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Pfeifer Protocol for refractory prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer and the Pfeifer Protocol

(Chris Woollams, CANCERactive). This article details the Pfeifer Protocol for hormone refractory prostate cancer - an alternative prostate cancer treatment, developed by Professor Ben Pfeifer.

The Pfeifer Protocol for Prostate cancer

The Protocol uses a tailored programme of herbs, glyconutrients, minerals and vitamins, via 4 commercially developed products. This protocol is not applicable where the prostate cancer is not hormone (oestrogen) driven. Pfeifer also states that his therapy does not work where radiotherapy has caused cellular damage.

The protocol will vary depending upon the specific case. The normal nutrient specification for approximately a 6-month program is given below. A DOCTOR´S SUPERVISION IS ALWAYS RECOMMENDED AS WELL AS MONTHLY PSA TESTS (INCLUDING ONE BEFORE YOU START). The reason for this is that the treatment itself is dependent upon PSA. 

ALSO, DO NOT STOP ANY PROSTATE MEDICATION YOU ARE TAKING WITHOUT YOUR DOCTOR´S OKAY. (This is usually gradually reduced once PSA levels are consistently low.) 

Prostate Cancer Protocol Success Rate

Clinical studies are showing this protocol successful in 65% of the patients that Dr. Pfeifer has used it on, even though it has largely been used with patients that have either failed conventional treatments or have been unable to tolerate them.
Where this protocol has been less successful is when it has not been tailored to PSA readings, when initial PSA levels are low to begin with, when the exclusion criteria listed in the FAQ are a factor, and/or when patients immediately stop taking their normal medication. (Prostate medication is usually only gradually reduced when PSA levels are consistently low.) Readers should note that Pfeifer is no longer with the Aeskulap Clinic, and they were relatively guarded about where he had gone when we spoke to them. 

Pfeifer´s Prostate Protocol

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to questions that are frequently asked by those interested in Dr. Ben Pfeifer´s protocol for hormone refractory prostate cancer.

 Who is Professor Pfeifer?

Professor Pfeifer was formerly the Director for Clinical Research at the Aeskulap Clinic in Switzerland a cutting edge healthcare centre which combines conventional traditional medicine with complementary methods in the form of clinical holistic medicine.
Pfeifer carried out his medical training in Germany and has gone on to specialize in Cancer Immunology, receiving an Immunological Research Prize in Florida, USA. He has had 59 publications in peer reviewed medical journals and has presented numerous papers at medical conferences. Professor Pfeifer has devised a unique prostate cancer protocol based on his clinical experience using natural supplements.

 What is the Pfeifer Protocol?

Pfeifer´s protocol for hormone-refractory prostate cancer is a regime of natural health supplements herbs, glyco-nutrients, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients come in the form of four commercially available food supplements Prostasol, Biobran, Imupros and Curcumin Complex.
Prostasol is a herbal food supplement formulated for prostate health containing herbs such as saw palmetto, pygeum, reish, ginger, nettles, skullcap, beta sisterol and other compounds. Please note that Medpro´s PROSTASOL should not be confused with the product sold in the US under the same name. Medpro´s PROSTASOL contains a few additional ingredients to make it more effective, and is manufactured exclusively in the Netherlands, Europe using ingredients regulated by the Dutch ministry of Health. Medpro´s PROSTASOL is made under HACCP, GMP and GNP, and none of its ingredients are tainted with synthetic oestrogens.
Biobran  is a natural food extract, made from "pre-digested" rice bran using enzymes from Shiitake mushrooms. It is a powerful immune booster which works by stimulating the activity of T and B cells and particularly natural killer cells which form the front line of defence of our immune system. There are over 15 published studies in scientific journals which show that BioBran is one of the most effective and safe immunomodulators available for immune-compromised individuals.
Imupros is a blend of nutritional supplements, formulated with vitamins, trace elements, ginseng, lycopene and green tea extract for optimum prostate function.
Curcumin Complex contains the potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound curcumin found in the spice turmeric, plus resveratrol a plant compound from red grapes with strong antioxidant benefits and black pepper to enhance their absorption.

Frankly, this lot includes just about everything ever mentioned in the context of prostate cancer prevention or treatment!! 

Readers interested in purchasing Biobran and/or natural Curcuma Longa, resveratrol, mushroom extract and so on may find them in the Natural Selection shop (Click Here).

What are the exclusion criteria for this protocol?

The following are exclusion criteria for this protocol (those with these conditions will not find it beneficial): 

  • Failure to DES or other estrogen therapies
  • Heavy prior radiation therapy (low lymphocyte and NK cell counts)
  • Extremely low PSA (below 2ng/ml prior to starting on the phytotherapy protocol
  •  The following are less critical exclusion criteria:
    Pathological high NSE
    Pathological high Chromogranin A
    High Gleason Score (9 and 10)

What are the protocol directions?

