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So how do you build your very own personal Integrative cancer treatment programme?

Building your own personal Complementary and Integrative Cancer Treatment programme is the best way to increase your personal odds of survival. At CANCERactive, we have absolutely no doubts about that. We aim to ‘empower’ you to take personal control of your own health. We call it the ACTIVE8 PROGRAMME.

Research shows Diet and Exercise increase cancer survival

And we are supported by research – for example in 2012 a report on Complementary Therapies from The American Cancer Society showed that three were particularly effective – Diet, Exercise and Weight control – and could  ‘increase survival and even prevent a cancer recurring’. In 2012, The National Cancer Institute research head of Nutrition and Cancer, Dr. Young S. Kim presented research studies and explained that once you had a cancer a poor diet would encourage the stem cells to regrow, whereas a good diet would prevent that happening. She even named the foods and the bioactive compounds. And by 2017, the ACS presented results of a 7-year study which took stage 3 colorectal cancer patients, all of whom had had surgery and chemo and showed conclusively that those who adhered most closely to the Diet and exercise guidelines had 31% greater survival and 42% less death across the seven years than those who did nothing.

Frankly, we know of no drug that comes even close to these figures.

Cancer - a few honest truths:

1. At CANCERactive we don´t believe any single drug, treatment, vitamin, hormone, whatever is going to ´cure´ a cancer unless you are extremely lucky. We believe that programmes, where the elements all work in harmony, beat cancer. And we have case histories that prove this.

2.  We believe (and there´s good evidence to back us) that your cancer is as individual as you are. Once size doesn’t fit all.
You need to build a thorough and disciplined programme of therapies; a programme tailored to you (your age, sex, lifestyle, environment) and your specific cancer (its type, its causes and drivers and its development). 

3. We believe in this: statement "I believe you can be cured. The cancer may be in remission, but it can be in remission permanently". Dr. Henry Friedman, one of America’s top oncologists, said that!

Where do you start?

Unsurprisingly, the ACTIVE8 PROGRAMME has 8 steps. In each case this must be tailored to you, your cancer, your needs.

1. DO YOUR HOMEWORK - Accumulate knowledge; make informed decisions

Knowledge is power. And with cancer, it can be the difference between life and death.

You simply cannot attempt to tackle cancer all by yourself. There will be days when you are low, depressed by radiotherapy side-effects, the travel to treatment and so on. You simply may not ´take in´ everything the oncologist or doctor tells you. You may not have the expertise to search the internet, or the time to read the right books. So find a buddy (a good friend or family member) and involve them in seeking information, talking to the doctors and planning your entire programme.

Start by looking up ‘Your Cancer’; go to Cancer Watch (our ‘latest news’ page) and scroll through the latest research studies – this year, last year, the year before. These articles will tell you ways you can help yourself TODAY.

Read our books, like ´Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer´, and, ´The Rainbow Diet - and how it can help you beat cancer´ and ‘Heal your Gut; Heal your Body’. Use the lists from the first one to ask questions of your doctor.

Use this Website to read about the risks of surgery, the side-effects of radiotherapy and chemo – things other sites don’t always tell you. Importantly we tell you what you can do about the problems!

Go to: 10 ways to improve your chemotherapy and reduce side-effects

Go to: 20 tips to improve radiotherapy and reduce side-effects

Go to: A Diet for Chemotherapy

Go to: Can surgery spread cancer (and what to do about it)

Look up your drugs. Join a support group. Look for information on American websites like MD Anderson, the Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School, and Sloan Kettering,) or the NCI (the National Cancer Institute). Sadly, they are often more comprehensive (and even more advanced and open-minded) than the UK cancer sites.

Get a second opinion - from someone outside of your oncologist´s ´community´. I rang the top brain tumour oncologist in America when helping my daughter. My friend rang a top oncologist in America to ask about his rare ‘gist’ – the American told him the UK advice was wrong! Keep pushing for information - experts believe that is one reason why cancer survival rates are higher in ´pushy´ America.

Start to line up your team of complementary therapists. And, if you do go for acupuncture or Reiki, or hands-on-healing, make sure the person you choose has experience with your type of cancer.

If you want help tailoring a plan for you, your cancer and your needs, you can short-circuit all of this by talking to Chris Woollams

Go to: Chris Woollams tailors Personal Prescriptions for individuals with cancer


At CANCERactive, we are biased.

We advocate The Rainbow Diet. Why?

1. Research - We have at least 50 research studies on this Website about how the colourful Mediterranean Diet helps fight illness – with a dozen of them about cancer. No other diet has more than a couple of studies – usually with mice or rats. It works!

2. Easy to use – Some diets demand too much of someone who is ill. They give up after a short while. The Rainbow Diet, according to people who use it, is easy to live with.

