* An Overview of Throat Cancer - symptoms, causes and treatments

* An Overview of Throat Cancer - symptoms, causes and treatments
Information on throat cancer - an area that includes the voice box, tonsils and larynx and often being included in 'Head and Neck' cancer - including symptoms, causes such as alcohol or HPV, and an overview of complementary and alternative cancer therapies. More than 90% of the cancers are squamous and are often found in adjacent lymph nodes.

1.  There are six different types of Throat cancer: 
  • Glottic cancer begins in the vocal chords.
  • Hypopharyngeal cancer (laryngopharyngeal cancer) begins in the hypopharynx (laryngopharynx) — the lower part of your throat, just above your oesophagus and windpipe.
  • Nasopharyngeal cancer begins in the nasopharynx — the part of your throat just behind your nose.
  • Oropharyngeal cancer begins in the oropharynx — the part of your throat right behind your mouth that includes your tonsils.
  • Supraglottic cancer begins in the upper portion of the larynx and includes cancer that affects the epiglottis, (the piece of cartilage that blocks food from going down your windpipe.)
  • Subglottic cancer begins in the lower portion of your voice box, below your vocal cords.
2.  There are four main causes of throat cancer:
  • Acid Reflux - Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol - Excessive alcohol use
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV); and Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)  

These factors can have a 'multiplier' effect.

Acid reflux – can be caused by a poor diet or excessive alcohol but is often due to the presence of a bacterium Helicobacter pylori in the stomach. The bacterium is found in almost all humans and is only a problem when it is in excess, diving for cover into the mucus lining of the stomach. This causes irritation in the stomach wall. Bismuth (e.g. Gastrobismol) and Goldenseal can kill it, as can Para-Free Plus.
Excess alcohol and/or smoking can cause serious damage to the throat over time.
HPV virus has increasingly been shown to play a role and is often referred to as p16+ve throat cancer.  You can be tested for HPV infection. Orthodox Medicine has vaccines used to prevent infection in the first place. However, in recent years certain food compounds have been shown to have effects against HPV. 
Epstein Barr virus (EBV) has been shown to have an involvement. Typically thought to be the cause of Glandular fever or mononucleosis, the CDC in America has shown that this Herpes virus has already infected 50% of 5 year olds 
3.  Symptoms of throat cancer include a change in voice tone, sore throats, phlegm, a persistent cough, pain in the ears, difficulty or pain when swallowing, eating difficulties, a stiff neck and even speech problems.  
4.  Orthodox Treatment for Throat cancer can be debilitating.
 - Surgery (possibly using an endoscope) can damage the vocal chords or voice box. The throat may need reconstruction afterwards. Breathing and speech difficulties are possible. Surgery may also be required on the lymph nodes of the neck.
 - Chemotherapy (for example Cisplatin) may be used for 6 weekly cycles, often at the same time as radiotherapy - but new targeted drugs (for example Cetuximab) and immunotherapy is being developed for this difficult to treat cancer.
- Immunotherapy - PD-1 drugs such as Keytruda and Nivolumab are increasingly being used on Head and Neck cancers and throat cancers. 
5.  Self-Help for Throat cancer should include avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol, and treating any possible Acid Reflux and/or HPV infections.  Another interesting area to consider is that there are significant microbiome changes associated with throat cancers. Do you have problems with your microbiome? And, if so, what are you doing to fix them?
6. The oral microbiome exhibits changes that have been associated with oral cancers - tooth and gum problems can be linked. Increased numbers of pathogens have been found and these seem to play a part in having an active presence of HPV. Equally other bacteria can be protective according to the Icahn School of Medicine (1). For example, a 2020 study found certain bacteria in much higher numbers in patients with a greater risk of throat cancer, including Aggregatibacter, Pseudomonas, Bacteroides, and Ruminiclostridium (2). 
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Complementary therapies for throat cancer; Alternative therapies for throat cancer 

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1. Icahn School of Medicine - Microbiome Role in Head and Neck Cancers

2. Variations in Oral Microbiota Composition Are Associated With a Risk of Throat Cancer - Lili Wang et al;  Infect Microbiol. 2019 Jul 3;9:205.

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