans as a cancer treatment)

Cancer Watch June 2014 (Scientists from MD Anderson study ovarian cancer in mice and women)

Cancer Watch June 2014 (Cancer Hospitals in London and Essex to specialize)

Cancer Watch June 2014 (Chinese herb stops cancer cell ‘protection’)


Cancer Watch July 2014 (Curcumin - it pays to buy quality supplements)
Cancer Watch July 2014 (Removing the protection for cancer cells)
Cancer Watch July 2014 (Cancer patients with higher blood vitamin D levels survive twice as long)
Cancer Watch July 2014 (Taking contraceptive pill increases risk of cancer


Cancer Watch August 2014 (Aspirin benefits confirmed in the fight against cancer)

Cancer Watch August 2014 (Killing cancer cells with ions)

Cancer Watch August 2014 (UCLA review on Ketogenic Diet and cancer)

Cancer Watch August 2014 (Are Cell Phones (mobile phones) really safe?)

Cancer Watch August 2014 (Are poor sleep patterns linked to child cancer increases?)

Cancer Watch August 2014 (Study links vasectomy to aggressive prostate cancer)

Cancer Watch August 2014 (Salt is no cure for cancer)

Cancer Watch September 2014 (Being overweight raises cancer risk by up to 60%)

Cancer Watch September 2014 (Frequent Bowel movements may be linked to reduced breast cancer risk)

Cancer Watch September 2014 (Airline pilots and melanoma risk)

Cancer Watch September 2014 (New test to eliminate need for ‘inefficient’ PSA tests)

Cancer Watch September 2014 (Tomatoes linked to lower prostate cancer risk (yet again!!)

Cancer Watch September 2014 (Exercise is a powerful drug and reduces patient risk of dying from cancer)

Cancer Watch September 2014 (Soy may have a breast cancer promoting effect in some women)

Cancer Watch October 2014 (Targeted drug first in oesophageal cancer)

Cancer Watch October 2014 (Triglyceride levels linked to prostate cancer recurrence)

Cancer Watch October 2014 (Arsenic levels in baby rice products exceed new EU levels)

Cancer Watch October 2014 (Cow’s Dairy increases bone risks – does NOT strengthen them)

Cancer Watch October 2014 (Sugar causes cancer and damages immune system - as bad as smoking)

Cancer Watch October 2014 (“Cannabis killed my lung cancer”)

Cancer Watch October 2014 (Gut bacteria shown to break down oestrogen and reduce breast cancer risk)

Cancer Watch October 2014 (Glyphosphate Contamination Widespread in USA)

Cancer Watch October 2014 (Focussed Ultrasound – coming of age as a non-invasive alternative cancer treatment)

Cancer Watch October 2014 (Child cancer survivors and increased risk of breast cancer)

Cancer Watch October 2014 (Natural B-17 may have anti-cancer effects)

Cancer Watch November 2014 (Epigenetic compound Apigenin shows yet more anti-cancer benefits)

Cancer Watch November 2014 (Vitamin D enhances drug treatment in pancreatic cancer)

Cancer Watch November 2014 (New UK Centre of Excellence opens for brain tumours)

Cancer Watch November 2014 (How not to get cancer (according to the WHO)

Cancer Watch November 2014 (Improving radiotherapy treatment in breast cancer)

Cancer Watch November 2014 (New Drug enhances Temozolomide for brain cancers)

Cancer Watch November 2014 (Multi-hormone approach for breast cancer involves ‘vitamin’ D)

Cancer Watch November 2014 (Exercise boost chemo effectiveness)

Cancer Watch November 2014 (Lung cancer drug Iressa and patients’ right to use)

Cancer Watch November 2014 (Bra wearing doesn’t cause cancer, maybe)

Cancer Watch November 2014 (Half of all cancers diagnosed too late)

Cancer Watch November 2014 (Chokeberry increases success of pancreatic drug treatment)

Cancer Watch November 2014 (Botox to cure stomach cancer?)

Cancer Watch November 2014 (Cancer warning for IBS treatment drugs)

Cancer Watch November 2014 (Melatonin shown to have strong epigenetic benefits in breast cancer)

Cancer Watch November 2014 (Epigenetic benefits of CLA with breast cancer)

Cancer Watch November 2014 (Fasting boosts the immune system and aids cancer treatments)

2014 Research
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