What happens with a Personal Program for cancer?

What happens with a Personal Program for cancer?

At CANCERactive, we receive many great messages about the success of Personal Programs built for people with cancer - this e-mail received this week is a perfect example.

Dear Chris,

We met via Zoom back in November 2019 for a personal prescription for my mum M who had stage 4 lung cancer and a 4 months to 1 year life expectancy according to her Oncologist.

We followed all of your life saving advice to the letter (diet, supplements, exercise, Fiona Burns etc) and yesterday she was given a clean bill of health.

She’s now cancer free and fighting fit at 85 yrs young!!! I’m now rebuilding her immune system through reading your books (I have them all) and engaging in your CancerActive website which gives me all the information I need to do this. My whole family want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts as you’ve given us our mum back and Mum thinks you’re the new Messiah - sent to save lives and she’s so grateful you saved hers!! I’ve just given your details to a colleague who has recurring cancer and advised her to book a personal prescription with you. Thank you doesn’t seem enough Chris so we will be making a financial gift to CancerActive. You’re an amazing man - God bless you.

Stay safe and well


J and M Xx

Go to: Personal prescriptions with Chris Woollams; feedback and comments

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