The Sunday Show 04: Understanding Prostate Cancer

The Sunday Show 04: Understanding Prostate Cancer

On Sunday November 6th, Chris Woollams will be telling you almost everything he knows about prostate cancer (well, what he could fit into 50 minutes actually), answering viewers questions put to him by Larry Brooks.

"You really are going to learn things you didn't know. This guy's knowledge is unbelievable" says Larry.

The show goes out from Midnight Saturday to Midnight Sunday and is available worldwide. In it, Chris will be covering topics such as:

* Ideal Diet - including the foods you must avoid?

* Why prostate cancer is different?

* Testosterone vs Oestrogen?

* The best supplements to fight prostate cancer from research?

* Why it is called 'Highly inflammatory' prostate cancer?

* How infection plays a massive role in Prostate cancer and what you can do about it?

There are TWO WAYS you can see the show:

1. Watch it on Sunday 6th November 2022 - Book your ticket online (£10 donation to CANCERactive) 

2. Join the CANCERactive Community and watch this show any time for a small monthly fee of £5 ; (and watch ALL the past 25+ Sunday Shows and the ones to come in the next 12 months - including the forthcoming Spectacular 'Week of Shows')

Join the CANCERactive Community HERE

As listeners all too frequently say, "These shows are packed full of useful information - and they are hugely inspiring." 

Several shows now have had over 16,000 viewers during the day


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