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So how do you build your very own personal Integrative cancer treatment programme?

Building your own personal Complementary and Integrative Cancer Treatment programme is the way to increasing your personal odds of survival. At CANCERactive, we have absolutely no doubts about that. We have read the research that shows Stress management, rebuilding a healthy micro -biome, defeating chronic inflammation, correcting low vitamin D, low oxygen, a low immune system and more MOST DEFINITELY HELP in your fight to beat cancer. But first we need to get a few things straight:

Cancer - a few honest truths:

1. At CANCERactive we don´t believe any single drug, treatment, vitamin, hormone, whatever is going to ´cure´ a cancer unless you are lucky. World expert, Dr Henry Friedman of Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumour Center, Duke Cancer Institute, Carolina stated that it was naïve to think any single drug could deliver a cure. 

2. Cancer is a multi-step process (from inflammation, to rogue cell formation, to forming a blood supply, to the tumour growth, to firing off cells around the body - metastases - and much, much more). Who knows what is in your body. We abhor the surgeon who performs his operation and then says you are all clear. How could he possibly know?

3. Your cancer took years to develop, you won´t get rid of it in a couple of weeks. You built a body conducive to cancer; now you need to build one conducive to health.

4. We believe (and there´s good evidence to back us) that your cancer is as individual as you are.
So, what you need to do is to build a thorough and disciplined programme of therapies; a programme tailored to you (your age, sex, lifestyle, environment) and your specific cancer (its type, its causes and drivers and its development). 

But importantly we do believe this:

5. "I believe you can be cured. The cancer may be in remission, but it can be in remission permanently". Friedman said that too!

Where do you start?

Ten years ago, nobody really knew much about what they could do to help themselves. Now they almost know too much. All too often people read something in the newspaper, hear something from a friend or the lady over the road or even scour the Internet … and then they try it.

´A bit of this and a bit of that´. They cut out their favourite foods, take up juicing, pop multivitamins, buy a bouncer - and most of what they do is doing no good at all and, worse, they are simply not doing the four or five core things they need to do; they miss out the important things that really do make a difference!

The American Cancer Society in 2012 published a report, fully endorsed by the American National Cancer Institute, talking of an ´explosion´ in research into complementary therapies since 2006. And it went on to state that there was ´overwhelming evidence´ that complementary therapies like diet, exercise and weight control could increase your survival times and even keep you cancer free! Yes, these complementary therapies can stop a cancer returning.

It´s exactly what we´ve been telling readers since the outset at CANCERactive.

Integrative cancer treatment is more widely accepted in America - 37 per cent of hospitals have ´treating mind, body and soul´ in their mission statements. UCLA run integrative medical courses; most towns have an integrative centre. Sadly, in the UK we are way behind - we even have Skeptics who tell people it´s all a load of rubbish and try to stop integrated cancer doctors advertising what they do!! It´s crazy and really doesn´t help people with cancer in their hour of need.

Enlightened Medicine and cancer

Elsewhere on this website you can read Amy´s Story, the account of a lady with a terminal brain tumour. Except that she built a programme of complementary therapies around the outside of her oncologist´s treatments. She is still alive today, ten years on, with two children to show for her efforts. Her oncologist, world renowned Dr Henry Friedman, is very open-minded, encouraging such Integrative plans where they do no harm and can increase the chances of survival - he calls it ´Enlightened Medicine´.

Real cancer support from CANCERactive

We have books - Frankly, everyone who has just been diagnosed with cancer should read
´Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer´ - it will save you months of searching questioning and heartache. Read the reviews on Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer here.

If you want the best diet then there´s no question - it´s
´The Rainbow Diet and how it can help you beat cancer´.

If you want to repair your gut - it´s
´the Secret Source of your Good Health´.

We do not believe in having telephone support lines because we feel the information they offer is too generalised. And we also have our not-so-secret weapon, although he is very busy ... Some people derive great benefit by spending 90 minutes to 2 hours or so talking with Chris Woollams.  

Please call 0300 365 3015 
or email to: to find out how to book a chat. 

At the very heart of CANCERactive is Cancer Watch - the very latest
cancer research information from all over the world on any topic that can help a cancer patient, from causes to new treatments. It is compiled by Chris Woollams, one of our founders.  It should be your first port of call.

Chris uses this information and finds more to help people make better decisions - more informed personal choices - in their fight to beat cancer:

1. Personal Prescriptions

This is where you fill in a form, send it in, Chris looks at it to see if there is any research that can help you. (Sometimes there isn´t). If there is, he will book you a time - there is a fee - and then you can Skype him - he isn´t a doctor, and has never wanted to be. He is a former Oxford University Biochemist who has devoted more than 14 years of his life to helping people with cancer. He does not give advice, he answers your questions with research. and makes suggestions. His aim is to be your BUDDY, your very knowledgeable BUDDY, and save you six months searching and to prevent you making mistakes. He checks out your plan, answers follow up e mails and so on. A call lasts about 2 hours.

Please call 0300 365 3015 or email to:

Go to: Personal Prescriptions with Chris Woollams to read more 

Or: contact Chris directly on


This is CANCERactive´s disciplined approach to help you develop your own 
Holistic, or Integrative, cancer treatment programme  around your Doctors orthodox therapies. It´s a do-it-yourself guide. We give you the ´headings´ and the information that is relevant to each, in general terms. You are then free to build your own personal complementary therapies programme as you see fit.


