Covid and cancer, 2023

Covid and cancer, 2023

A review and explanation of the known effects of Spike protein on humans - in particular, the brain, heart, lungs and gut microbiome, based on research listed only on the front page of Google.


Three years ago was when I did the first 'Covid and Cancer’ Sunday Show. I covered viewers’ questions and every single one I answered honestly and from research. This is the fourth show - on YouTube Watch Here; also on Rumble Watch Here; and this blog contains all the research references - every one is on the first page of Google.


Total loss of Trust


In my Oxford University Biochemistry degree I ‘specialised’ in both Virology and also in Cancer. I don’t take money from Big Phama or any other Health body, so I can read the research as an interested party with absolutely no vested interests. What I see is what you get! And that’s the problem with this whole sorry saga of Covid. Science continually took a back seat and all too often vested interest, politics, propaganda and, sometimes, complete ignorance has driven the narrative (1). You deserve better.

Most of my followers recognise this. Much of the correspondence I received, went along the lines of “You and Dr John Campbell are the only two people we trust’. And that’s the saddest thing in all this. Lost trust - in the politicians, in the scientists and even doctors. But especially, in big Pharma, Bill Gates, the WHO and others involved. Frankly, I think the lies and propaganda have damaged the vaccine industry and what little credibility Big Pharma had, forever. Court cases are inevitable. At least we now know where we, the people, stand.

Spike Protein action - it’s complicated

There can be very few people in the Western world who have not heard of the term 'Spike Protein'. The spike protein from the coat of SARS-Cov-2 binds to targets on cells in order to infect them.

Covid and your lungs 

Spike Protein binds to an enzyme called ACE-2 (Angiotensin-converting enzyme) and this plays a major role in the virus entering the cell. But next the spike protein must divide (cleave) and this occurs because SARS-Cov -2 contains Furin - a protease (enzyme). No Coronavirus strains in nature contain furin. The enzyme makes the Covid-19 far more transmissible. The coupling and cleavage seems to prevent the immune system from now targeting the spike protein. Your mitochondria then make more free-radicals and work less efficiently, powering down the power stations of your cell and entering a Hypoxic state. The spike protein in particular damages the cell lining of the lungs in this way (2).Research also shows it can act alone - with or without a piece of virus. 

So, spike protein can come from any source - it doesn’t have to be attached to the virus. The damage involves a chain reaction including severe inflammation, an influx of white blood cells into the lungs, and a cytokine storm — an exaggerated immune response in which the body starts to attack its own cells and tissues rather than just fighting off the spike protein (18). Cellular oxygen is lowered and this leads to 'Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome', the leading cause of death in people infected with COVID-19 illness. 

Covid and your heart

What complicates matters is that it looks like the spike protein may have a different effect in the cardiovascular system, and also the effect may depend whether or not it is alone or attached to the virus. It would seem that different antibodies can even be produced. One review from scientists at Boston Medical School (3) referred to research showing certain antibodies appear to change the shape of the spike protein so as to make it more likely to bind to cells, while other papers showed that the spike protein by itself (without being attached to the virus) can damage lung endothelial cells and even disrupt the blood-brain barrier. The researchers suggested that infected people should increase antioxidant intake.

What is becoming clearer is that people who develop Covid can have heart complications more than a year after they have seemingly ‘beaten’ the disease. In a 2022 Veterans Study (4) researchers described the risks of cardiovascular disease one year on as ‘substantial’. Atrial fibrillation, tachycardia, myocarditis, even acute coronary disease and heart failure. For example, one year on, people contracting Covid have a significantly increased risk of stroke 

The reason seems to be two-fold. Spike protein can be found, after Covid, in heart muscle cells having entered through ACE2. This is not found in healthy hearts.

But then a second method of action was identified. Your heart, like the lungs, has its own immune system, and spike protein activates this causing chronic inflammation in the cardiovascular system leading  to cardiovascular disease. The researchers found this same inflammation, whether the spike protein came from Covid or from a vaccine. This inflammation can prompt myocarditis.

