Three studies support Grape Seed Extract in cancer prevention

Three studies in 2011 show important cancer prevention abilities:
1. Prostate Cancer
35,239 males were followed over 10 years since 2000 in the VITAL cohort study (May 2011). Men, with "high average use" over 10 years of an individual grape seed extract supplement experienced a 62 per cent lowered risk of prostate cancer compared to non-users. Even average users of grape seed extract supplements experienced a 41 per cent lowered reduction.
2. Haematologic Cancers
66,227 men and women in the same VITAL study who had ever used grape seed supplements saw a 43 per cent lowered risk of haematologic cancers. (high use of garlic also produced a 47 per cent lowered risk.
3.  Skin Cancer
A study carried out by Maryam Asargi et al, (Department of Dermatology, University of California at San Francisco, San Francisco, California; June 2011) involving 830 people compared various combinations of vitamins like A, C, E and multivitamins. The group taking grape seed extract had an incredible 74 per cent reduction in squamous cell carcinoma.
Grape seed extract is an OPC, along with Maritime Pine Bark. Previous studies have shown this high antioxidant power for both.

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