We believe it is the TOTALITY, the DISCIPLINE and the THOROUGHNESS of the ACTIVE8 approach that is important.

Unsurprisingly, the ACTIVE8 PROGRAMME has 8 steps. But first -
Do Your Homework:

A) DO YOUR HOMEWORK - Understand Cancer

1) Acumulating Relevant Information

Knowledge is power. And with cancer it can be the difference between life and death.

Start by finding yourself a ´buddy´. You simply cannot attempt to tackle cancer all by yourself. There will be days when you are low, depressed by radiotherapy side-effects, the travel to treatment and so on. You simply may not ´take in´ everything the oncologist or doctor tells you. You may not have the expertise to search the internet, or the time to read the right books. So find a buddy (a good friend or family member) and involve them in seeking information, talking to the doctors and planning your entire programme.

Go to Cancer Watch on the CANCERactive site - look under each section -Your Cancer; Nutrition and Lifestyle; and Chemical World. Read and digest - it covers what experts around the world have been recently discovering about your cancer. Read the overview on your particular cancer on CANCERactive and the articles and stories that go with it.

Read our books, like ´Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer´, and, ´The Rainbow Diet - and how it can help you beat cancer´.

Use the lists from the former to ask questions of your doctor. Go to the sections of this web site to read about the risks of surgery, the side-effects of radiotherapy and chemo. Look up your drugs. And read articles like ´A Diet for Chemotherapy´, ´20 ways to improve radiotherapy´ and ´Can surgery spread cancer´, to find out how you can help yourself, maximise the orthodox therapies and minimise side effects. Ask your doctor for information.

Join a support group.

Look for information on American websites like MD Anderson, the Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School, and Sloan Kettering,) or the NCI (the National Cancer Institute). Sadly, they are often more comprehensive (and even more advanced and open-minded) than the UK cancer sites.

Get a second opinion  - from someone outside of your oncologist´s ´community´. I rang the top brain tumour oncologist in America when helping my daughter.  My friend had a rare tumour called a ´gist´. The UK oncologist said it was simple to remove, his assistant would do it, but first they would do a biopsy. At my insistence my friend went on the web, rang an American centre that specialised in ´gists´. The oncologist there told him that they were very dangerous, all the tumour and surrounding tissue had to be removed, and you should never do a biopsy because that can cause them to spread. It pays to get an independent second opinion!!!

Keep pushing for information - experts believe that is one reason why cancer survival rates are higher in ´pushy´ America.

Other sources of information can be good complementary therapists. Start to line up your team of complementary therapists. But if you do go for acupuncture or Reiki, or hands-on-healing, make sure the person you choose has experience with your type of cancer.

ii) Try to Understand what might be maintaining your cancer:

At CANCERactive we always try to think what may have caused the cancer. It is quite possible that the cause may still be maintaining and driving the cancer in your body right now.

It is odd that breast cancer oncologists test for the driving hormones and end up giving 70 per cent of breast cancer patients drugs to cut their oestrogen drivers. But oncologists treating other cancers never seem to think to approach their patient´s cancer in the same way.

Tackling the cause is especially important when a patient is under 60 years of age. Over 80 per cent of cancers occur in the over 65 age group. If you are younger than 60 it is very likely some toxin or something in your lifestyle or environment has caused, and may well still be maintaining, the cancer. This is one of the reasons we have so much on cancer prevention on our web site much more than all the other major UK cancer charities. Our home page on prevention can be found by clicking THIS LINK.

CANCERactive adopts the Precautionary Principle namely, that where there is expert research alerting us to a possible cause, we pass those concerns on. It is your right to know, so that you can adjust your personal lifestyle accordingly. Consequently, we have significant sections under ´Prevention´ on our web site on the threat of, for example, certain chemicals, pesticides, EMFs and so on, which are barely covered by the other charities.

 iii) Appreciate that cancer is a complex multi-stage process, not a cockroach to be trodden on. As world renowned oncologist Dr Henry Friedman said ´ It is naive to think one drug could tackle a cancer´. So realise:

           1.  Your cancer is as individual as you are. Modern medicine historically has not recognised this because it preferred ´one-size-fits-all´ treatments, for simplicity, if nothing else. This led in the UK to the concept of Best Practice: You get this disease; we treat you like this.

However, Chris Woollams has consistently maintained, since his daughter became ill in 2001, that "your cancer is as individual as you are". Others are now agreeing with him. You can develop cancer in many ways. For example:

  • Your cells might have been subject to radiation, thus structurally changing the DNA
  • Your cells might have been exposed to chemical toxins, which might alter the DNA in different ways with different toxins
  • Your cells may be subject to the female hormone oestrogen (either naturally occurring or introduced into the body synthetically. Oestrogen was declared a known cause of cancer in the early 1990s by the National Cancer Institute in the USA . It fuels the fire of cancer. * One way it can do this is to increase the levels of sodium in your cells, reducing the levels of potassium and increasing their acidity. This ultimately results in lowered oxygen and energy inside the cell. This prevents repair genes working, whilst allowing the multiplication genes free-rein.
  • Oestrogen can also stop stem cells becoming normal healthy cells, and keeping them in a rapidly dividing state.
  • Excess sodium (salt) consumption, accompanied by too low a magnesium consumption (low consumption of greens, seeds, nuts, certain fruits) will also cause acidity, lowered oxygen and energy in cells.

