The Sunday Show 7: ’How Sophie Trew beat her blood cancer’

The Sunday Show 7: ’How Sophie Trew beat her blood cancer’

On Sunday 18th April, Chris asked your questions of Sophie Trew, a young lady who developed Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2014 at the age of 23 and went on to set up Trew Fields 'the world's first cancer awareness & holistic health festival', a three day event that is proactive and uplifting.

Sophie returned from making a documentary in Columbia, tired and exhausted. She figured the lethargy and night sweats were just the effects of a strenuous two months working in a distant country until the lump appeared on the side of her neck. The diagnosis of Lymphoma was both a shock and transformational. On top of the 6 months chemo, she turned to homeopathy, changed her diet (cutting sugar, dairy and gluten) and slowly took up exercise.

Sophie now firmly believes that an Integrative, or holistic, approach is the answer to this disease, and wanted to build a Community (now where have we heard this before?) to help others. And so in 2017 she started Trew Fields - a sort of Woodstock for people touched by cancer, once a year for 3 days in Sussex.


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The Feedback on Chris' shows has been excellent to date - inspirational, full of tips and usable information. Each of 'The Truth about Vitamin D' and the Interview with Dr. V, breast cancer conqueror had over 2600 people watching the show.

"These shows are informative and highly watchable" - we are sure this one will be no exception.


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