The Microbiome, cancer and other chronic illness

The Microbiome, cancer and other chronic illness

The past decade has seen an explosion of knowledge in an area your UK oncologist and doctor may know little about. Over 15,000 research studies and more than 200 clinical trials all pointing to one extremely important conclusion: Your good health may well be inexorably linked to the good health of the many forms of bacteria that inhabit your body, and without which you simply cannot survive. 

1. The Microbiome

 It is completely wrong to think of the human body as text books told you - an entity involving 7 trillion cells and about 25,000 genes. The bacteria that live with us create a ‘Super-body’ or ’Super-organism’ of over 100 trillion cells and 100,000 genes. They are not parasites but symbionts  – we offer them a home, warmth, comfort, food and in return they do things for us we simply cannot do for ourselves. This is the process of mutual symbiosis. The majority of these bacteria live in our gut. At any one time they make 38% of the small molecules in our blood stream - they control our physical biochemistry, and our mental biochemistry. 

Our bodies have evolved with their presence over hundreds of thousands of years. We cannot now live without them. 

They get ill first, then we become ill. And in the latest research, restoring them to health, restores the patient’s health.

                                         "All illness begins in the gut". Hippocrates

2. They stimulate the production of your immune defences 

 When you were a child, you picked up your first bacteria as you passed through your mother’s birth canal. Then you went on an adventure. Every day you ingested yet more. Your parents thought you had yet another cold. You didn’t. You had ingested a new and ‘foreign’ bacterium, and they were witnessing your immune response. The body was forming defensive antibodies and a fight, with resultant fever, was taking place. Those defensive antibodies can last a lifetime in some cases. Children of natural birth, who live on farms, or who have animals in the home, have stronger immune systems for life, as do children who are breast fed.  This ‘reaction’ is the basis for your whole immune system. It is even the basis of your immune memory and explains why it can last a lifetime (because the original bacteria is still there in your gut) but man-made vaccines have to be frequently topped up as their presence diminishes. Reactions of the body to an invader produce the white antibodies in your blood stream so that when something nastier invades your body you already have some protection. And so this goes on throughout your life. You need to ‘eat a little bit of dirt’. It protects you!

85% of your immune memory is produced in this way.

3. They are your first line of defence

 Every day you ingest microbes, yeasts, moulds and bacteria which, if left alone in your gut, would start to invade your body. Your friendly bacteria defend you. At night when you sleep, for example, they consume over two pounds of yeasts. In fact, yeasts are their favourite food, candida albicans in particular. Your friendly bacteria protect you from yeast infections like thrush and the side-effects of drugs. And they also block or even consume microbes that can cause illness. 

If there are insufficient good bacteria to consume the yeasts that entered your body on your food and drink, they will infest your gut and lay roots across the gut wall. This is the start of leaky gut. Eat gluten and the holes get bigger. Now yeasts can enter your blood stream. This can be the start of something far worse.

4. They make vital nourishment from your food 

 Your doctor may tell you that he doesn’t want you to supplement. Rather you should eat 5 lots of fruit and vegetables a day. If you are receiving orthodox medicine involving antibiotics, drugs, and/or steroids, he is almost certainly wrong. These ‘orthodox treatments’ will have damaged and depleted the microbiome. They may no longer be in sufficient numbers to MAKE certain essential compounds from your foods.

Under healthy conditions these friendly bacteria, for example:

a) Produce B vitamins like B-12, folic acid, biotin and niacin all of which are involved in the correct production of DNA. Lowered levels are linked to increased cancer risk.
b) Produce short-chain esters which can actively block the formation of ‘bad’ cholesterol in the body. And control inflammation throughout the body.  
c) Produce vitamin K from your greens – vitamin K is now being shown to aid the immune system work of vitamin D. It also helps protect the liver from metastatic activity. 

Without their full and healthy complement, levels of the above have been shown to be drastically reduced.

But more, they produce serotonin, a brain communicating chemical, melatonin to help you sleep and calm your body, glutathione which helps oxygenate your body - and a whole lot more.

So it is easy to see why, if you damage your microbiome - YOU GET SICK!!

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5. They help you excrete toxins, chemicals and hormones 

 Research has shown that beneficial bacteria work with fibrous foods to bind to (chelate with) all manner of things you would rather not have in your body like heavy metals such as cadmium and mercury, or oestrogenic chemicals (your own or from external chemicals), and nitrosamines (cancer causing agents from sources as diverse as barbeques and everyday toiletry products).

