Four Crucial Dietary Concerns

There are four things you need to understand in order to build the new you.
These are:
1. That people with the highest blood glucose levels get more cancer; and people with cancer and high blood glucose levels, survive least.
While eating added glucose is a major culprit (cakes, biscuits, sugar in tea or coffee, chocolate cake) even worse is High Fructose Corn Syrup in cans of fizzy soft drinks. Glucose promotes insulin surges, and insulin causes inflammation which aids cancer formation and metastases. Exercise will help reduce blood glucose levels. Read Sugar kills (Click Here).
2. Cows dairy can add growth hormone to your body.
Best to avoid common high street cows dairy products. You really do not need your cells growing faster or blood supplies forming to tumours. Milk also causes inflammation, but grass fed cows produce CLA which is beneficial against cancer and raw milk can help top up deficiencies in your gut flora so it is not totally bad. To read about cows dairy and cancer risk, Click Here.
3. Your gut bacterial colony gets ill first, and you cannot get better until they do. 
Moreover, you cannot make certain crucial vitamins and compounds that fight cancer without them. 200 scientists across America in a $173 million project found out the Secret Source of your Good Health and its links to cancer, diabetes, dementia, heart disease and more. It is crucial to get your gut in tip top working order if you want to beat cancer. To read about The Secret Source of your Good Health, Click Here.
4. Many bioactive natural compounds in the Rainbow Diet have Epigenetic benefits.
Certain bioactive compounds can unblock your DNA and allow the genes to be read and thus start to produce crucial proteins again. You can correct your DNA expression - you are not doomed.
                - To read about Epigenetics, Click Here.
                - To read about the Rainbow Diet, Click Here.
                - To read about bioactive natural compounds that have epigenetic benefits Click Here.
If you address the above four points (adding Exercise and Weight Control to the list) you are on the way to giving yourself the very best odds for survival and build a new healthy you.

Four Crucial Dietary Concerns
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