The Sunday Show 06: Chris Woollams interviewed Dr. Thomas Lodi

The Sunday Show 06: Chris Woollams interviewed Dr. Thomas Lodi

On Sunday 16th August 2020 in The Sunday Show, Chris interviewed Integrative oncology expert Dr. Thomas Lodi on the benefits of holistic health treatment and on Private Health Clinics and exactly what they have to offer someone with cancer. 

The Show was 'exceptional' to quote one listener -

"This show was the best one ever. All the shows have had brilliant content but you two played off each other so well and the information just poured out of you. I will never miss another show!" Jan, San Francisco.

"Brilliant Chris. Great content, great show. Informative and fun. The time flew past". Richard, Manchester, UK.

"Great show" Peter, Glasgow

"I learned so much about IVC, fasting, IPT and other alternative treatments because the two of you explained them so simply" Jenna, NSW, Australia

"Wonderful Show. Really enjoyable. You should be on TV Chris.I loved the conversation about Nature and how science tries to defie it. A really clever concept". Sanja, New York

Dr. Lodi has a medical background second to none - he has a Masters in Psychology (University of Denver), he's a Doctor of Medicine (University of Hawaii), was licensed in New York for Medicine, in Arizona for Homeopathy and his certification includes Insulin Potentiation Therapy, Oxidative Therapy, Anti-Aging Therapy and Chelation Therapy amongst others! 

Dr. Lodi is Founder and Medical Director of 'An Oasis of Healing' clinic in Phoenix Arizona, is Director of Integrative Oncology both at SOL, in KL, Malaysia, and LifeCo in Phuket, and until recently at the Akesis Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand.

Chris asked him about his approach to Metabolic Therapies and Alternative Medicine and, specifically, about the benefits, time required and cost of using an 'Alternative Cancer Treatment' Clinic.

Chris and Thomas also covered diet, the benefits of intermittent fasting and restricted fasting, Intravenous Vitamin C, Insulin Potentiation Therapy, IVC curcumin and IV artesunate, the need to heal your mind, and oxygen therapy, hemoglobin levels and more - in fact everything it takes to put your body back in tune with the way nature intended.

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