CANCERactive Medical Board; and other Expert Contributors

CANCERactive Medical Board; and other Expert Contributors

The CANCERactive Medical Board is comprised of Professors of Oncology and Medical Doctors who specialise in Oncology, under the Chairmanship of Dr. Chris Heath; and the aim is to bring readers scientifically accurate, evidence-based, trustworthy information on the subjects of oncology and health.

CANCERactive Medical Board

Professor Dr. Philippa Darbre is Professor Emeritus (oncology) and a senior Lecturer in oncology in the School of Biological Sciences at Reading University.

Dr. Darbre’s specialist field is oestrogen and breast cancer with a particular interest in Environmental Toxins. She is funded by the Breast Cancer Research Trust and is a member of the Molecular and Cellular Medicine Group.

Dr. Darbre has conducted research on toxins in cosmetics, parabens, aluminium and she is a senior adviser to the European Commission’s Committee on Health and Environmental Risks. Philippa is also on the Editorial board for the Journal of Applied Toxicology, and Hormone Molecular Biology and Clinical Investigation.

Professor Dr. Dana Flavin MS is educated in Psychology, Pharmacology, Nutrient Biochemistry and Medicine.
Dr. Flavin is President of CollMed, a Research Foundation for Medicine in USA, teaching colleagues and patients around the world about Medicine, Health and the Newest Medical Research toward cures. She is licenced to practice Medicine in the USA and Europe.

Dr. Flavin has more than 30 years’ experience and expertise in research and cancer. Her first degree was in Psychology and Chemistry and from Loyola University, and then went to Chicago Medical School and graduated as a Doctor of Medicine. Four years later she was appointed an assistant to the Director of Toxicology at the FDA in Washington.

After researching the molecular biology of tumour formation she was appointed Science adviser to the President of the Nutrition Foundation. Flavin has also researched the application of Translational Medicine into potential cancer therapies, and Nutrient Biochemistry at Howard University. In the UK, Flavin holds an Honorary Professorship at the Leicester School of Pharmacy, De Montfort University.


Professor Edward Leen is Professor of Radiology at Imperial College London and Consultant Interventional Radiologist at Hammersmith, Charing Cross, St. Mary’s and the Princess Grace Hospital London.

He is an expert in ablative therapies of the liver, lung, renal and pancreas having treated more than 1500 people in his 15 years. He is extremely interested in ‘novel therapies’ and is The UK’s expert on the Nanoknife.

Leen graduated from University College Dublin in Medicine, surgery and art in 1984. By 1994 he was a Doctor in Medicine and had gained a Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists in London.


Professor Robert Thomas MbChB MD FRCR is a consultant in oncology at Addenbrook’s and also at Bedford Hospital.

Robert Thomas has many jobs and titles, such as Consultant Oncologist at the Primrose Oncology Unit, Bedford and Addenbrooke’s, Hospitals. A visiting professor of Biological and Exercise Science at Coventry University. A clinical teacher at Cambridge University. A visiting Professor at the University of Bedfordshire.

Professor Robert Thomas is a practicing consultant and cancer specialist with over 30 years’ experience in patient care. After a formal training at  the Royal Marsden, the National Hospital for Neurology, the Royal Free and Middlesex Hospitals London, he now leads chemotherapy services at the Primrose Oncology & Research Unit, Bedford Hospital and treats patients with radiotherapy  at Addenbrook’s; he is a Senior Clinical Tutor at Cambridge University. 

A former Pfizer oncologist of the Year, he also scored the highest grade "outstanding clinical teacher" from every student for three years running in his role of teaching students in lectures and at the bedside. He also lectures in Translational Medicine at Cranfield University.

Thomas designed the UK Government’s first rehabilitation programme for cancer patients and gives regular lectures on the evidence for self-help lifestyle strategies after cancer.

Dr. Andrew Tresidder MBBS Cert Med Ed MRCGP a Somerset GP since 1989, now works on Patient Safety and on the Health of Health Professionals.

He teaches widely and has produced Health and Self Care, a book relevant to us all, available as a free download from He also has an interest in Bach Flower Remedies.


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Other Expert Contributors

At CANCERactive we use experts to provide accurate commentary on drugs, herbs, nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, hormones and diet - indeed anything that could help cancer patients increase their personal odds of survival.

Henry McGrath Dip.Ac Dip.TCM ND MTh - has been practising natural medicine since 1998, and holds diplomas in Shiatsu, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Ozone Therapy and Gerson Therapy.  He sees clients in his clinic in Bristol, UK, and also worldwide via internet consultations. He specialises in working with people who have cancer. He is the author of numerous articles, and several books, including: “Traditional Chinese Medicine Approaches to Cancer”, the “Traditional Chinese Medicine Workbook”, and “The Tao became Flesh: Christ in Chinese Medicine”. He has lectured in acupuncture since 2000, and was until recently the Course Director for the Acupuncture Programme at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, before resigning the post to focus on his clinical work. He is a member of the Academic Board of the Gerson Institute.



