Using zappers to kill parasites that may lie behind cancers

Using zappers to kill parasites that may lie behind cancers

Beat cancer by killing it with a zapper? This article, by Ginny Fraser, looks at the use of electric fields or electronic frequency to kill parasites and viruses that may lie at the heart of a cancer.

Zap that cancer

By Ginny Fraser

Anyone taking charge of dealing with their cancer will have extensively explored the medical treatments available. They will have read widely about diet, and made significant changes. They will probably have stopped using toxic substances - from cigarettes and sugar to certain brands of bathroom cleaner. They will be exercising and taking supplements. It will feel like no stone has been left unturned.

There is, however a little-known area that may provide another weapon in the cancer patient’s arsenal - electronic medicine.

The claims made about this technology are dramatic, with some of its proponents claiming you can literally ZAP your cancer into submission in the comfort of your own home, using a device called - and here is the technical term a zapper!

Parasites As The Cause

Open quotesEveryone with cancer has parasitesClose quotes


Best-known proponent of the zapper is American researcher, Dr Hulda Clark, author of the confidently titled The cure for all cancers. The basic principle behind her work is that ALL cancers are caused by a combination of two factors - first that everyone with cancer has parasites, particularly intestinal, liver and pancreatic flukes and the common roundworm. The second factor is the presence of solvents in the body (through pollution of the food chain). Different solvents accumulate preferentially in different organs, giving rise to different diseases. lsopropyl alcohol, for instance, accumulates in the liver According to Clark, this results in the completion of the life cycle of the fluke (fasciolopsis buskii) in the liver, which establishes the malignant process.


Clark claims that the removal of solvent from the patient’s body and environnment plus the killing of the parasites and their larvae resultsin a "remarkable recovery". The zapper is part of her regime to do this, as is an extremely stringent detoxification regime that is almost impossible for anyone not living on top of a mountain in New Zealand, and includes things like getting rid of pets and removal of fillings and sometimes teeth.

The principle behind Clark’s zapper is resonance. This is what happens when an opera singer hits a high note and a glass shatters. The same thing happens when you rub a finger around the top of a wine glass and it resonates. Just like the glass, all bacteria and pathogens have a frequency Clark’s research claims "Any positive offset (DC) frequency kills all bacteria, viruses and parasites simultaneously given sufficient voltage (five to 10 volts), duration (seven minutes) and frequency (anything from 10 Hz to 500,000 Hz). A treatment cycle of three blocks of seven minutes, separated by 20-minute gaps is recommended. Clark recommends that users zap daily for two to three weeks and then once weekly thereafter. It is completely painless and most people don’t really feel much, although some report a slight warming of the bands. There has been no rigorous research done on the Clark approach and all the evidence is anecdotal. She claims to have "cured" 100 people of cancer with her methods before she went public with her theory, and over the past fifteen years has treated over 2,000 patients.

Open quotesIt is completely painless and most people don’t really feel much, although some report a slight warming of the bandsClose quotes


So the jury is still out on the efficiency of the Clark zapper However, for anyone wanting to experiment it is relatively cheap and can be self-assembled even more cheaply from the instructions in her book. We doubt it can harm, provided her instructions are followed.


The Beck Zapper

Less well-known is the Beck zapper. The principle behind it was discovered at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York in 1991 Researchers found that when the HIV virus was exposed to a small current it lost its ability to infect white blood cells. The current damages the outside of the micro-organisms making them weaker and more vulnerable to attack by the body’s natural defence system. This is a different fundamental principle to the Clark machine.

The electrodes of the Beck zapper are placed on the ankles, and the sensation feels a Like an electrical thump alternately at each ankle. The amount of power going into each electrode can be adjusted to suit you, and treatment sessions are usually around an hour. It is recommended that you build up the usage by 15 minutes a week for three weeks until you reach one hour. Use the zapper then for another week at one hour per day; rest for one week then zap every three weeks with the fourth week off. The reason for the cautious approach is not that the zapper itself will cause any damage, but to avoid the toxic overload that the zapped matter can cause to the liver and kidneys. Two and a half litres of water per day are recommended to assist in the flushing of the toxins.

Beck makes very cautious claims about what his device can help with He calls it simply a blood purifier, but theoretically it can be beneficial in cancer, HIV and any other systemic invaders in the blood Unlike other machines, however, it only works on the blood.

