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Strengthening your liver and, thus, your body
The CANCERactive Liver detox and cleanse
Here we offer you three ways to clean your liver, by reducing the fat levels in it, and thus getting your liver and pancreas back to a healthy state and improving the health of your whole body.  One way is from a pair of UK Professors. This is important for everybody to know, but especially if you have cancer.
After all the liver is the most important and productive organ in your body for your health. And your pancreas with it controls so many vital functions. If you want to understand the problems that can beset your liver ...
Much is written on the Internet about Liver cleanses and liver detoxes and most of it is complete rubbish. So, in this article we will concern ourselves with three methods proven to deliver.
1. The juice fast
UK Professors Roy Taylor and Mike Lean have been reversing Type-2 diabetes using a juice fast. Here people consumed 600 calories of non-starchy vegetable juice per day, alongside 200 calories of whole, but non-starchy vegetables.
In their first clinical trial of 11 people, the quickest to reverse their Type-2 diabetes took just 11 days, the slowest 56. Similar results were then seen in a 300 person clinical trial. People who had had the disease for more than ten years were ‘cured’.

Go to: Professors defat liver and pancreas and reverse diabetes
The most interesting point made by the two Professors was that they were trying to de-fat the liver. If you first de-fat the liver, then the pancreas follows, according to Taylor. Clean the liver, and you clean the pancreas – and insulin production restarts. What is interesting if you have cancer, is that next to the cells that make insulin are cells that make pancreatic enzymes, and these are thought by many to have the potential to correct cancer stem cells. 
Ayurvedic medicine has long used fasting as ‘starter’ to cancer treatment. 3-5 days of a complete (water only) fast reduces blood sugar and insulin levels to zero and stops cancer progression. Profesor Valter Longo of UCLA is an expert in the benefits of fasting and has shown that the immune system ‘reboots’ at the end of a fast. Research is also clear that fasting makes chemotherapy and radiotherapy more effective.

Go to: ´Fasting as a cancer ´cure´
In America it is no surprise to see cancer patients using a combination of the two ‘fasts’.
So, start with a 3-5 day water-only fast (although some people also drink dandelion tea). Then consume one juice of non-starchy vegetables for the next 3 days; then two juices for 3 days; then three juices for 3 days; then for the next 3 days take three juices, but also start to eat non-starchy vegetables.  Thereafter, it’s up to you. You’re at day 15 and between there and returning to a full diet should be a gradual process at your own speed.
2. The French ‘crise de foie’
The French and the Italians worry about their livers. They can feel ‘livery’ and decide it is time to quit their salami, cheese and red wine diet for something a little healthier. (Remember Andrews Liver Salts?)
They may take supplements of milk thistle and magnesium, drink infusions of dandelion tea, and eat artichokes and black radish as a part of a light vegetable-only diet. (Both milk thistle and dandelion have been shown to have epigenetic, cancer-correcting properties.)
They will do that for a week or so before returning to their old ways!
3. Epsom Salts
I have always felt that doing coffee enemas was time consuming and required too much effort and time out a day in the life of a cancer patient. Equally, the William Kelley Liver Cleanse (later ‘popularised’ by Dr. Hulda Clark) seemed rather extreme. 
Far more sensible to combine the most relevant elements of the above two routes, and also have a wonderful Rainbow Diet salad covered in lots of extra virgin olive oil around 8 pm. Follow this about 45 minutes later with a good tablespoon of Epsom Salts in lukewarm water. (Reason? It doesn’t dissolve very well.)
Down this in one. (Reason? It tastes foul.)
Yes, you will need a toilet for a short while the next morning, but it is all over quickly. It is not just your gut discharging it is your liver. 
Epsom Salts is primarily magnesium sulphate. It comes in two forms. Large chunks for your bath water and can draw toxins rom the body; and small sea-salt size crystals that are edible. It’s the latter you need. 
Get them from any chemist – a tub is cheap and you only do the Epsom Salts flush once a month, so the tub lasts a year. One flush is about 10 pence. It is a traditional remedy that works.
Finally - Dealing with a parasite or yeasts
Chris Woollams has recently created his own herbal parasite killer. In fact it is a 3-in-1 - it kills parasites, it kills yeasts and it cleans the colon. All of these actions will help the liver. It is called ´ParaFree Plus´. It uses only all-natural herbs. An 8 week programme will kill off any parasites in your body not just your liver, while other herbs will help you properly reduce fat and cleanse your liver and colon. 
There is even the perfect probiotic to go with it – Chris Woollams’ ´Probio8 Max´. Chris specified exactly the bacteria he wanted to beat the acidity in the stomach and then do the maximum corrective job possible.

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