The Sunday Show 05: Chris Woollams interviewed Margarita Barnett

The Sunday Show 05: Chris Woollams interviewed Margarita Barnett

In a special FREE Sunday Show on August 2nd, Chris Woollams interviewed 85 year old Margarita Barnett, brought by her daughter Jenny to Chris in 2019 after being given 4 months to live with terminal lung cancer. 10 months later, her scans show she is clear; Chris built a tailored programme around her chemo to make it more effective and reduce side-effects.

Margarita was put on palliative care which included some chemo. She is frail and hard of hearing, but her daughter didn't want to give up on her and brought her to Chris, who said he'd give it a shot.

9 months later, Margarita's scan showed she is now 'all clear' and suddenly a 'cancer survivor'. You can read the recent 'Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you gave us our Mum back'  letter HERE.

In this recorded interview with Jenny and her mum, you will hear the ideas Chris used with Margarita and the lessons learned; lessons you might be able to use yourself. 

Over the next few months Chris has been asked, not just to interview Integrative experts, gut specialists and oncologists, but to provide some examples of how he tailors a personal programme to each individual with cancer, so listeners can identify factors that may help them in their own cancer programme.  He has accepted the challenge and has four or five 'survivors' lined up - each one is different - breast, prostate, sarcoma, kung. As one of his patients famously said after her cancer went away, "You don't treat cancer, you treat people". Maybe that's part of the simple secret. We'll see.

"The essential basis of Holistic Health", says Chris. "is to nourish our bodies - physically and mentally.  Our health is the treasure we've been given in our life. So that's what we focus on. People build a body conducive to cancer; we try to help them rebuild a body conducive to good health. It's nothing out of the ordinary; more, it's common sense".

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