Chris Woollams

Chris Woollams M.A. (Oxon) is a Biochemist by training and now edits the CANCERactive Website and icon magazine, which is the UK’s only integrative cancer magazine going to patients in Hospitals.

Chris studied biochemistry and specialized in viruses, membranes and cancer at Oxford. With over 18 years first-hand experience and extensive research, he has studied the biochemistry of cancer, and subjects such as epigenetics, nutrition and the microbiome in restoring the body to health.

His daughter developed a GBM in 2001 and helping her took him back to his roots.  Then a surprise phone call in 2003 from Geoffrey Boycott who had just been diagnosed with a serious cancer on his tongue, followed the next day by meeting Galina Dean, a lady who had been dubbed terminal with 3 months to live, confirmed his interest in helping people. Both are alive today, as is a GBM cancer patient he prepared a program for by phone from Gatwick Airport some two weeks later! Nowadays, he tries to help someone in the world every day of his life.

Chris gives lectures all over the world on ‘how to increase your personal odds of survival’. He has written 6 books including best-sellers, ‘Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer’, ‘the Rainbow Diet’ (voted the best Diet in the world for the past 2 years by the New York Times), and ‘Heal your Gut, Heal your Body’.

He was described by one Doctor as the man who has put Integrative Medicine on the map in the UK’. His speeches are always sell-outs.

Dr. Sherrill Sellman is an expert on the relationship between hormones and female cancers.

A decade ago, as a personal quest, Sherrill uncovered hidden truths about synthetic oestrogen since when she has become an impassioned advocate for women’s health.

Her book ’Hormone Heresy’ and the popular lectures she’s been giving across America, Australia, England and Ireland explode the 40 year old myth that the Pill and HRT are the golden keys to women’s welfare.


Professor Karol Sikora, Medical Director of CancerPartnersUK and honorary Consultant Oncologist at Hammersmith Hospital, London and was visiting professor at Imperial College School of Medicine, Hammersmith Hospital, London until 2004.

Privately, Karol Sikora lives in Beaconsfield with his wife, a practice nurse, and their rescued dog. They have three children, now grown up. Hill walking is Sikoras favourite pastime and he recently spent five days exploring the Dorset coastal paths. Publicly, the Professor has found a rightful place on Saga magazines 2006 wise list, where his entry as a trailblazing oncologist falls between that of Monica Siddiqui, Islamic scholar and fashion designer Paul Smith.



Dr. Julian Kenyon specialises in Integrative Medicine and runs the private Dove Clinic in Winchester, Hampshire (and also in Harley Street, London). He is involved with the majority of chronic illnesses, but CANCERactive knows him best for his work in cancer.

He has written some interesting articles for us, each showing the scope and range of the services The Dove offers.


Gosia Desmond is Director in Nutrition and a lecturer at The College of Naturopathic Medicine in the UK and in Ireland.

A few years ago Gosia Desmond wrote an article for us showing that the consumption of milk didn’t have to be current – her research evidence showed a heightened risk of breast cancer where excess saturated fat was consumed during a woman’s formative teens. In Cancer Watch in 2011 (Johanna E Torfadottir et al, University of Iceland) and again in 2014 there is research saying the same holds true for teenage boys going on to develop prostate cancer later in life; with a finding that this prostate cancer can be more aggressive.


David Broom MIRCH - David is a registered Medical Herbalist with 30 years of practice experience. His clinic uses BIO-RESONANCE TESTING and Russian GDV ANALYSIS for assessing diet and body functions. The latest addition is a Russian Metatron Hunter 4025 which can litterally scan your whole body for anomalies.





Madeleine Kingsley (MA Cantab) is a journalist and Relate counsellor. She has a special interest in advocacy for those who are young, vulnerable and troubled, but also travels far and wide, interviewing celebrities for Hello! magazine. She lives in the Yorkshire Dales. Her daughter Sally is a vet and competitive rider whose quality of life following two benign brain tumours has been immeasurably enhanced by the work of Chris Woollams and CANCERactive.





George Cooper graduated in Biological Sciences from Oxford University, then studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at Westminster University, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and the Sichuan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He practises holistically and has run his own clinic in Bristol for 17 years.

George Cooper MA Oxon, BSc Hons, PGDip Herb, MATCM 

Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Member of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK

CANCERactive Medical Board
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