The Sunday Show 2: Using Off-Label Drugs for Cancer; do they work? - Professor Dana Flavin

The Sunday Show 2: Using Off-Label Drugs for Cancer; do they work? - Professor Dana Flavin

On Weekend January 30th/31st 2021, Chris Woollams interviewed Professor Dana Flavin, a Medical Doctor who has been prescribing off-label drugs for many years and has conducted much of her own research on the subject. As you may be aware, Chris started suggesting off-label drugs to PP patients in 2007.

The Truth about Off-Label Drugs in cancer

The questions sent from viewers for the show included -

I have colorectal cancer - what drugs would be appropriate for a BRAF mutation, or a KRAS mutation?

Does Metformin damage the liver" 

Which is better - metformin or berberine?

What dose of atorvastatin is recommended for females with metastatic breast cancer? I was taking 40mg which has been increased to 80mg by the prescribing clinic?

What is the current thinking about LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) as a treatment for cancer?

Do you think you really can build an off-label drugs programme to tackle pathways. or is the issue much less complicated than that?

Would you really use the antibiotic Doxycycline every other month for several years? Why don't Care Oncology use it the way Lisanti discovered it worked best in his research?

Jane McLelland copies Chris' PP basic programme a lot, using compounds such as Honokiol, Loratadine and Atorvastatin? What are your views on natural alternatives - Lycopene. Quercetin, and Honokiol, Berberine and Melatonin?. 

Professor Ben Williams used Tamoxifen and Accutane to beat his brain tumour; do you think these help?

Mebendazole or Fenbendazole? 

Professor Dana Flavin 

Dr. Flavin is educated in Pharmacology, Physiology, Nutrient Biochemistry and Medicine. She is also President of CollMed, a Research Foundation for Medicine in USA, teaching colleagues and patients around the world about Medicine, Health and the Newest Medical Research toward cures. She is licensed to practice Medicine in the USA and Europe.

Dr. Flavin has more than 30 years’ experience and expertise in research and cancer. Her first degree was in Psychology and Chemistry and from Loyola University, and then went to Chicago Medical School and graduated as a Doctor of Medicine. Four years later she was appointed an assistant to the Director of Toxicology at the FDA in Washington.

After researching the molecular biology of tumour formation she was appointed Science adviser to the President of The Nutrition Foundation. Flavin has also researched the application of Translational Medicine into potential cancer therapies, and Nutrient Biochemistry at Howard University.This was part 2 of two shows - part 1 was Chris answering the basics last year.

These Chris Woollams Shows have been highly praised for their interesting content, usable information and tips, and for Chris asking the questions that really mattered to people. As listeners all too frequently said, "The shows were full of useful information - and inspiring." Over 800 people watched this show,


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