25 epigenetic compounds to correct cancer

25 epigenetic compounds to correct cancer

There are more than 65 bioactive compounds with strong epigenetic abilities capable of reversing gene silencing and cancer as part of a metabolic treatment programme - here are 25 that you might use immediately.

Natural compounds to reverse gene silencing and cancer 

In our first article ‘Epigenetics and reversing cancer’, we examined in layman’s terms what the Science of Epigenetics was all about and how the traditional 'Somatic theory of cancer' (where the loss of a message occurs solely because of a mutation inside the genome) is flawed.

The Epigenetic theory of cancer holds that:

     * Metabolic changes arising from poor diet, stress, environmental toxins, the microbiome, poor oxygenation and hormones like oestrogen  affect levels of methionine and homocysteine in the body. 

     * Increases in homocysteine, for example, causes more methylation around your ball of DNA

     * Which leads to a build up of more histones around (epi) the DNA (genetics). 

     * This results in blockages in gene expression so that important messages from the DNA are lost because of 'Gene Silencing'. 

     * Gene Silencing is reversible.

Exercise and oxygen, diet and good gut bacteria, stress management and sunshine can also help reverse the original changes.

When it comes to diet and gut bacteria, what you will see below is that the same core bioactive food compounds come up time and time again.

Reversing gene silencing and preventing recurrence

Several experts have presented rersearch on this: 

i) In his review of Epigenetic Polyphenols(1), Professor Wim Varden Berghe of the Biomed Departments at the Universities of Antwerp and Ghent, details how DNA methylation patterns of tumour-promoting genes controlled tumour progression and even drug sensitivity. Since ‘Epigenetic’ message losses are reversible, he was interested in the developing research into the benefits of polyphenols, notably:

Genistein in soy beans or red clover
EGCG, a catchetin in Green Tea, or those in Cocoa

Professor Berghe also discussed the role of natural compounds in reversing the progression of cancer stem cells and noted that the effects of methylation and histone bonding was controlled by 'localised metabolites' not DNA mutations.

We have an article on the Top 10 compounds that attack cancer stem cells (2). 

ii) In 2021, Dwight McKee and Cord Naujokat wrote an extensive review (3) - 'The Big 5 phytochemicals targeting Cancer Stem Cells' - the cells at the very heart of cancers; the cells that can grow back again; the cells no current chgemo drug kills. 

They had the same 4 bioactive compounds of Berghe plus, 

Sulforaphane (in sprouting seeds, broccoli, Brussel's sprouts)

iii) In 2012 the Head of Cancer and Nutrition at the National Cancer Institute in the USA, Dr Young S. Kim, produced a list of bioactive 9 compounds that correct 'Gene silencing' and 'prevent cancer recurrence'. She said that if you couldn't find them in foods you could obtain them in quality supplements.

EGCG, Sulforaphanes, Curcumin, Piperine (black pepper), Genistein, Theanine, Choline, Vitamin A, Vitamin E (containing all 8 components – 4 tocopherols and 4 tocotrienols)

To date we know of over 65 bioactive natural compounds capable of correcting the cancer cell.

Here are -

25 bioactive, epigenetic compounds that can fight cancer

Vitamin D
Fish/krill oils (Omega-3)
Catechins (EGCG)
Conjugated Linoleic Acid
Coenzyme Q10
Indole 3 Carbinol/DIM
Grape Seed Extract
Modified Citrus Pectin
Anthocyanins (deep purple of beetroot, plums, aubergine)
Coffee Diterpines
Vitamin E
Piperine (black pepper)

MINERALS play a crucial role in epigenetic correction. While certain, such as calcium, selenium and zinc, appear beneficial in correcting methylation and acetylation of histones, others such as cadmium and mercury have negative methylation-promoting effects.

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(1) http://hcc.musc.edu/object_includes/archive/research/programs/prevention/journalarticles/June%20Journal%20Club%20Article.pdf

(2) Top ten bioactive compounds to kill cancer stem cells https://www.canceractive.com/article/top-ten%20natural%20compounds%20against%20cancer%20stem%20cells

(3) The Big 5 Phytochemicalshttps://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32107991/


Epigenetics and reversing cancer
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