“Besides directly damaging the heart muscle cells, the spike protein itself is very inflammatory and may cause systemic inflammation that indirectly causes heart problems,” said lead author Dr Lin.


It may not be the case that spike protein from the vaccine enters the heart muscle though, only causing the inflammation. While the naturally occurring spike protein appears to do both.

Indeed, in the USA there’s a new term associated with inflammation and the spike protein. It is called 'Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome'.

But wait. There seems to be a third modus operandi for cardiovascular issues and that’s by causing blood clots (5). Spike protein causes inflammation and can interact with ACE2 on your platelets, causing them to generate more fibrin(ogen) and leading directly to cause blood hypercoagulation (severe blood clots - stroke, DVT). In research, mass spectrometry showed that when spike protein S1 is added to healthy and even ‘platelet poor plasma’, it results in structural changes to β and γ fibrin(ogen), complement 3, and prothrombin. Thus spike protein interferes with your blood viscosity, blood flow and can cause 'microclots' all over your body.

Platelet poor plasma? You’d see that in, for example cancer patients who had had or were having anti-cancer drugs. DVT is the risk. We have long known that platelets are used by the body to avoid bleeding by forming clots. Spike protein by binding to ACE2 in the platelets just makes the whole thing worse (6).

Normally, we break down any build up of fibrin in our bloodstream by fibrinolysis enzymes. When we are young, we should have good levels of the enzymes; as we age, we have less. 

One other 'unexplained' factor that is showing up in cancer patients and limiting what supplements they can take (because most patients with the problem are given blood thinners) is atrial fibrillation - with or without a prior heart attack. The British Heart Foundation has identified increasing numbers of cases over the past few years. Apparently, using NHS data, 1.5 million people now officially have this disease. “These figures show a quite astonishing rise in the number of people diagnosed with atrial fibrillation,” said Prof. Sir Nilesh Samani, the BHF’s medical director, in comments to Sky News. It puts you at higher risk of blood clots and heart attack, both of which anyway have an increased risk when having anti-cancer drugs.

Covid and your brain

Yet another method of damage is found when spike protein attacks the brain. There were several early studies showing that spike protein could cross the blood brain barrier and attack the brains of mice. Further studies show that the link of SARS-CoV-2 with the ACE2 receptor in brain cells seems to facilitate the disruption of the blood brain barrier via RhoA (a gatekeeper-type protein) activation (7).

About 15% of COVID patients continue to have long-term effects of the infection despite their recovery; these neurological effects can include brain fog, brain tissue loss, a decline in thinking abilities, and problems with memory. Now researchers in Germany have identified what may be going on (8). Apparently, the spike protein can stay inside small openings in the bone marrow of the skull called niches and/or live in the meninges, the buffer cells between the skull and the brain. From there, the spike protein uses channels to enter the brain itself. This research was published in April 2023 - lead author was Ali Ertürk, PhD, director of the Institute for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine at the Helmholtz Center in Munich.

Research has also shown significant mitochondrial disruption in the brain and higher levels of Free-radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS). In particular Covid caused a significant decrease of phospholipids in the brain (13).

Covid and Covid safe and effective medical interventions

We were told from the outset that the Safe and Effective Medical Intervention (SEMI) would prevent us from ‘catching’ Covid. We have famous people on video saying exactly this.

It wasn’t true.

We were then told we were being anti-social if we didn't have the vaccines, because the unvaccinated spread Covid. We have famous people on video saying this too.

It wasn't true.

We know that the mRNA is designed to make spike protein which will prompt antibodies. We were told that the mRNA and spike protein would NOT stay in your arm/shoulder muscle for more than a couple of days.

Yes, we have this on video too.

It wasn't true.

Worse, it was known by Pfizer and the FDA not to be true at the time!

The first thing to understand is that the vaccines do not contain mRNA, which means 'messenger RNA'. If it were mRNA, this would be broken down in the body within 4-10 days. No, as it says repeatedly in the Pfizer Clinic Trial document currently being released by the FDA in stages, this is MODIFIED RNA. For example it has a small genetic sequence change to make the messenger more stable and LAST LONGER! There are a number of other specified and non-specified 'modifications' too.

