The Sunday Show 04: Chris Woollams interviewed Sir Geoffrey Boycott

The Sunday Show 04: Chris Woollams interviewed Sir Geoffrey Boycott

In the Sunday Show on July 12th, Chris Woollams interviewed the man who was his first ever cancer patient, 18 years ago. Geoffrey had been told by Doctors back then that they would need to break his jaw to cut the tumour out and he would never talk on TV or radio again; read feedback and comments.

It was compelling viewing. Geoffrey gave an insight into his reaction to the news - he was at one point told he had three months to live. He said he cried for three days. He talked about how he approached his anti-cancer plan - a bit like batting, step by step, using achievable small goals, but being thorough and determined.

Geoff had tongue cancer, oral cancer, mouth cancer - call it what you will - Chris built a programme of exercise, diet, supplements and used a parasite killer to knock for six all the pathogens Geoffrey had picked up in his cricket travels. The rest is history.

Some feedback and comments already in: 

"Just watched the show, all I can say is it was brilliant!  The content and quality of the ‘technology’ was very professional". (Debbie)

"Hi there,  Just watched Sunday Show with Chris and G Boycott. Excellent show, really appreciate being able to watch it at a time which suited me and the video presentation was very clear and easy to follow. 

It is so inspiring to listen to how Chris helped and how Geoffrey was able to adjust his diet, supplements and open his mind to set positive small goals to get through his sickness.  Thank you, that really motivated me to work through my sickness. Looking forward to more positive shows." (A-M)

"Tremendous show love the way it’s done. Thank you all of you for such an informative and enlightening show and thanks for the kindness you show to us all by putting these helpful programs on!" (Sally)

"Fantastic interview - covered so much and so real - can see why you were so pleased with it." (Caroline) 

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