Chris Woollams’ E-newsletter feedback

Chris Woollams’ E-newsletter feedback

Every two weeks Chris Woollams publishes an online magazine or e-news, which covers everything from the latest research on breast cancer or lung cancer, to research studies showing ways to reduce your blood pressure, or what the best plant based diet is, or science based evidence on how to prevent Alzheimer's or heal your gut, and overcome chronic fatigue syndrome, or skin problems. He will usually have a feature - it might be about the benefits of Fasting and the different ways of doing it; or about how Chinese Medicine has benefits the West can learn from. He may cover someone's personal story, or natural ways.

Can you trust the information? 

Well, Chris is a former Oxford University Biochemist - they are the guys that provide Doctors with their understanding of exactly how the body works and thus their Health Knowledge - and, having made his fortune in the Advertising business he decided to put something back into the World. He has dedicated the past 16 years of his life to empowering people so that they understood their health options and could make changes TODAY, to improve their health.

CANCERactive has a Medical Board of Doctors and Professors and all news items are reviewed by them.

Almost all of the articles and news items end up in icon magazine - it goes free into 640 UK Hospitals, cancer centres and libraries. The Royal Marsden requested copies of the magazine a few years ago; Four doctors at Christie's in Manchester request copies for their patients and so on. If the information wasn't trusted, why would the UK's top two Cancer Centres ask for the magazine?

Chris drives three Webstes: CANCERactive, The Rainbow Diet and ChrisWoollamsHealthWatch, all dedicated to helping your personal 'Wellness'!. "I'm not in the illness business like Doctors and oncologists, who provide treatments for people looking to control their ailments. I want you to be well; to be in perfect health. I guess I'm in the Wellness arena. A telling fact for me was looking at some research a few years ago to see that people living on the Western coastline of Italy had a life expectancy of 77.6 years compared to the UK at 75.6. What was intriguing was that the first chronic illness came to the Italians at the age of 76.0, whereas it came to people in the UK at 60. So, unhealthy are people in the UK that they spend 15.6 years on average with a chronic illness. Crazy." 

His e-newsletter is often described as an online magazine; one American Doctor asked a question of Chris following his article about how research showed women may only need a quarter of the dose of Tamoxifen to achieve the same results in breast cancer. The Doctor wrote for his views on one aspect relating to her own health saying how she valued his information because it was always well researched and trustworthy - a level above the other 'health experts' and their daily mailings!

How do you sign up for the e news letter - Go HERE.

E-newsletter feedback and comments

Hi Chris
Thank you for the wonderful news email. So lovely to hear about all the successes of 2019. 
I would like to add my thanks for your invaluable help this year. You have made a big difference to my life and I’m hoping this continues for many years to come. LB
Dear Chris, Glad you are well and enjoying life.  Thanks for the support to me and so many others.
Best wishes to you and your family, EB, USA
Dear Chris, Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas, a healthy and happy New Year and above all  a wonderful 70th decade. You do look amazing and have helped so many people feel so much better despite serious health issues. 
I am still looking forward to meeting you on your next trip to the Costa del Sol. F, Spain


Hi Chris, thank you for the super informative health information. Amazing depth of research and advice to recipients. Regards E, USA


A very joyous Christmas to you and your family.  And may 2020 be good for you all - it has a very positive ring for me. And thank you for all the wonderful information you pass on so generously.  I adopt a lot of your suggestions. Cheers F, USA

Dear Chris, Lovely to get your Christmas message in your e news Chris and hear your news.  I listened to your talk online as i couldn't get to the real thing and got a lot from it.  Thank you for all you do to keep us healthy and for cancer patients.   I am currently havig chemo and Velcade for Multipole Myeloma diagnsed in July.  The Rainbow diet makes a huge difference and so far no bad side effects and the Para Proteins are comng down well, Praise Be!  Best wishes for 2020 for us all! from CW. 
Dear Chris, Congratulations on your 'Big Birthday'. You look amazingly well and you have prompted me once and for all to do the Rainbow Diet. So that’s my resolution, to improve and maintain good health. I have heard the call to arms and will continue to spread the word to friends, family and patients. Have a great 2020. Your newsletter is a Godsend.  A, New York

Can I also take this opportunity to say that I really enjoy your newsletter and to thank you for all the fantastic work you have done over the years. thanks Catherine

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