Etc etc etc. So now, do you think your cancer is the same as the cancer of the person who is sitting opposite you?

While Doctors might not agree, scientists now do. For example, if you have breast cancer the scientists now have half a dozen different drugs depending upon whether you are oestrogen positive (Tamoxifen, aromatase inhibitors), HER-2 positive (Herceptin) and so on. There are others on the one, like one for stem cell cancers. The problem is that similar work on specific or tailored drugs has barely started for other cancers.

Already though, scientists are seeing traits across different locations for cancer. Through their work on the genome, they observe that they will be able to do more accurate tests for what sort of cancer you have, and then be able to more accurately target a treatment, rather than throw the wrong drugs at you. They also believe they will see some people with breast, or colon, or prostate with the same background genetic change, and therefore the same possibility of a drug having an effect across cancers, tailored to the specific problem. But we are not there yet.

               2.    Cancer is rarely, if ever, caused by a single factor, anyway The traditional theory of cancer was that some DIRECT factor causes your DNA to copy itself incorrectly (e.g. nuclear radiation) and so you produce a full blown cancer cell. But this theory is too simplistic.

Every day each of us makes about 200 pre-cancerous or rogue cells, simply through the process of living. Of course you can make matters worse by smoking or drinking excessively and so on. But in a healthy, young individual, with a fully active immune system these rogue cells are simply mopped up before they get going.

More often some direct factor stops messages from your DNA being sent out correctly, or at all. This is a bigger problem for the body, as it can result in deficiencies of essential enzymes or proteins and then things can go very wrong.

This is then all compounded if your immune system is weak. The fact is more often than not, a cancer is the result of an INDIRECT effect weakening the immune system and allowing a rogue cell through the defences, or the natural order to be incapacitated and unable to repair itself.

Again, this is why at CANCERactive, we dont just stop at looking at known carcinogens as causes. We look at the factors that might seriously compromise your immune system and allow a rogue cell to take hold For example, lack of sleep and lowered melatonin production.

                     3. Next, it is important to understand that cancer is a Multi-step process. Chris covers 17 in his book The Rainbow Diet (e.g. formation of a rogue cell, formation of blood vessels to tumours, the firing off of cells round the body etc etc). John Boik of MD Anderson says there are 20 stages. He has put certain foods, natural compounds and vitamins against each stage depending upon exactly what they are known to do in research. Both Chris and John believe that it is simply naive to believe that cancer can be cured by a single factor. A multi-step process demands a multi-step package of activities to defeat it.

Chris says, Cancer is not a Cockroach to be trodden on, in one action. There will never be a single drug, a single vitamin, shark cartilage, whatever that can cure a cancer. To believe so is simply naive.

So, you need to build an effective all-embracing programme to tackle the various stages of cancer that you might have in your body. You may have 5, you may have 10, you may have 20. Obviously, if you catch a cancer early with your treatment programme you may get away with a lesser package of activities. But to be safe, you need to assume the worst and to tackle them all.

                           4.  Finally, it is important to understand too that cancer is a disease a weakening of the whole body  it merely manifests itself in a certain area. For example, in cancer patients a blood sample usually shows signs of lowered oxygen (cancer cells thrive when oxygen levels fall. In fact, oxygen can kill cancer cells) and lowered levels of white cells (immune cells). Having an operation to cut out a cancerous lump does not remove the process of cancer and US research with colon cancer has recently proven this previously controversial theory to be true. Rogue cells are now known to be fired off early around the body, lying dormant. If you do not change your lifestyle and cut out the drivers, there is no reason to believe that these dormant clones will not be activated one day by the forces that activated your first cancer.

Thoroughness, discipline and reducing all the negative threats is key to increasing odds of survival. Some complementary therapies have been shown in research to increase survival odds by 17%, 25% or even 50%. Now add the best of these together and you can understand why some American experts believe that by building a disciplined Integrated, or holistic, Treatment Programme you can increase your personal odds of survival by 60 per cent. Chris thinks more. We have seen cancer patients who had a parasite, people who had played with mercury when children, people working in a cement factory, people who were living next to phone masts, people poisoned by pesticides, people who just ate terribly, and they are all survivors now, despite only being given a few months to live several years ago. Common to them all was building their own personal treatment programme around their oncologists plan. They empowered themselves and took back control of their own lives. 

So think about the possible drivers of your cancer and do things to clean up and refresh your whole body, nourishing it, boosting your immune system and getting oxygen and energy back into it. We call it ´Rebuilding your life´.


B) Prepare a Total Plan


The odd thing is that most UK cancer charities have web sites that present little scientific information on causes. Yet the knowledge and information exists sadly, before CANCERactive arrived, you needed to look abroad.

So for Kidney cancer you will now find that pain-killers, heavy metals like mercury and cadmium and certain chemicals like pesticides are implicated, not just smoking. For lung cancer, the traditional theory that you smoke so its your own fault is rapidly falling aside. Recent research from Canada showed that only one third of lung cancer patients had been near a cigarette, directly or indirectly, with growth, unexpectedly, coming in the younger female group. Oestrogen, especially synthetic oestrogens (you can get these from white can liners, nail polishes, perfumed products, plastic bottles etc) were implicated. But then Radon gas, diesel fumes, asbestos, formaldehyde and other particulate compounds are also known causes.