And what actually happens? 

In an Italian study (10) of human blood post vaccination, using dark-field microscopy, the conclusions were that many new particles were seen in the blood throughout the body, one month post inoculation. All three of the doctors who participated in the studies were surgeons.

There are multiple reports showing that the spike protein made by the modifiedRNA is found in the lymph nodes in other parts of the body. For example, in a review (9) from researchers at Stamford, lymph nodes were found to contain high levels of spike protein for at least 60 days after inoculation.

Worryingly, a confidential Japanese study ‘Biodistribution’, actually produced for Pfizer prior to their SEMI launch, shows that the modified RNA travels from the injection site to make spike protein around the body. This spike protein was found in neurological tissues, the liver and even the ovaries (11). So Pfizer knew this occurred.

Johns Hopkins in the USA are the official voice and Medical School in charge of Covid in the USA. On their Website they say. “All three vaccine types either deliver, or cause our bodies to make, harmless proteins like the ones found on the surface of the COVID-19 virus”.

Covid and the Microbiome

Post-Covid Conditions or Long Covid includes a wide range of conditions which can endure for many months. Usually, they are worse in people who had a worse case of Covid. It is considered to be an illness if symptoms are seen 1 month after the initial disease. Common conditions include fatigue, gut issues, chest pain ,shortness of breath, loss of smell, and “brain fog”.

Long Covid is more marked in people who had a less diverse microbiome at the start of infection. Research has also shown that it is more marked in people with Diabetes, an autoimmune disease, EBV antibodies and who still have the presence of Covid mRNA in their blood (12)..

A study from Hong Kong offered the explanation that possibly small amounts of Covid spike protein find their way to the gut and exist there without immune attack. Certainly the spike protein still seems to be present as in Long-Covid, the blood thickens and patients tend to have widespread microclots (13).

Another view is that people with Long-Covid had a worse microbiome to start with and this influenced their specific version of Long-Covid. The gut-lung axis would be an example of how problems in the gut might be linked to respiratory issues. Gut dysbiosis is also linked to inflammation.

In a review (14) of more that 46 studies, patients with COVID-19 showed, for example, a lowered diversity of bacteria and particularly a loss of the bacteria that produce the crucial three short chain fatty acids - butyrate, propionate and acetate. The families are Lachnospiraceae, Ruminococcaceae and Eubacteriaceae.

Pathogens had increased, notably Enterobacteriaceae and Enterococcus families. Lowered levels of Faecalibacterium, Eubacterium, Coprococcus, Ruminococcus, Lachnospira and Roseburia were seen. It's always the same with chronic illness; the microbiome demostrates a loss of the 'good', and a gain of the 'bad'.

In a study consisting of 62 patients with COVID-19, 33 patients with seasonal flu, and 40 healthy individuals as controls, the patients with COVID-19 had significantly decreased bacterial diversity with enrichment of opportunistic pathogens, such as Streptococcus, Veillonella, Fusobacterium and Escherichia, as well as a higher faecal concentration of the pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-18. 

Hospitalised patients with COVID-19  also showed an increased abundance of Enterococcus faecium and Clostridium ramosum compared with those hospitalised with other types of viral pneumonia.

Covid and cancer

We have published a number of what I had hoped would be non-controversial research studies to help cancer patients. 

For example, a very early study from New York which showed that cancer patients had an increased risk of death from Covid, but most at risk were Blood and lymph cancers, then pancreatic, then lung, then colorectal. Oddly, people with breast or prostate cancer had less risk of death.

For example, we published a study from the Mayo Clinic which showed it was rather a waste of time to have an inoculation if you were taking or about to take any of a wide variety of cancer drugs. They wiped out any effect.

For example, we covered a report from the University of Minnesota which showed that the inoculation could cause inflammation in the lymph in a large area and even interfere with imaging radiology.

We had already covered a study from Thomas Jefferson Medical School in the USA, which showed that it is possible to write ‘foreign’ mRNA up into your DNA because of an enzyme called polymerase theta which is active in DNA repair.

