Liver Flush, gallstone flush, liver detox protocol

Liver Flush, gallstone flush, liver detox protocol

The William Kelley Liver Flush, or, The Hulda Clark Liver Flush

This article concerns a Liver Flush - a liver cleanse developed to remove toxins, cholesterol build up and, especially gallstones from the liver and gallbladder. The aim is to return the liver to tip top condition. You will find the Liver Flush Protocol below.

You may need to repeat it monthly. The liver is one of the most important and most productive organs in your body. For you to be well, it needs to be well. It is your organ of detoxification and, amongst other things, it is linked to your immune system strength and sugar control. It is essential that it is working properly.

Many people attribute the Liver Flush using Epsom Salts, olive oil and fruit juice (to improve taste) to Dr. Hulda Clark but, while she may have popularised it and written the book ’The cure for all cancers’ about parasites, this flush was actually developed as a ’liver cleanse’ by Dr. William Donald Kelley, who in the 1970s was a dentist who cured his wife’s breast cancer.

The problem of a ’fatty liver’

In 2016 two UK Professors working on Type-2 Diabetes explained in detail that each of us has our own personal ’fat threshold’ in our liver. Exceed this and blockages start to occur. For example, a fatty liver causes fat in the lymph system impairing the immune response; it causes the build up of triglycerides in the blood which increase metastases and are linked to lower survival; it causes the pancreas to become fatty, impairing the production of pancreatic enzymes and insulin. By detoxing the liver using a low calorie vegetable and vegetable juice diet, Professor Roy Taylor and Professor Mike Lean have shown Type-2 Diabetes can be reversed in two clinical trials.

With cancer patients, the situation may be worse. A fat build up in the liver can cause gallstones to form, where (rather like pearls) fat collects around a dead particle (bacterium, cancer cell etc.) and these stones, often no bigger than a grain of sand, can block the bile ducts and gallbladder worsening the whole situation.

The use of Epsom Salts to detox the liver, or gallbladder, has been around for years. Nurses were using it in UK before the second World War, and Epsom salt baths to detoxify the body have a long tradition of usage. Beware - Epsom salts for baths are the ’big chunks’; whereas edible Epsom salts are small crystals the size of seas salt. Epsom salts is magnesium sulphate. 

The Liver Flush, or Gallstone Flush, or Liver Detox - the protocol


1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 very big grapefruit
(providing 3/4 cup of juice)
4 tablespoons of edible Epsom Salts
3 cups of water
Ornithine tablets.


Set aside three days.


Eat a no-fat breakfast; and lunch.
Eat and drink nothing after 2.00pm.

Mix the Epsom Salts in the water (easier if water is warm), then cool.

6.00pm Drink a quarter of this liquid.

8.00pm Drink a further quarter of the liquid.

10.00pm Mix the olive oil and pulp-free grapefruit juice and shake vigorously. Drink the liquid through a straw before 10.15pm.

Take four Ornithine tablets to help you sleep. Retire immediately and massage your stomach. Focus your mind on your liver and imagine the toxins leaving it, along with the stones.



Upon waking and not before 7.00 am take the third quarter of the Epsom salts mix.

Two hours later take the last quarter.

Expect diarrhoea for two days; don’t eat before lunch time on day two and limit food to salads and fruit, plus baked potatoes, for days two and three.

You may need to repeat this treatment after a few weeks.

2000-3000 small stones may be passed.

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Please Note

This recipe is derived from William Kelley’s cancer treatment which he developed in the 1970s. It has thousands of testimonials, none reports pain, only success; but nobody at CANCERactive has any first hand experience of it. We are merely told it works by a good number of our readers who reported in to us!

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