If you go to ´Your Cancer´ on the CANCERactive website, in the overview sections you will always find a list of factors known to increase risk.

There is nothing to stop you resolving to cut drivers like smoking and excess alcohol out of your life. You can evaluate your use of pain-killers, antibiotics or even prescription drugs, move away from the electricity pylons, start using toxin-free products, or go organic today.


i) Your Immune system and your liver

If oncologists are inconsistent in their approach to what may have caused -and still be driving -your cancer, they are atrocious at the idea of ´boosting your immune system´. Unless it is part of some clever drug regime involving Interleukin or Interferon in one of their treatment programmes.

The onset of cancer is invariably due to a failure in your immune defences. So why not start - before doing anything else - by rebuilding these immune defenses? Surely that would make sense.

The liver is the largest organ in the body after the skin. It is the organ of detoxification. Normally it is cleaning the blood, helping with fat and carbohydrate metabolism, clearing out dodgy bacteria and other unwanted microorganisms etc. But in cancer it always becomes Toxic it fills with dead cells, fats and lactic acid (the by-product of a cancer cells energy production system). And then it has to cope with the poisons from the many drugs you are given!!

The fats and lactic acid can also collect around dead cells, bits of dead bacteria and parasites to form gallstones. 99.99 % of cancer patients have gallstones up to 3,000 of them each the size of a grain of sand. They block the bile ducts away from the liver and you need to unblock these if you want your liver and your immune system to work in tip top condition. This theory belonged to Dr William Kelley in America and was then developed by Dr Hulda Clarke and Dr Nicholas Gonzalez.

If the liver becomes blocked you will create a log-jam further debilitating the whole immune system all over the body. There is a very good LIVER FLUSH/detox using Epsom Salts, olive oil and a fruit juice like grapefruit; you should think seriously about using it. This can clean out all the gallstones and help to unblock your whole immune system. Im told (never having done it myself!!!) that it is well worth doing, and I really think you should do one a month for about three months. 

It is vitally important that all cancer patients Love Their Liver. If the liver gets blocked, the immune system weakens further, and it is harder to beat the cancer.

ii) Gerson

We are not advocating Gerson over any other Therapy here, just explaining the sort of things you need to think about in order to clean up your body. This may be especially relevant if the cancer has spread.

The Gerson Therapy aims to use extreme dietary methods (an exclusive diet of organic fruits and vegetables in whole or juiced form) to restore the natural balance of the body. Michael Gearin-Tosh, the Oxford Don, used it to beat his MM. He started in the mid 90s when there was little on offer in orthodox medicine that could do more than prolong a life by 18 months or so Beata Bishop beat her Melanoma in the same way. You can read their stories under Living Proof on our web site. The diet therapy aims to restore the natural balance of a cell by flooding it with potassium- and magnesium-rich foods, and reducing sodium-rich ones.  Thus it aims to get the power stations, or mitochondria, working correctly again.

It would also, by accident rather than design, help to kill off yeasts, neutralise the effects of parasites, increase mineral levels, help sleeping patterns etc etc

The Gerson Therapy also forbids the consumption of cows dairy (known to increase levels of cell growth hormones like IGF-1) and protein . It aims to restore the correct biochemical processes and detox you in its use of only organic foods, and the use of coffee enemas to cause the bile ducts to dilate and so help the liver discharge its toxins.  (Coffee taken orally is a toxin, but when administered in the form of an enema, it dilates the bile ducts and helps discharge more bile and therefore more toxins into the alimentary canal.)




You can find this detailed on several US medical sites:


1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

1 very big grapefruit providing 3/4 cup of juice

4 tablespoons of Epsom Salts

3 Cups of water

Ornithine tablets


Set aside 3 days of your life although all reports so far are that the effects only last one morning

Day 1

Eat a no-fat breakfast and lunch

Eat and drink nothing after 2 pm

Mix the Epsom Salts in warm water then cool

6.00 pm drink a quarter of this Epsom Salts solution

8.00 pm drink a further quarter

10.00 Drink the juice/oil mixture through a straw before 10.15

Take 4 ornithine tablets to help you sleep

Retire immediately and massage your stomach gently


Day 2

Upon waking but not before 7.00 am take the third quarter of the Epsom Salts mix. Two hours later take the last quarter

Expect diarrhoea many people report small green particles these are gallstones you can have up to 3,000 grains of sand sized gallstones if you have cancer.

You can repeat every two weeks this flush was devised by Dr William Kelley as part of his cancer treatment in the USA.


iii) Strengthening the liver

Boldo tea, dandelion and artichoke will all help increase bile flow and thus remove toxins

Milk Thistle, and soya lecithin will help de-fat and strengthen your liver, as will the proper intake of magnesium (It is the basis of Epsom Salts in the ´Liver Flush´). (There is also research covered in Cancer Watch that shows Milk Thistle - and also for Mistletoe - can help protect the liver from the side-effects of chemotherapy. Other research of relevance includes:

Vitamin K: This vitamin has a miniscule RDA set at about 65 micrograms to aid blood clotting - Researchers at Washington and Tokyo Universities have shown it helps reduce the effects of cancer in the liver and in 6 cases out of 30, to stop it completely. Vitamin K is found in greens.  The problem is that the vitamin needs beneficial bacteria in your intestine to release it from your greens. Any chemo drugs will have killed most of those off. The alternative is to so supplement with vitamin K (5 times the RDA is the level being used in research although it has been found to be safe up to 500 times RDA). And, eat your greens with lots of beneficial bacteria supplements.

