Review: Parasites, viruses, bacteria, yeasts and cancer

All cancer begins in the gut.
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2,500 years ago Hippocrates, the father of medicine stated that All disease begins in the gut". He was right. It may have taken us 2,500 years to prove it, but now we know cancer is linked to a variety of parasites - including viruses, yeasts, microbes, bacteria and actual parasites.
This is why we relaunched our book on the gut - it now tells you about all chronic illnesses from Crohns to cancer and from dementia to diabetes. It is called Heal your Gut - Heal your Body. It is a must read for anyone whose gut is compromised or fears they have a parasite of some sort.
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Cancer Authorities already acknowledge that 20 per cent of cancers are caused and driven by parasites including viruses (for example, some liver cancers, or Human Papilloma Virus and cervical cancer), or bacteria (for example Helicobacter pylori and stomach cancer). 1.9 million cases of cancer worldwide are linked to just four viruses: HPV, Hepatitis B and C, and stomach cancer to a bacterium, Helicobacter pylori. At CANCERactive, we think the figure is far, far higher.
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But this is all changing. It is getting worse! We know that about 70 per cent of people in the Western World have an excess of yeasts (For example, common Candida albicans) in their bodies. Expert Gerald Green will tell you the problem and give you an anti-candida diet:
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Now, there are people like a former Italian Doctor, who think that cancer is a fungus, and that it is really Candida. He kills it off with Sodium Bicarbonate. We dont agree with his theory, but we do believe you have the right to know about it.
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Say the word parasite to most people and they think of 6 foot long tape worms. But parasites come in many forms and can be microscopic.
When Pau dArco and Wormwood were first used with cancer patients, their success caused people to think of these two herbs as cancer killers. While it has now been shown that they do have some anti-cancer effects, their primary ability is in their anti-bacterial and anti-viral strengths, and particularly in their anti-fungal abilities too.
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But why do we get an increasing list of illnesses in the West. Not just more breast and colorectal cancers. But IBS, Crohns, Lupus. And Gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, chronic fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia.
Because we allow our intestinal flora, our microbiota, to become imbalanced. We kill off the helpful bacteria - the ones we have lived in harmony with for thousands of years - with antibiotics, chlorinated water and drugs. We change their living conditions with too much salt, pickles, sugar, alcohol and stress. And we dont feed them their favourite foods - whole grains, vegetables, fruits, natural fibre. 
This results in a total imbalance in the gut microbiome - less good guys (commensal bacteria) allowing yeasts (candida) and pathogens (E.coli) to come out to play.
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Green and Simoncini are not the first to believe that parasites played a dangerous role. Dr Hulda Clark wrote a book The Cure for All Cancers about the role of parasites in cancer. She believed an electro-frequency could kill off parasites in the body.
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Perhaps the first person to really show that there was foreign genetic material at the heart of all cancers was Royal Raymond Rife. He believed there was a virus at the heart of every cancer.
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Our view is that there is clearly a link between certain parasites and cancer. That might be a direct relationship, with the parasite, say, poisoning the liver; or it may be indirect. Following the American Microbiome Project, it is now known that parasites, yeasts and microbes can totally upset the balance of bacteria in the gut with the result that bad organisms producing toxins and inflammatory proteins can break through into the blood stream, and cause immune response. 
Already, certain pathogens that are bad bacteria normally living in our guts, have been shown capable of surviving for years. Until one day, you have antibiotics for your bad throat or ear infection, or you have a period of extreme stress. The pathogens can no longer be held in check by the good bacteria - Breast cancer, colorectal cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer and oesophageal cancers have links to ordinary bacteria.
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Many nutritionists will confirm that cancer patients who have had drugs and especially antibiotics should be concerned about yeast problems. Where patients have myeloma and leukaemia treatments involving killing off their whole white cell system, even mainstream doctors will have yeast concerns. But this is a different point really and we have a book Heal your Gut - Heal your Body, which is a must-read book if you suspect you have any history of gut problems, frequent infections, or suspect that yeasts or even a parasite infection might exist in your body.
Finally, we have Pillar 3 of our 4 Pillars of Cancer series. Pillar 3 is
Did an infection cause your cancer and especially looks at viral links.
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Review: Parasites, viruses, bacteria, yeasts and cancer
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