In the UK, Chris Hyslop of Commercial Science is enthusiastic about the Beck machine, and sells both it and the Clark models. Formerly a microbiologist Hyslop now works as a homeopath and thus has a keen interest in healing generally.

His personal experience with the Beck machine is compelling. After a fourteen-day bout of serious flu, he bad weeks of post-viral fatigue syndrome that was proving impossible to shift.

Open quotesOvernight he had a huge improvementClose quotes


Being involved in complementary therapies he tried fourteen different treatments to no avail. A friend lent him the Beck machine, and overnight he had a huge improvement. ’I felt like I’d been switched back on,’ he says. Tests done by Hyslop with the Beck machine showed that it significantly slowed down growth rates of bacteria, yeasts and moulds in the test tube compared with non-treated controls". Commercial Science’s research with the Clark zapper did not appear to have any effect, though the tests were done in vitro and Hyslop acknowledges that in vivo results might be very different. It is recommended that for cancer, the Beck zapper, which costs under a hundred pounds to purchase, be used in conjunction with colloidal silver, magnetic pulsing and ozonated water.


Royal Rife

In another league altogether are the machines based around the technology of Dr Royal Rife. The story of Rife and his incredible scientific discoveries is one surrounded by intrigue.

Working in the US in 1931, Rife came to the attention of the scientific world with a microscope of extraordinary magnification and resolution. His breakthrough was well-documented in the most prestigious scientific journals, In 1932, using his powerful microscope, he saw a virus at the heart of every solid tumour (which be called BX), and at the heart of every diffuse cancer (BY). He then identified a radio frequency which destroyed only the virus while he watched. Decades later this accomplishment remained unrivalled, and the supporters of Rife claim that there has been nothing to touch his discoveries to this day. His success with cancer patients lay in the fact that his powerful microscope allowed him to work out very precisely which frequencies killed the microbes without damaging anything else.

Open quotesHis powerful microscope allowed him to work out very precisely which frequencies killed the microbes without damaging anything elseClose quotes


By the mid-thirties work was in progress at the University of Southern California to bring Rife’s discoveries to the world. At the same time the American Medical Association had a strong focus of opposition to "energy medicine’, and was purportedly run by those who had close connections with the pharmaceutical industry. A series of investigations into Rife and his technologies began and the story goes that the laboratory in New Jersey where his investigations were being checked was burned down. The full story of Dr Rife can be found in Barry Lynes book, The Cancer Cure that Worked. According to Lynes, writing in the California Sun, "The world was on the verge of a medical-scientific revolution that, if it had taken place, would have brought a totally different kind of health practice and science to the human family."


The story continues with the mysterious disappearance of records and Rife’s technologies were basically lost to the world. He died in 1971 a broken man.

However, today there are a number of people trying to re-create what Rife discovered, and Rife-inspired machines are available. One of the most respected of these is the Rife-Bare machine developed by James Bare. This has been approved by Health Canada (the equivalent of the US’s FDA), but is not available in the US or the UK.

Open quotesThe field of electronic frequency medicine is not new, but it is still
unprovenClose quotes


The Rife-Bare machine uses a gas plasma tube to radiate energy to the patient. It looks a bit like a vertical neon light tube. The patient must be between six to twelve feet away from the machine, and can quite happily do other activities while being "zapped". Bare makes no claims for curing cancer, and there is no quality research on its effectiveness, but be cites plenty of anecdotal evidence where it has been effective with cancer. Rife’s original machine was used with a 100% success rate on trials with 16 patients with advanced cancer. The Rife-Bare machine has also sbown promising results. A volunteer-based evaluation programme has been running since 1996, and volunteers have reported "reduction in the size of tumours, reduction of pain and inflammation". Again, not very scientific, but all the results are viewable at


In England it is necessary to import a machine from Canada at a cost of around 2000, or make one yourself, based on James Bare’s detailed instructions (see his book, Resonant Frequency Therapy: Building the Rife/Bare Beam Ray Device, available through

The field of electronic frequency medicine is not new, but it is still unproven. For those who want to explore all the options it certainly deserves a deeper investigation. As with any treatment - conventional and alternative - check it out. The internet allows us unprecedented access to information. An icon volunteer is also conducting an experiment with a Rife-Bare machine on a user with melanoma. Results will be measured by CT scan, and reported in three months time.

Over the coming months, we will be developing this whole theme of biophysics, energetic and electrical therapies with stories from America to Russia in our series The Coming Cancer Cure Keep reading.

Clark and Beck zappers are available from Commercial Science on

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