Vitamins, minerals, natural compounds and supplements

Vitamins, minerals, natural compounds and supplements

Natural cancer treatments, herbal cancer treatments, and things that just don't do any good at all. We do our best to tell you the truth.

This section covers a whole range of natural, bioactive and healthy compounds that may help as a part of your Complementary and Integrative cancer treatment programme. Where there is research we tell you; and where there isn't, we tell you that too!

Some of the compounds don't do much to benefit a cancer patient; but at the other extreme, some compounds are bioactive compounds with strong Epigenetic benefits - they can unblock restricted genes and turn them back on again!!

It is important to remember that our view at CANCERactive is that cancer is a multi-step process and needs a multi-step package of cancer treatments to stand any chance of defeating it. We do not believe any single treatment - be it Herceptin or Temozolomide, or vitamin D or B-17 - is a cure for cancer.

And so when you read about the extraordinary benefits of certain natural compounds we list - like resveratrol, curcumin, vitamin D, medicinal mushrooms, mistletoe, milk thistle, melatonin and so on - please keep this in mind. They may well be able to play a role in tackling one or more of the steps in the cancer process, they may be able to boost your immune system or help you kill excess yeasts and parasites and we will quote the expert research with references. But we do not want you to think of any of these as complete, natural cancer cures. For the record, where we believe over claims are made, we expose those too!

So, we don't just cover vitamins and minerals, but herbal cancer treatments (like Astragalus), plants (like Aloe) and hormones (like Melatonin). We are also particular advocates of totally natural compounds wherever possible, rather than those almost useless high street synthetic versions. 

Other important articles

Readers should also read the article 'Supplement and Cancer - Kill or Cure?', to understand our views on the limitations of certain high street synthetic copies of natural vitamins and why you must ensure you are taking whole natural compounds.

Readers might also read our articles on the Microbiome and on Beneficial Bacteria - Releasing the vitamins from your food; without which you cannot expect to release adequate nourishment, including key cancer-fighting vitamins and natural compounds from fibrous foods. Some of these compounds they don't just release - they actually make! Without the bacteria there are no folate or vitamin K produced!

The article Using Natural Compounds to fight cancer will explain their benefits and limitations.

You will find specific alternative cancer treatments that offer natural cancer cures elsewhere on the site under Alternative Cancer Treatments.

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Natural Compounds, or supplements?

Recent UK research showed that 57% of cancer patients take supplements, and our own icon readership survey showed our readers taking 5-6 on average. And these figures are increasing.

Ideally, we believe your nutrition should come from your diet. The American Cancer Society has shown in its 2012 report on Complementary Therapies that there is overwhelming evidence that a good diet can aid survival times and even stop a cancer returning. But.

With soils ever more depleted, fruit and veg picked before it is fully ripe and then possibly irradiated by the mass-market food system, even if we all ate properly all of the time (and we don't) would we be getting enough of the vitamins and minerals that matter?

Frankly, virtually every cancer patient who contacts our offices is either nutritionally toxic or nutritionally deficient or both. And taking the correct  (and ideally all natural) supplements can do wonders for your deficient immune system. Importantly, the National Cancer Institute in America produced research (click here) showing that an array of bioactive compounds could stop the re-growth of tumours. All can be taken as supplements said the researchers.  

Some of these supplements will build your immune system (like Essiac), some will kill parasites (like Paragon  or Wormwood), others actually have research showing they may well help fight certain aspects of the cancer process. Many of the other charities do not mention this - or worse get their facts wrong. You will find what is actually known in this section, with the recent research on compounds like Aspirin, Vitamin D, Vitamin K and melatonin showing they may well be important additions to your overall cancer-fighting complementary programme.



 At last - the definitive, research-based book on how to build a diet to help beat cancer. Click here to read about it.


Concerned about what to buy?

Many icon readers are confused about what supplements to take. Exactly what do they do? Are they synthetic or natural? What claims have been shown in research? Which are over-claims?

The button at the top right of this page will take you to a shop - or you can click here. The Natural Selection  shop was originally set up by a group of people who knew what they were talking about, choosing products for their own use. In it you will find a number of toxin-free products, salts, herbs and natural compounds plus books, which they think are the best in category. They make no claims that any of the products sold are treatments for any illness. The purpose of the shop is only to take the hard work and the confusion out of the issue: Which are the best products to consider?

Unfortunately, some are expensive. But then they are all natural. The copies in the High Street may not have all the active forms present, and may be synthetic. That is why they are cheaper.

CANCERactive does not receive any money from Natural Selection (Health Issues), or Dr Mercola or MGN-Biobran or any other company mentioned on these pages. We do not advertise, we do not sell.

Vitamins, minerals, natural compounds and supplements
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