Vitamin D activates T-cells

Vitamin D activates T-cells

Vitamin D plays a major role in keeping the body healthy by allowing the immune system's T-cells to start doing their jobs.  T-cells are the ‘attack’ cells in the Innate part of the immune system – the part you were born with. And T-cells have receptors for vitamin D, that’s why people talk of vitamin D acting ‘like a hormone’.

A team of researchers from the Department of Immunology and Microbiology at the University of Copenhagen found that without enough vitamin D in the body, the T-cells were not ‘activated’ from their naïve form (1). Former Oxford University Biochemist

Chris Woollams added, “As we’ve been telling you, without enough vitamin D, the whole immune system fails, no matter how much exercise, how well you ate, whether you took supplements like vitamin C or echinacea. It all counts for nothing, without vitamin D”.

Geisler explained further, saying that when a T-cell is exposed to a pathogen like a cancer cell or Covid, it extends an 'antenna' searching for a vitamin D molecule. If it can’t find one, the T-cells won’t even begin to mobilise against the invader. When a pathogen attacks, activated T-cells are capable of ‘explosive proliferation’.

Chris Woollams added, “Scientific American, who interviewed Geisler, reported that a 2009 study in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that 77” of adult and teenagers tested did not even have the minimum ‘healthy level’ of 30 ng/ml (=75 nmol/L) and only 3% of blacks were getting enough daily intake.

Target vitamin D levels in the body are 100-150 nmol/L for health. Daily dose is 125 mg if you have cancer, 50 mg if you don’t according to the Endocrine Society and Professor Michael Holick of Boston Medical School. Vitamin D receptors have also been found on your B- cells. They are the part of your immune system that makes antibodies, your long term defence system(2).

I even hear Dr. Fauci, who is 80, takes 6,000 IUs (150 mg) a day of vitamin D supplement. He said it on Instagram a few years ago.

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