Cancer research and news from CANCERactive - 2015

2015 Research

Here, by month, is a list of the very latest cancer research and news for the year 2015. Bear in mind we only cover stories that you can use in your life today; not possibilities of treatments in five years time!

Cancer Watch January 2015 (Chemotherapy induces more tumours)


Cancer Watch January 2015 (High fibre diet linked to lower premature death from any cause) 


Cancer Watch February 2015 (Immunotherapy - the new frontier)

Cancer Watch February 2015 (Blood test could soon warn of breast cancer risk)

Cancer Watch February 2015 (Skirt Size Is Linked To Breast Cancer Risk)

Cancer Watch February 2015 (Vitamin D levels predict breast cancer survival)

Cancer Watch February 2015 (Good quality sleep helps women beat cancer and helps tamoxifen)


Cancer Watch March 2015 (Herb potentially treats brain cancer better than Temozolomide)


Cancer Watch March 2015 (World Health Organisation labels Glyphosphate ‘Probably Carcinogenic’)

Cancer Watch April 2015 (Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDN) as a cancer treatment)

Cancer Watch April 2015 (Positive Emotions boost immune system and overall health)

Cancer Watch April 2015 (Pituitary tumours, Cushing’s disease and milk thistle)

Cancer Watch April 2015 (Vitamin D effective with Prostate cancer)

Cancer Watch April 2015 (World Health Organisation labels Glyphosphate ‘Probably Carcinogenic’)

Cancer Watch April 2015 (London Hospitals cutting carbs to tackle brain tumours)

Cancer Watch April 2015 (Diet swap shows colorectal cancer links)

Cancer Watch May 2015 (An aspirin a day keeps Cervical cancer at bay)

Cancer Watch May 2015 (Aspartame changes its name to AminoSweet)

Cancer Watch May 2015 (New Cervical cancer diagnostic)

Cancer Watch May 2015 (MSG, inflammatory carcinogen is even in coffee)

Cancer Watch May 2015 (Sweeteners are dangerous to your gut bacteria)

Cancer Watch May 2015 (Triple Negative Breast cancer and rose hips)

Cancer Watch May 2015 (Curcumin may knockout HPV in cervical and oral cancers)

Cancer Watch May 2015 (Prostate cancer and brachytherapy)

Cancer Watch May 2015 (Gut bacterium ‘conducts’ the microbiome orchestra)

Cancer Watch May 2015 (EMFs – a serious risk to Health)

Cancer Watch May 2015 (Two years increased prostate survival with earlier chemo)

Cancer Watch May 2015 (Six new drugs for Melanoma)

Cancer Watch May 2015 (Immunotherapy and ‘Aggressive cancers’)

Cancer Watch May 2015 (Low cost test for all cancers coming soon)

Cancer Watch May 2015 (Statins keep prostate cancer at bay)

Cancer Watch May 2015 (Dichloroacetate (DCA) and brain cancer trial)

Cancer Watch May 2015 (Moderate exercise a ‘radiosensitiser’ to improve radiotherapy)

Cancer Watch May 2015 (Oncologists to test old mainstream drugs in cancer trials)

Cancer Watch June 2015 (A diet for people with prostate cancer)

Cancer Watch June 2015 (Curcumin improves drug effectiveness and decreases toxicity)

Cancer Watch June 2015 (No link between prostate cancer and testosterone levels)

Cancer watch July 2015 (Colourful Mediterranean diet reduces womb cancer risk)

Cancer watch July 2015 (Figs are fantastic, psoralen can even treat Her-2 breast cancer)

Cancer watch July 2015 (Artemesinin (sweet wormwood) shown to kill cancers)

Cancer watch July 2015 (Casein, or milk protein, measured as a carcinogen)

Cancer watch July 2015 (The NCI is worried by the millions of cancers that aren’t)

Cancer Watch August 2015 (Research on DCIS shows just what we’ve been telling you all along)

Cancer Watch August 2015 (European Authorities launch investigation into HPV vaccines)

Cancer Watch August 2015 (Missing peptides turn cancer cells into healthy cells)

Cancer Watch August 2015 (America’s National Cancer Institute says cannabis may work against cancer)

Cancer Watch August 2015 (Beta-blockers provide extra years for cancer patients)

Cancer Watch August 2015 (Melanoma patients benefit from oncolytic virotherapy)

Cancer Watch September 2015 (Roundup linked to cancer, again)

Cancer Watch September 2015 (Regular cups of caffeinated coffee increase chances of surviving bowel cancer)

Cancer Watch September 2015 (Paleo Diet is ‘non-sense’ say Scientists)

Cancer Watch September 2015 (Charlotte’s Web’ cannabis oil, legal UK distribution)

Cancer Watch September 2015 (Stress receptor spreads breast cancer)

Cancer Watch September 2015 (New treatment takes minutes where radiotherapy takes weeks)

Cancer Watch September 2015 (A prebiotic a day keeps the doctor away)

Cancer Watch September 2015 (Aspirin makes cancer drugs work better)

Cancer Watch September 2015 (Fish oils dramatically change gut bacteria for better health)

Cancer Watch September 2015 (Integrative use of Glitazones may cure one form of leukaemia completely)

Cancer Watch September 2015 (New meta-study shows best foods to kill off cancer)

Cancer Watch September 2015 (The more informed you are, the longer you survive)

Cancer Watch September 2015 (UK cancer system fails patients)

Cancer Watch September 2015 (Sodium Fluoride dangers in toothpaste)

Cancer Watch September 2015 (Triclosan alters hormone regulation, bacterial resistance and may lead to liver damage)

Cancer Watch September 2015 (Estrogen or oestrogen – it’s the female sex hormone, right?)

Cancer Watch September 2015 (E cigs)

Cancer Watch October 2015 (Good nutrition can play a major part in reducing oxidative stress, increasing survival and preventing breast cancer recurrence)

Cancer Watch November 2015 (Processed meats carcinogenic says WHO)

Cancer Watch November 2015 (Probiotics improve chemo outcomes as much as the new ‘immunotherapies’)

Cancer Watch November 2015 (Metformin and Temozolomide – synergistically enhanced effect)

Cancer Watch November 2015 (Bisphonates prevent breast cancer recurrence)

Cancer Watch November 2015 (Tamoxifen loses out to Aromatase Inhibitors)

Cancer Watch November 2015 (Toxins in your body)

Cancer Watch November 2015 (Rainbow diet beats low-fat diet for breast cancer prevention)

Cancer Watch November 2015 (Kadcycla (T-DM1) is too expensive to use)

Cancer Watch November 2015 (Apple joins with uBiome to monitor your gut bacteria)

Cancer Watch December 2015 (20 links between sugar and cancer)


2015 Research
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