Vitamin K has recently been found in research to act synergistically with vitamin D to attack several steps in the cancer process.

iv) Detoxification

By detoxification, we do not mean those expensive liquid herbal mixes you get from chemist stores. We mean natural compounds that have been shown in quality research to bind to toxins and help remove them from the body. For example:

 1) Chlorella, selenium, beneficial bacteria and lignans

Without going into all the detail, Selenium is known to help displace heavy metals from cells. Zinc can do much the same with the prostate (the prostate is a known store of zinc in men, and heavy metals like cadmium have been associated with the disease).

There is research that Chlorella (which is a natural green algae food) can also bind to heavy metals and toxins.

Clinical trials have shown that certain strains of beneficial bacteria can bind with chlorella and plant lignans (in whole plant foods) and then to oestrogenic, nitrosamine and heavy metal toxins to remove them from the body this includes chemical toxins.

2) Indole 3 Carbinol (I3C)

This natural compound can also prevent the action of certain chemical toxins, and even dangerous dioxins, on cells in the body I3C is found in greens and broccoli. Hoechst are trying to patent I3C right now it is so good at doing this. It can prevent the action of the aggressive form of oestrogen, oestradiol, and also denature it in the USA it has been described as better than Tamoxifen. Research references can be found elsewhere on the web site.

If you are thinking of buying any of the above supplements you may wish to see what ournaturalselection has to offer.  Please click here.

v) Rebooting your immune system

Drugs, surgery and antibiotics can deplete your energy, your white cells, the red cells and the intestinal beneficial bacteria. All cancer patients need to take action in these areas. You can, of course, take the usual antioxidant vitamins like C, and E but research shows these only really effective if all natural and complete (i.e. vitamin C as, say, rose hip powder, or vitamin E containing all 4 tocopherols and all 4 tocotrienols in a natural form).

But a better way of boosting your immune system according to American research from MD Anderson and others (including clinical trials) is to use natural compounds such as resveratrol, turmeric (curcumin) and grape seed extract.

Research and medical herbalists would argue that, probably, best of all are herbs at doing this. In particular Cats Claw, and Essiac (a herbal mix). Echinacea (but only take it for 6 -8 weeks as it thins the blood) is also very potent. All prompt more T-, B- lymphocytes, NK cells etc. However, one herb Chris believes strongly in is Astragalus, which has been shown at the MD Anderson Centre in Texas to be an excellent helper in the cancer fight by boosting the white cells significantly and at the same time lighting up  the rogue cells so that the immune cells can identify them better often cancer cells hide from the immune system. MD Anderson have stated that it can double survival times when used in conjunction with radiotherapy.

Research also indicates that Beneficial bacteria are crucial in the role they play in strengthening and maintaining your immune system - see later.

Finally, if lack of sleep, or irregular sleeping habits due to night shift work, or just excessive late nights are a concern, and your cancer is oestrogen-driven, research shows you may benefit from Melatonin supplementation. This antioxidant is also a hormone which balances both oestrogen and Insulin like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1). Both these last two hormones are implicated in cancer and IARC, the International Cancer Agency in Lyon, is even considering dubbing lack of sleep carcinogenic. If it does that it will have to do the same for Electrical Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) as certain of them also deplete Melatonin levels too. The good news is you can supplement, by getting personal supplies of the hormone Melatonin from America, or asking your Doctor for it. Or by taking Asphalia, a natural plant substance, which does the same job according to research.


You wouldn´t have a parasite, would you?

Cancer Research UK have stated that 15 20 per cent of cancers might be caused by viruses. Viruses are parasites and as such drain the body of nourishment, whilst simultaneously weakening your cells and immune system. Some parasites even produce carcinogenic by-products, for example Aflatoxin B.

Parasites do not have to be three feet long. Microscopic parasites come in the water system in some parts of the world. You can also get them from sushi or unwashed fruit, or kissing. The problem is that medical tests often dont pick them up as you have to specify the parasite to be looked for. (Vega testing is a bit more reliable).

Viruses are linked to a number of cancers from cervical to liver.

Then bacteria like Helicobacter pylori are linked to stomach cancer and acid reflux which lies behind some oesophageal cancers.

But the most common UK parasite is an excess of Candida Albicans (to women that is thrush and cystitis; to men, yellow toe nails and bloating/wind). Towards the end of her life Chris sent his daughter for extensive blood tests. They showed a serious fungi infection in the brain. The American medical journal Contemporay Oncology in 1993 stated that people with cancer having chemotherapy did not die from these cancers but finally succumbed to an infestation of candida albicans (common yeasts). Our Western lives of antibiotics and drugs kill the good bacteria that should eat them up in our bodies every night. We don´t eat garlic, or chillis, or cinnamon that can kill them. We´ve stopped eating wild honey or herbs such as oregano. And once in the blood stream yeasts change to fungi that produce an alcohol type by-product and can reduce the oxygen around cells.

75 per cent of Western adults have excessive yeasts. Still think you dont have a parasite?