3. Main features – It is high in good fat, low in saturated fat (which spreads cancer). It is zero empty calories/glucose/fructose but has modest amounts of whole carbs like oats, whole brown rice, jacket potato and pulses. And it is full of bioactive compounds like polyphenols, anthocyanins, flavonoids and carotinoids from colourful vegetables and fruits – compounds that prevent and correct cancer.

Again, not everybody should have the same diet. With brain tumours or colorectal cancer, there is clear research that sugar is your enemy. With breast cancer or prostate cancer , the enemy is likely to be a hormone produced from fats. The Rainbow diet can deal with both.

Go to: The Colourful Mediterranean Diet

Go to: The Rainbow Diet – and how it can help you beat cancer

3. Exercise

Besides oxygenating your whole body, exercise (especially yoga) increases your endorphins.  These are powerful stress hormone neutralisers.  In face, all the evidence shows that exercise works like a drug in the body.

Go to: Exercise is powerful drug

Doctors will tell you that everyone has oxygen levels of 98, 99, or 100%. It’s just not true. We have seen a man with kidney cancer at 57%. And Warburg told us that cancer thrives in low oxygen conditions.

But even if you are at 99%, you can have low oxygen in a localised area of your body. The CHAMELEO project told us this in 2017. That might be caused because surgery removed some blood vessels, or you have a localised yeast build up.
You need to correct this urgently and there are several ways to do it – like exercise, juice diets, supplements or even hyperbaric oxygen.

Go to: Hyperbaric Oxygen in cancer treatment


People with low vitamin D get more cancer; and if you have cancer and maintain a low vitamin D you survive least. What level is best, how much should you take, is sunshine better than supplements and did you know that chemo can halve your vitamin D levels?

Go to: Vitamin D – are you getting enough?


People always tell us that they have never had antibiotics. Then they tell us about the hip replacement, or the shoulder operation, or the first round of surgery, chemo and radiotherapy they had.

Many people have long-term imbalances – chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s, IBS, Crohn’s. But gut problems don’t always come from drugs and antibiotics – poor diet (too little soluble fibre, too much sugar); binge drinking, smoking, stress and even a parasite can cause yeast infections, excesses of pathogens and even a parasite. Some cancers have been linked to gum bacteria!

Go to: All cancer starts in the gut
Go to: Heal your Gut, Heal your Body.


Chronic inflammation causes all chronic illness, including cancer. But cancer loves chronic illness; it’s how it spreads. The wrong gut bacteria cause inflammation, as do certain toxic chemicals, as do factors acting on Cox-2 (an enzyme in every cell of your body. Turn it on and it makes localised inflammatory hormones.

What can turn it on?

 Insulin - so don’t have a big meal, consume anti-inflammatory foods like Extra Virgin Olive oil and fish oils in the Rainbow Diet, graze.

 Stress - so follow UCLA’s advice – people who actively manage their stress survive significantly longer. They advised counselling, the colourful Mediterranean Diet, fish oils, exercise (especially yoga) and meditation.

Of course, there are a whole range of complementary therapies (Qi Gong?) and Stress management techniques (EFT?) you might look at.

Go to: 15 ways to calm your chronic inflammation
Go to:  A guide to complementary therapies


By and large, oncologists are atrocious at the idea of ´boosting your immune system´ to fight cancer. Now, of course, they suddenly have immunotherapy drugs.

The onset of cancer is invariably due to a failure in your immune defences. And this is mainly due to a loss of good gut bacteria (in response to which, your immune system forms) and to an impaired liver.

You can do three things:

Pop supplements – beta glucans, grape seed extract, pine bark extract, Echinacea etc.

- Eat high levels of soluble fibre (your good gut bacteria will love this)

Clean up your liver

The liver is the largest organ in the body after the skin. It is the organ of detoxification. Normally it is cleaning the blood, helping with fat and carbohydrate metabolism, clearing out dodgy bacteria and other unwanted microorganisms etc. But in cancer it almost always becomes Toxic . It fills with dead cells, fats and lactate (the poisonous by-product of a cancer cells energy production system). And then it has to cope with the poisons from the many drugs you are given!!

The cells of the liver are poisoned, they cannot properly deal with your fat, which builds up and can backwash into your blood and lymph. This reduces the activity of your immune system, and higher levels of bad fat in the blood stream actually encourage metastases.

Fat can collect around dead cells, bits of dead bacteria and parasites to form gallstones. They block the bile ducts which carry fat away from the liver and you need to unblock these if you want your liver and your immune system to work in tip top condition. There are several ways of unblocking your liver.

Go to: High blood fat spreads cancer
Go to: Ways to clean your liver


We’re sorry, we can’t spell it all out here. What is right for a 23 year old with a glioma, is probably not right for a 45 year old with breast cancer is probably different again for a 70 year old with leukemia, as we said at the start. There is no one drug for every one. Your diet, your exercise, your supplements ad more must be TAILORED to you and your cancer.

Go to: What patients say about Chris Woollams’ Personal Prescriptions

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