You may regard it as more controversial that I wrote a blog saying that I was seeing some cancers come back aggressively, where the patient had recently had a SEMI. Professor Angus Dalgleish in the UK went even further in making the same point. He wrote to the Editor of the British Medical Journal (15). As one of the UK’s very top oncologists with decades of experience, he stated simply that he felt not only were the boosters a waste of time, they were causing more aggressive cancers. In particular he was seeing inflammation and also immune suppression resulting from the booster, prompting more aggressive melanoma.

I called my Blog 'Turbo cancer - the new pandemic?' I was attacked on Twitter by skeptics saying is was just a phrase used by anti-vaxers. I don't think so! Is the CEO of Pfizer Alberta Bourla an anti-vaxer? He used the term repeatedly in his interview at Oxford University.He stated that one third of people with cancer will have turbo cancer, it will run in families and it is why he has spent $43 billion on buying Seagen, who make turbo missile drugs for Turbo cancer. Again, all this is on video.

Viruses don’t act alone

We have research that the Covid virus can start a chain reaction. Higher levels of Shingles (Varicella) are seen in older people after developing Covid. This in turn has been shown to wake up Herpes 8, and this is linked to a higher risk of dementia (19). 

What can you do about Covid and the issues of spike protein?

Frighteningly really, because I was using early data and informed guesswork, I told you most of this, back in 2020 on the Show and in a Blog. Some Skeptic chap even reported me to the National papers saying I was going to kill people. Importantly, even though I probably would have saved lives by what I said, I was ‘let off’ by the newspaper because I had said this is what I am going to do, not, this is what you should do!

Here are some suggestions from what I do (some areas overlap) -

i) Spike protein causes inflammation in the lymph

  • Fish oils

  • Turmeric

  • Ashwagandha - I take it on days I don’t exercise 

  • Boswellia - I have taken this  post-Covid

  • Quercetin 

  • Small aspirin (75-81 mg)

ii) It causes mitochondrial meltdown, cytokine storms, reduced cellular oxygen levels and ROS

  • CoQ10 - I take 50 mg a day

  • B-complex - containing vitamins B1 (Thiamine) and B3 (Niacin)

  • Polyphenols  - I eat a Rainbow Diet

  • Exercise - I exercise almost everyday.

  • Green juices - I make a green juice most mornings for glutathione production

  • Melatonin - I spend at least 3 hours a day, on average, outside. (You make it from the Infra Red end of sunlight on your mitochondria). It’s why Lockdowns were so dreadful for us.

  • NAC - can help people increase their natural glutathione production

iii) Inflammation in the bloodstream

  • Boswellia

  • Nitric oxide - sunshine, beetroot, L-arginine

iv) Reduce blood clot risks 

  • Take Nattokinase (17) - I recommended this 3 years ago;I take 1 pill a day (Here’s what I wrote about it in 2018 - Ref 16)  

  • Turmeric and Fish oils both reduce platelets

  • Cut sugar from diet, reduce inflammation

  • Digestive enzymes - e.g. Bromelain

  • Serrapeptase

v) Inhibitors of Furin

  • Bioflavonoids - e.g. Hesperidin, Rutin, Limonene (Lemon peel), quercetin

vi) Microbiome (in my case, Covid originally left me with a little brain fog).

  • Take probiotics - must contain both Lactobacillus family and Bifidobacteria family, 

  • Take Daily Apple Cider vinegar,

  • Eat a little unpasteurised cheese (goat’s and sheep’s)

  • Take Fish oils (for phospholipids)

  • Consume high levels of soluble fibre (boosts bacteria making short chain fatty acids) - pulses, oats, nuts and seeds, vegetables

  • Take Para Free Plus - contains antiviral olive leaf extract, and kills pathogens

  • Take Pau d’arco - excellent anti-viral

  • Take Oregano oil (180 mg) and/or Artemisinin (400 mg before bed)

vii)  Reduce spike protein generally in the body

  • Take Ivermectin - binds to spike protein

  • Take Artemisinin - binds to spike protein

  • Keep Vitamin D3 levels above 125 nmol/L

  • Take magnesium (350 mg) 

  • Take Zinc (25 mg) on alternate days.




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