But the herb Goldenseal will kill Helicobacter pylori, Wormwood will help kill most parasites, and Pau Darco, cinnamon, caprylic acid, oregano and garlic will take care of yeasts (For simplicity you can try a product called ´Anti-candi´ from Holland and Barratt for yeasts and Neways Parafree along with your Wormwood for parasites. All should be topped up with a multistrain probotic (try Neways Advanced Probiotic, or Prebio 7 from Lloyds the Chemist). A good immune system will keep almost all parasites, including viruses, at bay.

And a strict no-alcohol, no-sugar, no-cows dairy diet is essential.

It is advisable to talk to a qualified medical herbalist on these subjects.


You may think of going organic. But not everything needs to be organic some foods are sprayed more while others actually retain more pesticides than others, so not everything needs to be expensive! For more on this see our book The Rainbow Diet. Research from America showed that:

  • 12 most contaminated foods  apples red peppers, celery, cherries, nectarines, peaches, pears, potatoes, spinach, strawberries
  • 12 least asparagus, avocados, bananas, broccoli, cauliflower, kiwi, mangoes, onions, papaya, pineapples, peas, sweetcorn.

  The main principles from research are:

  • Increase your potassium and magnesium levels whilst decreasing your intake of sodium (salt).
  • Reduce your intake of fats and proteins and greatly increase levels of vegetables and fruits.
  • Eat 5/6 small meals a day, not one or two big ones.
  • Everything fresh (no processed/prepacked foods), whole foods, never put carbohydrates and protein on the same plate, never microwave just steam, grill, lightly boil or eat raw.
  • Avoid sugar, caffeine, refined carbohydrates AND all COWS DAIRY.

    In more detail:

  1. Avoid salt/sodium (hidden in a variety of processed and prepared foods). So no dried meats, soya sauce, Chinese food, tinned food, sausages, bacon, crisps/peanuts, processed foods, prepared meals, white bread, packet breakfast cereals). 
  2. Sugar (glucose) is the favourite food of the cancer cell. So cut out glucose and white refined rubbish like white rice and pasta. Eat whole grains and low glycaemic index foods. Plenty of fresh vegetables. And two helpings of fruit but only on a two-hour empty stomach (e.g. First thing in the morning).
  3. Eat lots of oily fish, use garlic (fresh) and ginger; and sip (never just drink it) aloe vera (contains salicylin as in aspirin) first thing in the morning. All calm potential inflammation, a precursor to many cancers.
  4. Increase your polysaccharide/glycoprotein intake. (There have been 4 Nobel Prizes on glycoproteins in the last 10 years).   Eat more apples, pears, onions, garlic, whole oats, whole brown rice, curcumin/turmeric and ´medicinal mushrooms´.
  5. Boost potassium, magnesium and calcium foods. (e.g. green vegetables, fresh nuts, pulses like lentils and chick peas (hummus), bananas, green leaves, whole grains, brown whole rice, apricots (dried or fresh), jacket potatoes But NOT microwaved.
  6. Eat more greens supplement with vitamin K and Indole 3 Carbinol if you cannot eat good amounts, or cannot process them as chemo has killed off your beneficial bacteria.
  7. Avoid dairy completely. The Karolinska Institute amongst others has epidemiology studies on the links between cows milk consumption and heightened cancer risk. Try a little soya milk, or rice milk
  8. Increase your consumption of pulses like lentils, chick peas, kidney beans.
  9. Many people advise people with cancer to cut out all red meat*. We are not so sure.
  10. No glucose no fizzy soft drinks, chocolate. And temporarily no alcohol.
  11. Drink 4 cups of green tea per day there is clear research on the benefits with cancer.
  12. Drink clean water - glass bottled water from mountains/natural sources.

* NB.  Basically most experts in the UK recommend cutting red meat from the diet because they look East at the Chinese etc and see low levels of cancer. But it is well documented that there are at least 4 biochemical types of human and that some of these may thrive on meat. Yes, it is also true, however, that these types are in the minority in the West. There is a full analysis of the benefits and pitfalls of vegetarianism and cutting meat from your diet in ´The Rainbow Diet and how it can help you beat cancer. (Women with breast cancer who are deficient in vitamin B-12 may simply make matters worse by cutting all meat consumption.)

Readers may like to look at the ideas of biochemist, physicist and medical Dr Johanna Budwig who noticed that all cancer patients had yellow/grey blood which she put down to a lack of oxygen and certain peptides. Her solution was to increase omega 3 levels by a daily diet of flaxseed, (or flaxseed oil) and cottage cheese or quark to aid the transport to cells. Omega-3 has been shown to reduce inflammation, the precursor to many cancers. There are also clinical trials on the effects of taking flaxseed.

Other foods contain natural compounds that can play a role, not just in reducing inflammation (like curcumin), but in disrupting the cancer processes. The Rainbow Diet covers foods such as anthocyanins (the deep red of beetroot, plums, cherries etc ) to sulphoraphanes (in sprouting seeds such as broccoli seeds). Rather than explain all the research here, it is enough to say ´focus on a diet that puts as many colours as possible on your plate across the week´.  


We believe in taking NATURAL supplements not synthetic ones whenever possible.

