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The Rainbow Diet and how it can help you beat cancer - best selling book

The cancer diet theory that research turned into fact 

"The Rainbow diet is a book about how to beat cancer, although, I´m sure it works just as well as a general health book. It offers a detailed anti-cancer diet and a cancer nutrition programme with all the tips you could want. But more than that, it is really easy to read and bring to your daily life. It is simply years ahead of any other cancer diet book". 

                                                             Susan, Liverpool, England.

1. The Diet that Protects and Corrects

Confused about what diet to follow? Too much conflicting information on the internet?

Don´t worry any more - you´ve now found the diet that is consistently supported by research, time and time again.  

The Rainbow Diet is based on both the colourful Mediterranean diet and the French Paradox. (Namely, that the French eat more fat and drink more alcohol that most other nations in the World, yet they get less cancer and less heart disease. And the epicentre of this is around Toulouse, where traditionally they eat even more fat and consume even more alcohol, yet get even less cancer and heart disease.)

In 2017 we launched the updated latest edition of this best-seller ´The Rainbow Diet and how it can help you beat cancer´. And a Rainbow Diet recipe book - ´Rainbow Recipes´. 

Over the last decade or more, the original theory (that there were foods that could not just Protect you from cancer but could actually Correct you if you had it) has been shown time and time again in research, to be true.

No other diet has this mass of top quality medical school research behind it. Fact. For example - Research shows that people, who adhere most closely to the diet wherever they are in the world, prevent 11 major and chronic illnesses attacking their bodies. And research also shows, for example in people with cancer, that the Rainbow diet increases survival significantly.

 On the very day the first edition of the book went to print, the prestigious British Journal of Cancer reported a new Harvard Medical School study with the headline ´Mediterranean Diet cuts cancer risk´.

Since that time there has been an explosion in research supporting ´The Colourful Mediterranean Diet´ with cancer. For example, Harvard Medical School and UCLA have both produced studies detailing that: ´the colourful Mediterranean Diet can prevent a cancer returning´.

There are even Professors and Oncologists who tell their patients that changing their diet will not make a jot of difference once they have cancer.  They are totally wrong. For example, one study shows that, with a Rainbow Diet, you reduce risk of cancer returning by 31% and reduce death by 42% across the following seven years - do they have drugs that can deliver those sorts of figures? 

And so we have compiled a simple Rainbow Diet research Centre. There are a lot of research studies in it! Not just on cancer, but on Alzheimer´s, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson´s, strokes and much, much more.

Go To: The Rainbow Diet Research Centre - latest news 

Please Note - we do not supply retailers like Amazon. The CHEAPEST way of buying the Rainbow Diet book, and Rainbow Recipes is direct - through our Charity Distributors: 

Go HERE to BUY NOW at CHEAPEST PRICES: (USA/Canada, Australia, Europe).

2. The Diet book above all others

Some people think a Rainbow Diet is just about eating lots of colourful vegetables and fruits. WRONG!! Lots of fruit can give cancer patients too much sugar, and this simplicity also ignores the role that fats and carbohydrates play in cancer, heart disease and other chronic illnesses. For example, while there is clear research that ´bad fat´ consumption is NOT linked to increased cardiovascular risk, there is clear research that it can HELP CANCER SPREAD.   And therefore this book is not just about the colourful Mediterranean diet. It reviews the research facts on food and many of the supposed anti-cancer diets in an easy to understand way, to help people build a cancer diet that can help prevent, and also correct. The book even includes a practical ´shopping list´. 

 "I´ve been involved with health and healing issues for nearly forty years.  Every word of Chris´s book rang true, and I´m convinced that the ideas in it are a powerful and effective way to optimum health. Anyone suffering from ill health or disease will find it a life-enhancing experience."

                            British actor, and natural health follower, Martin Shaw

Chris Woollams, who compiled the book for CANCERactive says, ´More than a decade of study and all the research from Harvard, UCLA and other top medical centres has gone into the latest updated edition of The Rainbow Diet - and how it can help you beat cancer. In the book I look at the research available on various cancer prevention diets, and then I look into their relevance if you already have cancer. But don´t forget the French Paradox - it´s the ingredient the Health Authorities have ignored for 35 years but it´s the clue to better health. 

 BUY HERE: CHEAPER THAN AMAZON : Order the Rainbow Diet, NOW!! 

Then there´s the whole new Science of Epigenetics, which only started in the 1990s, but since 2010 it has exploded. It has shown that there are at least 60 natural bioactive compounds which can not only prevent cancer but they can correct it as well.  And these natural compounds are found in abundance in the Rainbow Diet. Carotenoids, anthocyanins, sulforaphanes, polyphenols, HDL, resveratrol, indole 3 carbinol; the list is endless.

Importantly, the Science of Epigenetics shares our view - if you have cancer, blocked genes can be turned back on - the blockages are reversible - you are not ´doomed´!!

But then what of sugar feeding cancer? And insulin from Carbohydrates causing inflammation in your body and helping illness thrive. And what of fat? Which fat? Olive oil or coconut oil? Many people get their facts wrong because they don´t study the research. There´s lots of research simply being ignored even by the so-called ´natural health community´  

3. WARNING: Many people are using anti-cancer diets that just don´t deliver!!!

´In the book I explore which foods and natural compounds have what benefits and, in doing so, I explode a number of common myths. For example, many people believe that once you have cancer, you should give up eating meat and going vegan will help you live longer. Do you know if research says that theory is correct?"

There are people who give up dark chocolate, or coffee, or red wine. Do you know what research tells us?

4. Does your cancer-fighting diet fall short?

So many theories, so many diets. No Diet has the research support that the Colourful Mediterranean Diet has. Do you know, from the latest research, which natural compounds  ...

 - can help kill a rogue cell?
 - can help stop a blood supply forming?
 - can help lower aggressive oestrogen levels?
 - can boost your immune system best
 - can actually improve the success of radiotherapy and chemotherapy?
 - can help stop cancers spreading?

This book gives you the answers - and much, much more´.

  Cheapest Prices Guaranteed: Order your copy of The Rainbow Diet in the UK, America, Australia NOW!

GO to:  RAINBOW RECIPES, the book

GO to: Rainbow Diet research Centre  


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