6. They actually work with fibrous foods to reduce inflammation and kill cancer cells 

 Scientists at the American Medical College of Georgia (MCG) have discovered how fibre works in the fight against cancer. It works with beneficial bacteria in the colon to activate a receptor in the body that can kill cancer. The beneficial bacteria produce sodium butyrate from the fibre and this activates a receptor

(GPR109A), which in turn has two effects: First, it blocks the COX-2 protein that causes inflammation; and secondly it sends signals out to cancer cells telling them to self-destruct. “We know the receptor is silenced in cancer but it’s not like the gene goes away,” Dr. Vadivel Ganapathy, corresponding author and
chair of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the MCG School of Medicine, said in a statement to media. Cancer shuts down the gene by a process called DNA methylation. “Colon cancer does not want butyrate produced by bacteria to come inside so it silences the transporter. It also does not want
butyrate to act on the cell from the outside so it silences the receptor,” Dr. Ganapathy explained in the media statement. “It does not want to have anything to do with butyrate. We think receptor activation by butyrate suppresses inflammation, thereby suppressing progression of inflamed cells into cancer cells.”

 The scientists have concluded that patients may benefit by taking high doses of butyrate. (It tastes terrible). An alternative according to Dr. Ganapathy is to take large amounts of niacin, a B vitamin, which could have the same effect.

7. You harm them 

 Take drugs (chemotherapy, antibiotics, PPIs and steroids) and you will reduce their numbers and their abilities dramatically. Eat too much salt, vinegar (on pickles), smoke, drink too much alcohol, eat too much fat and chlorinated water and you will damage them and/or change the acidity of the gut so that they cannot grow and divide at a good rate, or their chemical reactions to release the goodness will not work efficiently. Even more worrying, of course, is that certain GM foods target and kill bacteria. The FDA in America has already expressed serious concern.

While your gut bacteria may have helped cause your cancer, how - after your chemo treatment - do you intend to get better? You must restore your gut microbiome to prevent recurrence. 

8. You don’t feed them properly 

 You have broken our contract with them. You no longer feed them the high levels of natural soluble fibre, contained in the whole foods they love. Whole oats, pulses like lentils, red kidney beans, peas, and nuts and seeds. It’s a Rainbow Diet. Instead, you eat refined junk, which gives them nothing but feeds their enemies. Yeasts love glucose, for example.

9. You don’t top up their numbers 

 Our ancestors used to eat lots of these friendly bacteria in everything from blue cheese to unpasteurised milk and sauerkraut. No longer. Health authorities simply do not understand bacteria – they think all bacteria are bad, so they try to enforce a sterile world. In America there is a move to irradiate all food, even organic. Things can only get worse. Every step we take to weaken them, exposes us more to the threat of a superbug.

10. New found importance in medicine 

By way of an example, health authorities in the USA have been battling with the superbug Closridium difficile. It causes 14,000 deaths a year. Now they have found that using enemas (Faecal Transplants) made from the stools of healthy people rapidly returns the recipients’ microbiome to normal and eradicates the superbug! Other hospitals have been playing with Manuka honey (which can naturally kill harmful bacteria while boosting the good guys) and multi-strain probiotics.

11. Taking Probiotics 

 And maybe therein lies the simplest first step for you. A probiotic cannot be called a probiotic unless it has been proven in research to be capable of being delivered into the intestine and to deliver its benefit. About a dozen bacteria come up time and time again in research. So if you have to have the drugs, make sure you take several different brands of multi strain probiotics. And feed them their favourite foods – high fibre, whole foods, no glucose, refined foods or pasteurised cows’ dairy. Importantly some strains of bacteria can help you heal. 

Look for a probiotic with several strains of Lactobacillus. This helps your gut achieve acidity. L. rhamnosus helps correct holes in the gut wall caused by yeasts. Then there are strains of Bifidobacterium. One, B. infantis, helps fight and correct gut disorders. Does your Probiotic contain these?   

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12. Recreate your ’super-body’ 

 Fifty years from now maybe, just maybe, orthodox medicine in the UK will understand that if the microbiome in a human’s body is damaged, the whole ‘super-body’ is under threat. Maybe doctors may come to think they have even been treating the wrong ’body’. Maybe they should be attempting to make your microbiome healthy, and then your body would be restored. Maybe they won’t suggest a ’Diet for chemotherapy’ full of sugar, bad fats and refined wheat and cows’ dairy. Maybe they will suggest a Rainbow Diet! Maybe. 

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