Research on these supplements in terms of their specific actions can be found in Cancer Watch and listed under the ´Nutritionals´ section of the web site. It is important to remember that we believe no single substance - drug or vitamin - is a ´cure´ for cancer. And so no single substance should be considered as a treatment for cancer either. Natural supplements do have research indicated benefits though; for example: 

a) To restore your immune system and cut out possible yeasts/parasites

  • Take OPCs (Grape Seed Extract, Pine Bark extract, turmeric and herbs like Astragalus, Essiac, Echinacea, Cats Claw for 6-8 weeks
  • Take a range of different probiotic strains e.g. Prebiota 7, or  Neways advanced probiotic you need at least 6-10 strains covering bifidobacteria, L.casei, L. shirota, L.immunitas at least, and about 8 billion in total per day
  • Take a course of Neways parafree, plus wormwood
  • Take a course of Anti-Candi (from Holland and Barratt) including cinnamon and oregano

b) Next take the things that will clean up your body (and liver)

  • Chlorella; and selenium (200 micrograms)
  • Milk thistle, dandelion, soya lecithin
  • Magnesium
  • Try the liver flush outlined above.

 c) Take the best researched compounds that can tackle a step in the cancer process, like:

  • Indole 3 carbinol, long-chain omega 3 (i.e. Fish oils), vitamin K, complete/total vitamin E (alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocopherol and tocotrienol varieties), resveratrol, grape seed extract, curcumin.
  • Vitamin D3 (if you cannot get 30 minutes of sun per day)
  • Zinc (15mgs). And natural vitamin C with bioflavonoids 2 gms. (4x 500 mgs across day)
  • Coenzyme Q10 50 mgs per day max (no added effect over this level, and it takes 3 months to establish a benefit)
  • Melatonin synthetic from the US . Take no more than 3-6 mgs per day. Or natural Asphalia.
  • Pancreatic enzymes e.g. trypsin and chymotrypsin; medicinal mushroom extracts.

If you are thinking of buying any of the above supplements you may wish to see what ournaturalselection has to offer.  Please click here.

This may seem a lot of pills Catherine took 23 a day. In the USA the top man at helping people beat cancer, with diet therapies tailored to their biochemistry and cancer condition, is Dr Nicholas Gonzalez in New York and he has people taking 130 per day. He does have clinical trials to verify his approach and one set  outperform the orthodox treatment.


People who take exercise get less cancers. And cancer patients who take exercise survive longer (Bristol University/CRUK). In May 2006 a major US medical journal - Integrative Cancer Therapies - showed that breast cancer patients taking 30 minutes light exercise EACH day, had 50 per cent less mortality. These results and conclusions have recently been repeated by several universities and cancer centres.

It is really important that people with cancer try to achieve two simple things via exercise:                       

                            1 To move their lymph every morning The lymph is twice the volume of blood in the body. Its job is to clear away toxins from cells. At night when you sleep, your lymph stops movement too. In the morning there is only one way to get it flowing and expel these toxins you need to move it. The biggest area of lymph is the Thoracic duct, across your chest so simple stretching is no bad way to start the day. Yoga, a swim or Tai chi would be better. Very deep breathing exercises will help too. Deep breathing is a part of Chinese cancer therapy.

                               2 To get more anti-cancer oxygen into the blood system Oxygen is the enemy of the cancer cell. People who smoke, or are depressed for example, have lowered oxygen levels and more cancers.  People who exercise have increased oxygen levels and less depression.

People who exercise also perspire more and breathe out more thus completing the toxins travels via the lymph and blood stream to the outside world.

To repeat: Exercise does not have to be extreme in any way. All the latest research runs counter to exercise stereotypes (e.g. the Governments recommendation of 20 minutes three times per week). A 2006 research study from Philadelphia showed 50 per cent less mortality in the group who did 20 minutes walking every day, over the group who did none.

US research from Seattle, for example, showed huge benefits even for beginners in yoga, in terms of reducing levels of cortisol, (the stress hormone you get from your personal problems) and increasing happy endorphins, plus moving out the toxins from the tissues.

So can you build a varied daily programme? Some days speed walking, some days yoga, some days swimming, or pilates? Why not learn something new? Meet new friends and have fun.


The subject of Body Energy sends extremist UK Medical Experts into fits of apoplexy shouting quackery but it really shouldn´t any more.

NASA has shown conclusively that each of us is surrounded by body energy which moves inwards to strengthen our internal organs. When people have an illness such as cancer almost certainly their body energy is low or missing in that part of their body.

As a result acupuncture has been approved for general usage in the USA, and even in the NHS. In November and December 2008 we reported on clinical trials on acupuncture in one case it beat the drug prescribed for nausea in cancer patients.

Then there´s yoga, which is increasingly well studied by Universities in North America. A gentle form of yoga with meditation is excellent for developing posture, allowing a proper energy flow around the body and leading to meditation which can add to the calming effects. There are even clinical trials on the benefits of meditation too, especially prior to surgery as it reduces blood loss.

The National Cancer Institute in the USA has over 30 pages on Energy Therapies on its web site.

People with illnesses must restore the balance of their body energy and try to remove blockages of flow. Generally we would add three considerations:

1) Diagnosis: For example: Kirlian photos can be very analytical. Iridology can also be very helpful at identifying problems. Reflexology is very relaxing and can also be used to identify problems if the practitioner is any good.

