** The Sunday Show, Chris Woollams interviews Tabs Headington

** The Sunday Show, Chris Woollams interviews Tabs Headington

In the FREE Sunday Show on 30th August, Chris Woollams interviews one of his youngest PP patients, Tabs Headington, who had a rare synovial sarcoma in her groin when she was 16; Tabs is now at University in Australia and cancer-free and has plenty of useful information and tips to share with listeners.  

Tabs Headington was brought for a Personal Prescription almost 4 years ago by her mother, Fiona. She had been a fit, sporty 15 year-old school girl when she noticed a small lump in her groin. It went away, then returned. After tests confirmed the worst, Fiona bought Tabs to Chris and the rest is history. Tabs now even has her own You Tube Channel.

Chris will be interviewing Tabs for the 30th August show. As usual, he won't be simply chronicling her story, but asking the important questions relevant to all his listeners about how Tabs approached her cancer, her hopes and her fears, the lessons learned, the truths she can impart to others. We make these shows so others can benefit - Chris fervently believes he is offering an important public service.

This FREE Sunday Show will go out WORLD WIDE from Midnight to Midnight GMT (UK time) on Sunday 30th August.

You can Register for the show HERE.

Registration opens on Monday 16th August at noon.

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