PROSTASOL: Take 3x3 capsules per day until PSA-level NADIR is reached. Continue to take 3x3 for about 2 months even when NADIR is reached and then start reducing PROSTASOL dosage step-by-step slowly while checking PSA levels every month. Dr. Pfeifer usually reduces PROSTASOL dosage from 9 to 8 capsules per day and then stays at this level for one month, and then reduces to 7 per day and stays at that level for 1 month. The PSA should be checked monthly. Often, PROSTASOL can be reduced to a maintenance dose of about 1-2 capsules per day with stable PSA levels. Remember, however, that each patients is different. Prostasol should ideally be taken at least 2 hours before or 2 hours after a meal, but can be taken with food if taking it on an empty stomach is producing nausea.
BIOBRAN:  This is a ´natural´ food extract made from ´pre-digested´ rice bran using enzymes from shiitake mushrooms. Clinical trials show that it boosts the activity of B- and T-lymphocytes and Natural Killer cells, more than mushtroom extract and other herbs. There are over 15 publidshed papers on its immune boosting abilities.

Take 1 or 2 x 1000mg sachets of Biobran daily (ideally 20 minutes after a meal). If you start with 2 sachets per day, this can be reduced to 1 sachet by the end of treatment.
IMUPROS: Take 2 or 3 tablets per day; can be taken with meals. Pfeifer generally does not reduce the dosage of this supplement during his protocol.
CURCUMIN COMPLEX: Take 3 x capsules a day; can be taken with meals. Again, the dosage is not reduced during protocol.

Pfeifer´s directions prior or during prostate biopsy:

The body needs to be prepared before a prostate biopsy as such a procedure can release cancer cells. 14 days prior to prostate biopsy start with 3x3 capsules per day Prostasol, 3x2 capsules per day Curcumin complex, 3x1 tablet IMUPROS and 2x1g Biobran; this prevention to be continued until 4 weeks after biopsy; if biopsy does find cancer of the prostate, then continue with the treatment until patient undergoes definite therapy.

What are the protocol maintenance directions?

Maintenance dose for Prostasol is usually depending on the steadiness of the PSA after reaching the NADIR. As soon as the PSA starts going up, this should be counter-acted with an increase in Prostasol dosage. The other components of the protocol usually stay at the prescribed dosage as follows:
If everything is stable, Prostasol can be reduced slowly and if the PSA remains constant, the maintenance dosage might be as low as 1 capsule per day.
Biobran 1x1g (or depending on NK cell count and function test) or 1x1g every other day.
Imupros 3x1 tablet per day.
Curcumin complex 3x1 capsule per day.

What is the success rate of this protocol?

Clinical studies are showing this protocol successful in 65% of the patients that Dr. Pfeifer has used it on, even though it has largely been used with patients that have either failed conventional treatments or have been unable to tolerate them.
This phytotherapy treatment program has none of the harsh side effects experienced using standard therapies for this disease. The successful results of his trial have been published in the Swiss Journal of Oncology, January 2005. He now lectures around the world educating cancer specialists about his protocol.
This protocol has been reported to produce 50% reduction of PSA by 6 months in up to 70% of such patients treated in Switzerland with minimal side effects (Pfeifer and Aeikens Positive Health 2006, 120:19-25/
Where this protocol has been less successful is when it has not been tailored to PSA readings, when initial PSA levels are low to begin with, when the exclusion criteria listed above are a factor, and/or when patients immediately stop taking their normal medication. (Prostate medication is usually only gradually reduced when PSA levels are consistently low.)

What are the possible side-effects?

In general, there are very mild side effects (tiredness in less than 5%, softening of the stool in about 10%, some leg cramps in about 10%, nipple soreness or hypersensitivity in about 40%).

Can this protocol be taken by those on anti-hormonal therapy?

In principle, the protocol can be used together with failing anti-hormonal therapy. In particular, the LHRH agonist therapy (Zoladex, Lucrine) should not be discontinued without Professor Pfeifer´s agreement. Combined treatment with steroid (glucocorticoid) treatment is possible, however, one must take into consideration that this will effect immune response. Coming off of anti-hormonal treatment during initiation of phytotherapy is not wise (at least the LHRH agonist should be continued).
Those on anti-androgen medications (such as Casodex or Flutamide) should discontinue their use to allow this protocol to work, provided of course that your doctor is happy with this.

Can this protocol be taken with Warfarin?

Wafarin is no contraindication at all for this protocol and there is Vitamin K in any of the products. Sometimes patients with PC need to have anti-coagulants, because this cancer increases the risk for thrombosis.

Where can I get additional support?

Al Smith, whose website is was the first patient on the protocol in the UK and offers support and information to other sufferers. His story was featured in the Daily Telegraph. You can find it by clicking on this link.

Further information

For more information on the components of Pfeifer´s protocol and sourcing the protocol components, visit the following links: - Biobran information website - Curcumin/Tumeric information - Phytosterol information - Patient support site - UK/Eire distributor

Breast Cancer Protocol

Following the success of his prostate protocol, Ben Pfeifer is currently working on a similar breast cancer protocol. Details of this new protocol are not yet available. 

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