2) Energy rebalancing: Ways to start rebuilding your body energy include acupuncture, or cranial osteopathy Reiki and kineisiology are two others. Always work with a Reiki Master, and in all cases work with someone who is experienced in cancer, ideally your cancer.

3) Relaxation techniques can balance your energy too. A hands-on-healer can be extremely helpful; they can be very inspiring. Aromatherapy, and massage can also help.

Try to follow your own programme that you are happiest with and can stick to. We have a complete kiddies guide to all these therapies on our web site under Therapies - Complementary and Alternative. We don´t advise on Therapists (places that CANCERactive works with, such as the Breast Cancer Haven, do actually have their own).


A persons mind is a big factor in illness far more than your doctors can even begin to understand. Recent research has twice shown there to be a definite link between stress/mental state and cancer. We have now opened a whole new section on our web site accordingly, especially as it does not seem to be properly addressed by many other cancer charities.   

1) Many of the Complementary Therapies listed on our web site in our kiddies guide have no Clinical Trials to support them, nor even a research study. Just a lot of people who enjoyed their course of Indian Head Massage or Reflexology.

And who is to say that enjoying something, reducing your stress of cancer, reducing the physical side effects of nausea and the like, or just generally improving your quality of life is not a benefit. After all, how are you really ever going to quantify improved quality of life. Sometimes people who have lost a loved one years before simply like to be touched Hands on Healing is calming, reassuring and may well have supportatitive body energy affects. When scientists try to do research some shout placebo effect this is science speak for Its all in your mind. To which we say good; be happy; enjoy.

A couple of years back one American hospital monitored all the cancer patients on admission and found that those with a God (not merely those who ticked the religion box) lived on average Up to SEVEN times longer, than expected. How are you ever going to conduct scientific research on that?

2) People who get cancer are often the nicest people; but they rush round trying to fit everything in, trying to please everyone else. Of course they cant.  Someone always criticises.  Someone is always dis-satisfied.  You cant please all the people all the time you put yourself last when sometimes you need to put yourself first.

Cancer patients often serve other people they allow others to take their energy.

Cancer patients often get frustrated or feel guilty. They don´t make time for themselves; to eat properly, relax, to do exercise regularly, or rebuild their energy. They often end up frustrated in their jobs because they don´t like to criticise or complain.

Cancer patients often internalise more and more, and don´t have anyone to get things off their chest to or even to shout at because they don´t shout!

Does any of this sound familiar?

The most importing thing a cancer [patient can do is to realise that they are not addressing a cancer and its effects. They are trying to mend a life their whole life.

Take a check on yourself. How important are you to yourself, to your young kids. Enjoy what God has given you. Then ask yourself what you do for fun? What makes you laugh out loud? Do you go to shows. cinema, sports events? Do you play the sports you used to? Do you get to the mountains, and out in the fresh air?

3) Then try this: Clear your brain cut all the negative things from your life and focus on the positive, simple things you enjoy most. Do not put up with anybody who criticises you, tries to put you down, inhibits you or makes you feel guilty. It really is time to make a few decisions to work out who and what are the forces of light and who/what are the forces of darkness. Take time for yourself. Decide what is important and what isn´t. You must be at least aware that you should not just push yourself back into the old, pre-cancer routine

4) Get a piece of paper list 3-5 things that cause you grief, people/things/events on the left. Then list 3-5 things that you really love doing on the right things that make you laugh, that reward you, that nourish your soul. At the bottom in a box write down three things you want to do with your life before you die. Put the piece of paper on the fridge door start cutting out the things on the left doing the things on the right and planning to do the things in the box.

Many people with cancer say to me that it has made them realise what is important in their life. Don´t accept shit from anyone people or things don´t do things that make you feel unhappy, or where you compromise your beliefs. Walk away if you have to.


No one said beating cancer was easy. It built up in your body over a number of years, so why would you expect to clear it out of your body in less?

But you can do it. You don´t just have to believe us. The Dana Farber Institute in the USA reported in 2007 from their research that cancer could be reversed and, even in severe cases where toxins had damaged the DNA and this damage could not be reversed, the effects of cancer and the malignancy could be nullified and managed by a planned programme.

Danish and Norwegian researchers looking into breast cancer and mammograms discovered a group of women whose cancers seemed to just go away. They concluded that many of us may have cancer up to 6 times during our lives, but our bodies natural processes heal the cancers before we have any negative effects.

To put this in context, a mammogram does not ´pick up´ a cancer until it is of a certain size - a size caused by about 20 cell divisions. At 40 the cancer will have killed you. So much for early diagnosis.

The point is that your body could well be dealing with small, un-diagnosed cancers week in, week out.

By now you should be able to see that we do not treat cancer at CANCERactive. We just lay out the research and the options. It is for you to choose what you want to do. What makes you happy.

At CANCERactive our aim is simply to help people increase their personal odds of beating cancer. For us that means

  • Empowering people to take charge of their situation through comprehensive and easy-to-understand information.
  • Urging caution where possible causes are identified; helping to reduce their effects when they are cancer drivers.
  • Helping people build integrated therapy programmes to increase their personal odds of survival.

With CANCERactive you no longer need be the average person. A statistic for that type of cancer. You will have equipped yourself with the knowledge to significantly increase your odds over the average person with the disease.

The research is out there - if you know where to look, and you have the time.

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