The Sunday Show 14: How to tackle Brain Cancer

The Sunday Show 14: How to tackle Brain Cancer

On Sunday December 11th, Chris Woollams will be telling you almost everything he knows about brain cancer (well, what he could fit into 50 minutes actually), answering your questions from e mails and our Forum put to him by Madeleine Kingsley.

"You really are going to learn things you didn't know. Chris' knowledge is outstanding. He obviously couldn't tackle individual types of brain cancer, but I was particularly interested when he started talking about what viruses and parasites you might have, and how to deal with them," says expert journalist Madeleine, who not only has interviewed experts at top cancer centres like the Royal Marsden, but also Dr. Henry Friedman at the world renowned Preston Robert Tisch brain cancer centre in Duke's, Carolina. Madeleine's own daughter has benign brain tumours..

In the show Chris covers topics such as:

  * The importance of sugar and glutamate

  * Making Temozolomide work better

  * Infection as a cause of brain cancer

  * Supplements that might help

  * Examples of who has beaten it and why.

  * Immunotherapy, dendritic cell therapy and brain cancer

The show goes out from Midnight Saturday to Midnight Sunday all through Sunday 11th December.

There are TWO WAYS you can see the show:

1. Watch it on Sunday 11th December 2022 - Book your ticket online (£10 donation to CANCERactive) 

2. Join the CANCERactive Community and watch this show on the 11th December and any time afterwards for a small monthly fee of £5 ; (and watch ALL the past 25+ Sunday Shows, plus the 'Spectacular'  and the shows to come in the next 12 months as well)

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As listeners all too frequently say, "These shows are packed full of useful information - and they are hugely inspiring." 

Chris goes out of his way to give people touched by cancer a head start and cover topics no one else covers. Several shows now have had over 16,000 viewers during the day.

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