The Sunday Show 14: Lowell Kile, "How I beat Stage 3 colorectal cancer"

The Sunday Show 14: Lowell Kile, "How I beat Stage 3 colorectal cancer"

On Sunday November 14th 2021 Chris Woollams interviewed Lowell Kile about how he beat his Colorectal Cancer. Lowell went to Chris for a Personal Prescription at the outset; 6 years on he is completely clear of his cancer.

Lowell is an American living in the UK. His Colorectal cancer had gone to his lymph nodes and he was diagnosed Stage 3. Lowell was determined; he assiduously followed CANCERactive - not just Chris' plan or the Active8 programme, but he went to Chris' speeches, took the free e-news letter and, helped enormously by his wife, Carol, he made himself fully aware of all the latest developments that could help him in his quest to be cancer-free.

And that's what he is. Six years on, he is a real Colorectal cancer conqueror. The show was packed with diet, supplement, exercise and complementary therapy tips. Members of the CANCERactive Community can see the show at any time.  Why not join us and watch all the videos like this - past, present and future?

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