Chris Woollams E-newsletter ’sign up’

Chris Woollams E-newsletter ’sign up’

How to sign up for Chris Woollams’ free e-Newsletter on the latest health research from around the world; described by one American Doctor as "easily being the best of its kind - the latest research but with objective views and sound, highly trustworthy science in the commentary".


Every two weeks Chris Woollams, former Oxford University Biochemist and founder of CANCERactive, produces his e-newsletter on health. Actually it's more like an online health magazine, so he now calls it 'Health Issues'.

The newsletter covers all the very latest research news on cancer and on other chronic illnesses like heart disease, Alzheimer’s, autism, diabetes, strokes, obesity and more. It also covers diet, gut health and issues such as chronic fatigue syndrome and leaky gut.

You can read more about content and See feedback and comments HERE.


Most importantly, the e-newsletter is really USEFUL. Chris (helped by the CANCERactive Medical Board) ensures it is ’news you can use’  today; so you can take some control over your own health, your own treatment programme and empower yourself in the knowledge that this research comes from a quality Medical Centre, producing peer approved research. This is an invaluable newsletter.

Chris is also an independent voice - he doesn't take money from Big Pharma or Coca Cola, or from Supplements Companies or Private Clinics. That's another reason you can trust his views. No wonder the pharma-friendly skeptics criticise him.


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