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More than 25 ways of potentially reversing cancer?

Natural compounds with Epigenetic properties 

In our first article ‘Epigenetics and reversing cancer´, we examined in layman´s terms what the Science of Epigenetics was all about.

     * How metabolic changes arising from poor diet, stress, environmental toxins and hormones like oestrogen could affect levels of methionine and homocysteine in the body. 

     * How this caused more methylation on your ball of DNA

     * Which lead to a build up of more histones around (epi) the DNA (genetics). 

     * This resulted in blockages so that important messages from the DNA could not be read and sent out. Messages were lost.

Many scientists confuse this process with ´mutation´. It is not mutation, which is defined as a sequence change in the fundamental coding of your DNA.

While scientists might struggle with drugs to tackle genuine mutations (which account for perhaps just 7 per cent of all cancers), other scientists are very clear: 

Methylation and epigenetic blockages are reversible. You are not doomed

Exercise and gut bacteria can also help reverse the original changes, apart from a good diet and stress management, control of both excess hormones and environmental toxins.

What you will see below is that the same core bioactive food compounds come up time and time again.

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Bioactive compounds can deal with hormone-driven cancers

In his review of Epigenetic Polyphenols(1), Professor Wim Varden Berghe of the Biomed Departments at the Universities of Antwerp and Ghent, details how DNA methylation patterns of tumour-promoting genes controlled tumour progression and even drug sensitivity. Since ‘Epigenetic’ negative expression factors rather than core genetic mutations (which are anyway rare) are reversible, he was interested in the developing research into the benefits of polyphenols, notably:

Soy (genistein)
Catechin (EGCG in green tea, or those in Cocoa)

Polyphenols can play a strong role in fighting hormonally driven cancers like prostate or breast cancer. For example, Professor Robert Thomas, formerly of Addenbrook´s Hospital developed POMI-T (curcumin, broccoli, pomegranate and EGCG) to control PSA levels in Prostate cancer patients. Clinical Trials show it delivers.

Bioactive compounds can deal with cancer stem cells

Professor Berghe also discussed the role of natural compounds in reversing the progression of cancer stem cells and noted that the effects of methylation and histone bonding was controlled by localised metabolites.  

In 2012, Dr. Young S. Kim of the National Cancer Institute noted from her research(2) that certain natural compounds could stop the re-growth of cancer stem cells and hence tumours. Cancer stem cells according to 2004 research by Wang of British Columbia occurred when repair stem cells, normally available all over the human body, rushed to repair but could not convert into the target cells because epigenetic silencing had occurred and they became stuck in the rapidly dividing state.

Dr. Kim´s list of Bioactive natural compounds included:

Vitamin E (containing all 8 components – 4 tocopherols and 4 tocotrienols)
Vitamin A

Over 65 bioactive natural compounds are known to have ´corrective´ epigenetic benefits

There are over 65 bioactive natural compounds capable of contributing to the correction of the cancer cell skeleton.

Here are 25 Bioactive epigenetic compounds that fight cancer

Vitamin D
Fish/krill oils (Omega-3)
Catechins (EGCG)
Conjugated Linoleic Acid
Coenzyme Q10
Indole 3 Carbinol/DIM
Grape Seed Extract
Modified Citrus Pectin
Anthocyanins (deep purple of beetroot, plums, aubergine)
Coffee Diterpines
Vitamin E
Piperine (black pepper)

MINERALS play a crucial role in epigenetic correction. While certain, such as calcium, selenium and zinc, appear beneficial in correcting methylation and acetylation of histones, others such as cadmium and mercury have negative methylation-promoting effects.

Other ways of correcting methylation and reversing blockages

Other known corrective factors include a exercise, having a healthy gut flora profile, controlling inflammation and stress, oxygen, bringing hormone levels into balance, correcting levels of toxic compounds in the body.

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Go To: Epigenetic compounds, breast cancer and Triple Negative Breast Cancer




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