The Sunday Show, Chris Woollams interviews Sir Geoffrey Boycott

The Sunday Show, Chris Woollams interviews Sir Geoffrey Boycott

In the Sunday Show on July 12th, Chris Woollams will interview the man who was his first ever cancer patient, more than 15 years ago. Geoffrey had been told by Doctors that they would need to break his jaw to cut the tumour out and he would never talk on TV or radio again.

Sir Geoffrey Boycott developed a tumour on the back of his tongue and the prognosis was grim. He was even told he had just 3 months to live at one point. It is defined as oral cancer, or mouth cancer.

Someone gave his wife Rachael a copy of Chris Woollams' best selling book - 'Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer' - and Geoff rang Chris at the CANCERactive office. By a pure fluke, Chris was there - the next day he was at an Olympia Health show and doing an interview on LBC radio. He is hardly ever in the UK. 

"Chris saved my life" was later what Geoff told a BBC interviewer. This should be a really interesting chat. Chris has shown in his first three shows that he really gets the best out of his guests and encourages them to provide highly useful tips and insights to the audience. You will learn a lot!

The show has become so popular that we have decided to run it from midnight Saturday to Midnight Sunday, UK time. So - ALL DAY SUNDAY 12th JULY.

The show, as always, is on easy-to-use Zoom, and you will be able to watch it from the comfort of your own home.

Go to: Reserve your place NOW!!

You will also be able to ask questions - they need to be submitted in advance and you will be able to do so upon registration.


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