Cancer research and news - 2013

2013 Research
Here, by month, is a list of the very latest cancer research studies and news stories for the year 2013. Bear in mind we only cover stories that you can use in your life today; not possibilities in five years time.
Cancer Watch January 2013 (Calorie restriction seems to improve radiotherapy outcomes)



Cancer Watch March 2013 (Warning: Certain chemo drugs interact negatively with some foods)
Cancer Watch March 2013 (
Could this new laser test replace breast cancer biopsies?)
Cancer Watch April 2013 (Over 200,000 children start to smoke every year in the UK) 
Cancer Watch April 2013 (Processed meat link to lower survival)
Cancer Watch April 2013 (Simple breath test 90 per cent accurate for stomach cancer)
Cancer Watch April 2013 (Gene therapy shows great promise for lung cancer)
Cancer Watch May 2013 (Did a parasite cause your cancer?)
Cancer Watch May 2013 (Prostate cancer risk and meat cooking)
Cancer Watch May 2013 (How to reduce your pesticide consumption)
Cancer Watch May 2013 (Rainbow Diet links to improved bone structure as you age)
Cancer Watch May 2013 (Drinking cows milk during adolescence increases prostate cancer risk)
Cancer Watch May 2013 (Fagonia cretica, a plant extract from Pakistan, seems to live up to breast cancer fighting claims)
Cancer Watch May 2013 (Chinese herb bioactive ingredient shows real anti-cancer benefits)
Cancer Watch May 2013 (Common chemical a danger to health warns WHO)
Cancer Watch May 2013 (Fasting increases survival times, stops cancer growth and reduces drug side-effects)
Cancer Watch May 2013 (Resveratrol inhibits cancer stem cell renewal)
Cancer Watch May 2013 (New drug to aid performance of Herceptin in breast cancer)
Cancer Watch May 2013 (New test to distinguish fast from slow growing prostate cancers)
Cancer Watch May 2013 (Glyphosphate in Roundup and very disturbing research)
Cancer Watch June 2013 (Natural compound Apigenin seems to act powerfully against cancers)
Cancer Watch June 2013 (Curcumin reduces the risk of breast cancer caused by HRT)
Cancer Watch June 2013 (Breast cancer screening useless)
Cancer Watch June 2013 (Triclosan the door on this chemical)
Cancer Watch July 2013 (Good diet and lifestyle changes can limit aggressive prostate cancer)
Cancer Watch July 2013 (Fish oils reduce breast cancer risk)
Cancer Watch July 2013 (Brain tumours in mice cured with radiotherapy and ketogenic diet)
Cancer Watch July 2013 (Cancer trends - younger women, older men)
Cancer Watch July 2013 (The reality of lowered testosterone and higher oestrogen in men counters orthodox theories of prostate cancer)
Cancer Watch July 2013 (Another new prostate cancer drug) 
Cancer Watch July 2013 (Johnson & Johnson bowing to public concern over toxic chemicals) 
Cancer Watch July 2013 (Ketogenic Diet and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in combination prolong survival) 

Cancer Watch July 2013 (New York City doctors can now ‘prescribe’ fruits and vegetables)
Cancer Watch July 2013 (Imperial College introduces its new ‘sniffing knife’)

Cancer Watch July 2013 (Prostate cancer hormone therapy linked to severe kidney problems)

Cancer Watch July 2013 (Throat cancer and an abnormal protein)

Cancer Watch July 2013 (Now low vitamin D is linked to ageing problems)

Cancer Watch July 2013 (Eating a handful of walnuts can protect against prostate cancer)

Cancer Watch July 2013 (Ridiculous study tries to link prostate cancer and fish oil supplements) 
Cancer Watch July 2013 (BT uses Home Hubs for public Wi-Fi)

Cancer Watch July 2013 (Vitamin D shows promise with Triple negative breast cancer)

Cancer Watch August 2013 (Two proteins and bladder cancer)

Cancer Watch August 2013 (Kings College London trials a brain tumour vaccine)

Cancer Watch August 2013 (American National Cancer Institute creates a breast cancer risk model)

Cancer Watch August 2013 (GMO foods banned for UK MPs)

Cancer Watch August 2013 (Japanese Government withdraws support for HPV vaccines)

Cancer Watch August 2013 (Brave MacMillan Cancer Support say what has to be said)

Cancer Watch October 2013 (Polyphenol compounds ‘highly effective against cancer’)

Cancer Watch October 2013 (Breast cancer and Photodynamic Therapy clinical trials)

Cancer Watch October 2013 (UCLA reviews WHO/IARC and risks of mobile phones)

Cancer Watch October 2013 (Brain cancer risk increases 3-fold with long-term mobile phone use)

Cancer Watch October 2013 (Scottish team use virotherapy with brain tumours to great effect)

Cancer Watch October 2013 (Cancer deaths an ever younger phenomenon)

Cancer Watch October 2013 (Now BPA can cause your breast cancer before you were born)

Cancer Watch October 2013 (Obesity and cancer? It’s an effect of glucose and insulin really)

Cancer Watch October 2013 (T-DM1 the new wonder drug for HER-2 breast cancer)

Cancer Watch October 2013 (Are there banned cancer-causing chemicals in your shampoos and soaps?)

Cancer Watch October 2013 (Breakthrough allows drugs across blood brain barrier)

Cancer Watch October 2013 (Pomegranate effects in cancer)

Cancer Watch October 2013 (Calcium based drugs for high blood pressure linked to higher breast cancer rates)

Cancer Watch October 2013 (Studies show significant benefits for chlorella)

Cancer Watch October 2013 (Cancer patients want more say in treatment decisions)

Cancer Watch November 2013 (Brain Tumour Centre of Excellence on way in UK)

Cancer Watch November 2013 (Integrative cancer treatment improves survival times in metastatic breast cancer)

Cancer Watch November 2013 (Burzynski – it’s all over now, surely)

Cancer Watch November 2013 (A Rainbow Diet increases lifespan)

Cancer Watch November 2013 (Cambridge researchers find breast cancer deaths increase with deprivation)

Cancer Watch November 2013 (Drugs don’t make the 2013 cut on cost grounds)

Cancer Watch November 2013 (Spirulina appears to activate NK cells against cancer)

Cancer Watch December 2013 (Child chemotherapy and heart problems)

Cancer Watch December 2013 (Nuts reduce cancer risk and increase heart health)

Cancer Watch December 2013 (Mushroom extract to be tested in integrative cancer treatment role)

Cancer Watch December 2013 (Researchers discover why multiple myeloma returns)

Cancer Watch December 2013 (Diabetes drug Metformin seems to aid cancer survival)

Cancer Watch December 2013 (York University isolate prostate cancer stem cells and question existing thinking)

Cancer Watch December 2013 (Acetyl-L-Carnitine may help prevent chemo side-effect of peripheral nerve loss, but the proof is still lacking)

Cancer Watch December 2013 (Rainbow)


Cancer Watch December 2013 (Prostate vaccine immunotherapy likely)


Cancer Watch December 2013 (Addiction to prescription drugs growing)








2013 Research
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