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Epigenetics and reversing cancer

The ´new´ Science of Epigenetics tells us how you are very unlikely to have a real mutation if you have cancer; how you are far more likely to have blockages and lost messages, and how these blockages are reversible; meaning you are not doomed. If you reverse cancer, you cure cancer.

Cancer is only rarely caused by a genuine mutation

The text book theory of cancer was simple. Your DNA is your personal ´blueprint´; a sequence of codes that determine everything about you, from the colour of your eyes to the make up of your immune system.

Cancer was caused by mutation. What´s that? The definition is simple. Mutation is a sequence change inside your DNA.

We´ve heard of women who have breast cancer mutations like BRCA1 and BRCA2, so the theory must be right, mustn´t it?

But it´s not. People with a genetic mutation account for less than 7 per cent of the population. One of your two strands of DNA (one from your Mum, one from your Dad) has had a sequence change, so you have no back up if the other goes wrong.

Just seven per cent? What about the other 93 per cent of the population, who are also at risk? The Truth about Cancer is that the rest of us only very rarely develop a sequence change - a real mutation - in their DNA. Usually it is caused by a blockage around the outside of their DNA (Greek: epi = on, or around). 

Cancer is a largely a metabolic disease

Your DNA is about 1.8 metres long, but it is rolled up in a ball so small you can´t see it under a normal microscope.

The ball is held in place by some histones, rather like your body´s structure is held in place by some bones. The histones cover very little of the surface because the coding sequences for the messages need to be exposed - little trains jump on at start points, read a message sequence, copy it, and then send it out round the body. These messages are essential for your body´s biochemistry to work properly.

The histones hold the DNA through methyl bonds. The bonds are not fixed and can change during any 24 hour period, allowing your body to express different underlying genes according to your particular needs at that moment. It´s how the body corrects problems or regulates excesses.

However, methylation can increase resulting in a build up of histones and they may cover, and thus BLOCK, the underlying genes. This prevents the genes being read and sending out their message. So, a block around the DNA, stops gene expression and results in lost messages.

What causes the build up of methylation and histones?

Researchers are now convinced it is predominantly FOUR factors:

    1. Environmental Toxins - from smoking to drugs

    2. Poor Diet

    3. Stress

    4. Hormones like oestrogen (estrogen) 

Most importantly, the build up of
histones via methylation is KNOWN TO BE REVERSIBLE

How homocysteine build up causes cancer and other diseases

Increased methylation (and therefore blockages) is firmly linked to a build up of homocysteine in the body.

Homocysteine is a known neuro-toxin. It is not found in our diets but is made inside our bodies. Elevated levels are linked to many chronic illnesses, for example, cancer and Alzheimer´s. It is an amino acid but is never used in protein formation. 

It can be down-regulated by sulphuration to cysteine, and up-regulated by methylation to methionine. Cancer cells need methionine - they thrive on it. Some cancer cures look to cut methionine from the body, but homcysteine is a reservoir for methionine.

Research on homocysteine levels in Alzheimer´s shows they can be reduced by B vitamins such as folate and B-12, providing your plasma levels of long-chain omega-3 (fish oil) are good enough. You may think that these vitamins appear to depend on your diet but actually, your gut bacteria MAKE your B vitamins from your naturally fibrous food.

Go to: Homocysteine, B vitamins, fish oils and Alzheimer´s risk

Thus, drugs and antibiotics plus anything known to affect the pH of the gut - such as too much salt, pickles, environmental toxins, smoking or stress - affects the balance of the bacteria in the gut (the microbiome) and changes the amount of B vitamins made, which in turn affects homocysteine levels.

Cancer is thus very much a metabolic disease.

Cancer - you are not doomed

Journalists, cancer charities, drug companies, doctors and even oncologists glibly trot out the word mutation as if you have become an X-man or a zombie. They want you to believe this is a really complex situation - akin to rocket science - and so it requires rocket science (and thus expensive) solutions.

But, in the vast majority of cases of cancer, we are not talking about sequence change mutations but lost messages due to blockages from homocysteine, methylation and histones. And these blockages are known to be reversible. 

Good diet, cutting stress and environmental toxins, balancing your hormones, taking exercise, oxygenating cells, having plenty of commensal (good) bacteria - these have all been shown capable of correcting the epigenetic damage. Indeed more than 65 natural bioactive compounds are known to be capable of correcting cancer cell structure. It´s not rocket science after all.

Your personal micro-environment creates a body conducive to cancer, or to conducive to health


You choose. Do you want a body conducive to cancer; or one that is conducive to health? The ´inconvenient truth´ is that you are not so much the product of your mother and father´s chromosomes, but far more a product of your lifestyle and environment. 

A study of 12,000 identical twins in Sweden conclude that genes are not your destiny, and that at least 55% of your ´wellness´ or ´illness´ was determined by lifestyle and environmental factors.
In prostate cancer 5,900 genes were shown to be affected - you only have 25,000. And, this is not the product of a core DNA mutation. This is about random blockages.

And, guess what? All the hype about sequencing the genome? It hasn´t shown us that a gene has mutated for breast cancer, a different one for colorectal. It has been a great shock to scientists to find that the affected genes were random
Bioactive foods have epigenetic benefits to ´Protect and Correct´ 
In 2012 several research studies conclusively proved that at the heart of cancers lay ‘cancer stem cells’. These are your natural repair cells - your stem cells - which have undergone their own epigenetic change and become ´stuck´ as rapidly dividing cells. Researchers showed this in separate studies on cancers such as brain, lung, breast, prostate and multiple myeloma. Scientists at Cancer Research UK even isolated cancer stem cells. Unfortunately there is no drug known today that can kill off a cancer stem cell.
However, also in 2012 came research from the number 1 body in cancer - America´s National Cancer Institute - and their Dr. Young S. Kim to be precise, that once a person had been treated for cancer and was ‘all clear’, a poor diet would cause the cancer stem cells to ‘re-grow’, while a good diet can prevent the re-growth of cancer stem cells. Our good lady Doctor even went on to list the most effective natural compounds in those ‘preventative foods’ and say that people ‘could find them in quality supplements’.
Her list included suphoraphanes, curcumin, piperine, vitamin E, vitamin A, genistein, theanine and choline, and EGCG from green tea. 

But there are far more than those. At the last count there were over 65 bioactive natural compounds with proven epigenetic effects. And we have covered many in our research centre Cancer Watch

GO To: An Article on WHICH bioactive compounds have the best epigenetic benefits

is ‘Protect and Correct’. Although this book was first written in early 2005, it acknowledged even then that natural compounds that could ‘Protect’ genetic expression, could also ´Correct´ it too. And the Science of Epigenetics is proving this accurate. 

Go to: Order your copy of the Rainbow Diet

Epigenetics and cancer - the bottom line:

   1. Cancer is predominantly a metabolic disease.

   2. You almost certainly don´t have a DNA sequence change (a mutation) - you have message 
blockages caused by factors external to the DNA sequence and which are potentially reversible.
   3. There are many bioactive natural compounds that can play a part in this reversal. 

   4. Over a number of years, you built a body conducive to cancer; now it´s time to build one conducive to health.

 "If you are already thinking of supplementing with any natural compounds, you may like to look at what Natural Selection has to offer by CLICKING HERE." 
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