An unmentioned side-effect of Covid vaccines?

An unmentioned side-effect of Covid vaccines?

Suddenly, some people with cancer who are vaccinated are developing aggressive cancer - it seems that the vaccine is waking it up. Are the observations scientific evidence? No. But nothing is remotely scientific for people with cancer when it comes to Covid and vaccines; there's no reliable research.

It was rather like London buses. You wait ages, then suddenly three come along at once.

My first was a patient with Colorectal cancer. All clear for 4 years; now his cancer is suddenly everywhere, uniquely in his lymph nodes. He came to me. I asked him what he did. He said that he had a swollen lymph node in his neck. He didn’t know what it was, so went to the Hospital. The nurse didn’t know and asked him if he had done anything out of the ordinary recently. He replied that he’d had the Pfizer vaccine, first dose. Apparently, the nurse refused to discuss it any more. Several tests later, his colorectal cancer was found all over him, uniquely in his lymph nodes.

This happened twice more in less than 10 days. Then I had another man, whose cancer had been controlled but suddenly it became aggressive for no apparent reason. “You didn’t by any chance have the Covid vaccine, did you?” “Yes, the oncologist insisted upon it”.

Then I interviewed Professor Dr. Dana Flavin on my Sunday Show. She has seen exactly the same thing too. A sudden spurt in cancer aggression following nothing other than a vaccine shot. Then last week, Doctor Mercola interviewed a head nurse in an American cancer ward and she reported exactly the same finding.

Of course, it could be a coincidence.

Apparently, it may well not be. Christine Mayr is a member of the Cancer Biology and Genetics Program at Sloan Kettering. Researchers in the unit regularly study mRNA. mRNA is a copy of your DNA, sent off as a message to get things done in the body. Already, researchers have found that the mRNA can inactivate tumour-suppressing proteins and thereby promote cancer. The old theory that there is a mutation (a sequence change) in your DNA and this causes the loss of a message is rapidly being 'turned on its head' according to these researchers and replaced by the theory of Epigenetics where mRNA messages are altered and so can affect chemical processes in your body abnormally. For example, we already know that pathogens in your gut can 'trump' your own mRNA messages, blocking, altering and even enhancing them and/or standing in for a lack of them. And the new research at Sloan Kettering suggests that some types of mRNA may carry cancer-causing messages (1).

"If you sequenced the DNA in a person's cells, you would not see these changes. They occur at the mRNA level", said Mayr. "But they are every bit as important as changes in the DNA would be." This could explain a long standing conundrum that in Leukemia, and CLL in particular, there do not seem to be any mutations in the DNA.

At the moment there is only a feeling that Covid, like other pathogens may be stirring up the status quo in the body, and Sloan Kettering quickly point out that there is no evidence that mRNA from the vaccines could stir up an existing cancer patient's mRNA abilities.

We shall see. Only recently we covered research (2) on Polymerases from Thomas Jeferson University Medical School which showed that, while normally polymerases copy your DNA into mRNA messages, 'polymerase theta' was capable of copying mRNA back into your DNA! People are rushing to reassure us that mRNA from Covid, or the vaccines could not possibly be copied into your DNA blueprint - but that is exactly what happened with HIV and AIDS. 

CANCERactive patients ask me all the time, should they be vaccinated. I have absolutely no research one way or the other. I can’t give an objective, scientific view. So I don’t.

At Oxford, I specialised in Cancer and in Virology.  What I do know is that people with cancer have poor immune systems when they first come to me for a Personal Programme and we make them stronger. Much stronger. A good microbiome (good diet, lots of soluble fibre, kill the pathogens, add good bacteria), good levels of vitamin D in the blood (over 100 nmol/L), some zinc, for example, and some butyrate to activate the vitamin D.

But there’s a science gap. Oncologists say to patients, “You’ve a weakened immune system, you need some protection, so have your vaccines”.  But if you have a poor immune system, you have low T-cells, dendritic cells and low B-cells. It is much harder for you to make antibodies anyway. So, if you have a poor immune system, how are you going to make lots of Covid antibodies? Where’s the science? And where is the research on cancer patients and the effectiveness of the vaccines with different age groups, and different cancers?

Looking at the solid research data coming from Israel, the other problem is that the antibodies from the existing vaccines wear off. After 2 weeks Pfizer is 95% effective; but after 4 months just 74% effective and if you had the jab 7 months or more before, it's just 39% effective. None of my patients is made aware of these declining figures by the oncologist. Please be clear, I have no reliable information on severity if a cancer patient catches Covid and has been vaccinated. I only have reliable data on Covid and the effectiveness of the vaccine to prevent infection in the first place.

And also I have had patients develop Covid and get through it easily, without vaccination. Yes, really. Three days to ten days max; no one hospitalised. But then they all had good immune systems - because that’s an important part of a PP. I have never had a patient do badly with Covid.

Am I making a recommendation? No. I am merely making an observation based on what is happening in real life.

Many patients are finding the oncologists and nurses positively aggressive on the subject of vaccines. If someone at the Hospital says you must have a vaccine, just ask them for the research on people of your age, with your cancer. If it exists, we will print it for the benefit of everyone with cancer. If it doesn’t ...

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