Zoladex (Goserelin) increases LDL and cholesterol just when you dont need it

Zoladex (Goserelin) increases LDL and cholesterol just when you dont need it
Saturated fat can increase cancer spread in prostate cancer
Two studies in the last few months have warned men with prostate cancer to keep their LDL (‘bad’ fat) down because high levels of bad fat in the blood stream are linked to more metastases, and lowered survival. A rise in blood LDL levels can indicate the prostate cancer is strengthening.
First, American research covered in Cancer Watch showed that cancer cells are inflamed and this makes them sticky. They then move around the body more freely by taking on a ‘fatty coat’, avoiding detection by the immune system. The higher your bad fat levels in the blood stream, the more metastases and the shorter survival.
Then specifically in prostate cancer, scientists at Israel’s top cancer centre BIDMC, showed that not only does prostate cancer spread when there’s more bad fat around, the prostate cancer can even make the bad fat, itself. 
Zoladex increases blood levels of saturated fat
It is therefore particularly concerning that the drug Zoladex increases LDL levels in the body. The FDA report that this is particularly true for men over 60 years of age who have high blood pressure and have taken the drug for 2-5 years. That would apply to many men having prostate treatment. Patients also note rising blood pressure and even arrhythmia. Some develop diabetes because they are taking the drug.
Even with women and endometriosis treatment, Zoladex is known to increase overall cholesterol and LDL during the 6 months of treatment.
It is claimed that patients cannot make dietary changes to compensate for this Zoladex cholesterol effect. Obviously, patients could try the high good fat Rainbow Diet, as this is known to reduce blood pressure. On the Internet people with high blood pressure report worsening levels after starting Zoladex. There are also reports of diet being used to reduce both blood pressure and cholesterol in Zoladex users.
Chris Woollams, former Oxford University Biochemist and founder of CANCERactive added, “Cholesterol is produced through a number of factors anyway – your liver plays a part, everyone has a personal fat threshold in the liver too, heredity, gut bacteria species, diet and more. It’s complex. But there’s little doubt that Zoladex makes matters worse and can actually promote your cancer. Drugs are rarely straightforward!
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