Vigorous physical activity pays dividends in prostate cancer

Vigorous physical activity pays dividends in prostate cancer

Controlling high blood fat levels is essential in prostate cancer, and exercise - especially vigorous exercise - is an important way to do this according to research studies which consistently show exercise reduces aggressive and fatal prostate cancer, and increases survival.

A number of research studies have shown that fat control and a lowered BMI is important in reducing the risk of fatal prostate cancer. Indeed, obese men have a far greater risk of advanced prostate cancer (1). It seems that mortality increases by 20% with every 5 additional kilos. In part, of course, obesity (being 7 kg or more over ideal weight) is a product of lowered physical activity. An inactive lifestyle has been linked to a higher PSA (2).

Physical activity, especially vigorous activity, decreases prostate cancer risk, aggressive prostate cancer, recurrence and fatal prostate cancer while increasing survival. Indeed, physical activity for a minimum of 3 hours per week (speed-walking, jogging) decreases prostate cancer mortality rate (3).

Chris Woollams, a founder of CANCERactive and a former Oxford University Biochemist said, “When we build Personal Programmes for men with prostate cancer, I always tell them that there is a ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of diet, vigorous exercise and fat control. Fat is a driver of prostate cancer – I think that, and Charles Myers of the Prostate Forum in the USA says it too. It is imperative to get your BMI down along with your blood fat levels, especially LDL. Unfortunately, drugs like Zoladex put plasma fat levels up! We have had men who took up volley ball, kite surfing, walking football, and gym work every day, all see their prostate cancer go away. It’s not rocket science.”

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