The Ultimate Cancer Detox

The Ultimate Cancer Detox


Clean up your act!

You’ve been diagnosed with cancer. The problem is that you built a body over a six to ten year period, (maybe longer) that was conducive to cancer. So, now’s the time to build one conducive to health. But, amidst the anxiety and worry and the acute and mind numbing fear that you might die, your doctor plans your orthodox treatment programme. Unfortunately some of his treatments are about to make matters worse. For example, chemo can reduce your vitamin D levels, kill your friendly gut bacteria (and thus damage your immune system just when you need it), increase the stress on your liver and increase chronic inflammation in the body.

Cancer is a disease of the whole body. It just manifests itself locally. Your body is poisoned - you need to clean it up, thoroughly. Here’s your start - the Ultimate Cancer Detox - 15 simple steps to start you off, on your way to building a body conducive to health.


1. Cancer cells love glucose: so don’t feed them!

Cut out aBaked productsll the sugary foods, from breakfast cereals to baked beans, from chocolate to ice cream, puddings and biscuits. And that includes common cows’ dairy (lactose), refined carbohydrates - like pasta, white rice and white and malt bread - and even sugar-laden ’smoothies’ too. Some oncologists use metformin to reduce blood sugar in cancer patients; herbalists use berberine.

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2. Clean your liver and reduce the fat in it:

Lactic acid arrives from the cancer cell and has to be treated by the liver. It poisons some of the cells. And then there are the chemo drugs to be dealt with. A fatty liver is a big problem in cancer patients - but this is easily solved. Two UK Professors (Roy Taylor and Mike Lean) have shown the world exactly how to do this. 

Go To: The CANCERactive Liver cleanse

3. Moderate your alcohol consumption:
Your liver doesn’t need another problem! Alcohol makes it work harder and produces fats and sugar. However, there are benefits to a little red wine.
4. Rebuild your gut microbiome: 
Your microbiome controls your immune system. Could poor gut bacteria cause cancer. "Most certainly", says Professor Paul O’Toole at the Microbiome Institute, Cork.
Go to: Heal your gut bacteria - heal your body
5. Oral health is crucial: 
"Our current theory is that your gut bacteria determine whether your oral bacteria cause cancer" says O’Toole. Ensure you brush and floss regularly and use a non-alcohol based mouth wash.
6. Could you have a Parasite?
That foreign holiday you took where that meal gave you diarrhoea. But more common - eating sushi, exotic vegetables, even kissing, and you could be infected. Up to 70 per cent of cancer patients have some sort of parasite. Consider Chris Woollams’ all natural herbal parasite and colon cleanse, ParaFree Plus, along with Sweet Wormwood - that’ll sort it!
7. Or Yeast Infections?
Ever taken antibiotics? Your supermarket chicken has. Antibiotics for tonsillitis or ear infections when you were young. Acne treatment in your late teens or mid-twenties; the small operation. Doctors don’t get a scalpel out without giving you antibiotics. 

You could well have a yeast infection. Oregano oil, caprylic acid, cinnamon, Pau d’arco and wormwood. And simultaneously, no sugar, no alcohol, no mass-market cows’ dairy and no yeasty foods like marmite.

8. Get your body moving:Body moving
Cancer cells don’t like oxygen, in fact it kills them. Time to start the oxygen flowing naturally - light to moderate exercise each day for 45 minutes and get puffed!! Move your lymph and take the toxins away from your cells, with yoga, swimming, press-ups or just laughing lots.
Go to: Exercise - a powerful anti-cancer drug
9. Cut out sodium-rich foods: Switch to potassium and magnesium:
Processed, prepared foods, sausages, bacon, canned foods, bread, breakfast cereals, salt, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate are sodium-rich; they all poison the cell, making it acid and cutting its oxygen levels. Eat potassium- and magnesium-rich foods.
Go to: Why you need alkaline cells
10. Correct your low vitamin D levels:
Approximately four out of every five people diagnosed with cancer have low vitamin D levels. And people with cancer and low vitamin D survive least. Worse, chemotherapy drugs can halve levels in the body.
Go To: Vitamin D - are you getting enough?
"If you are thinking of supplementing you may like to see what Natural Selection has to offer by clicking here"
11. Cut oestrogen (human or chemical toxins):
It also reduces oxygen in your cells and makes them more acid - so have a rest from the pill or HRT if you can! Lose weight - your fat stores produce human oestrogen even if you are male! But then, nail polish, perfume, after shave, white linings in canned food, plastic containers and wrappers all contain chemicals that may mimic the action of oestrogen in the body. Aluminium, Mercury, Arsenic and Cadmium can be present too, or a host of workplace chemicals.
Go to: Live Clean - cut your chemicals


12. Calm your mind:
It’s time to take up meditation or practice EFT. Shown to reduce cortisol levels significantly (cortisol is linked to cancer risk and cancer spread).


13. Balance your body energy:
Go to a cranial osteopath, acupuncturist, Reiki master or Kinesiologist and have your body rebalanced and re-energised.

And sit up straight from now on - let your energy flow.

14. Have some oxygen:
Hyperbaric Oxygen heals; it reduces side-effects; it even makes chemo and radiotherapy work better.

Go to: Hyperbaric Oxygen

15. Reduce your chronic inflammation:
A major driver of metastases, and thus reduced survival. UCLA recommend a colourful Mediterranean Diet (Go to: The Rainbow Diet), and then there are natural compounds like fish oils, curcumin, ashwagandha, frankincense, green tea, ginger, chicken soup and so on that all reduce inflammation in the body, and thus metastases.
Go To: How to reduce your chronic inflammation

Confused? Not doing enough? Doing too much?

If you really want to rebuild your body, but don’t really know where to start, or think you may be doing it wrong, why not have a chat with Chris Woollams and he will build you a personal programme, tailored to you, your lifestyle, your needs and your cancer?
Go To: Personal Prescriptions with Chris Woollams


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