Vitamin D, reformulated as a drug, now ’has potential’

Originally published in icon Issue 1 2007

The British Journal of Haematology (Jan 2006) reports on clinical trials held by the Urinary Oncology Department at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, New York where a new drug called Asentar - a pharmaceutically developed concentrated vitamin D - significantly improved survival times. 

Dr Howard Scher, team leader, ran a trial involving 250 prostate cancer patients.   In all cases, conventional hormone therapy had stopped working.  Patients took the Vitamin D drug for three weeks, with a fourth week’s pause, in combination with Taxotere - and life expectancy increased from 16.5 to over 24 months.  Thrombic side effects of Taxotere also reduced by 34 per cent.  No side effects for Asentar were reported.Rainbow diet          At Last - the definitive, research based book on how to build a diet to help beat cancer. Click here to read about it.

A Phase III trial is now taking place, with over 900 patients, as this vitamin D synthetic concentrate still needs license approved.  Dr Scher said, “It has enormous potential”. (Ed: Vitamin D always has had enormous potential – if only most UK oncologists would stop ignoring it)

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