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By David Broom

Open quotesThe most advanced devices are mostly computerised these
daysClose quotes

Bioelectronic machines, such as the VEGA and BEST machines, scan the body by detecting minute changes in the conductance of the skin over acupuncture points. The most advanced devices are mostly computerised these days and store thousands of test ampoules electronically in a memory bank.

Patients can be tested for food and chemical sensitivity, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, viruses, bacteria and parasites.

Also, with specialised tissue matching ampoules, it is possible to assess and compare organic functions. For example, if the liver is stressed we can obtain a percentage value on a meter scale to monitor progress of the liver and other organ functions in response to dietary changes and medecines given.

Testing Procedure

During a typical session with the computerised Vega Expert, the patient holds a metal tube connected by a wire to the system. The practitioner touches one of the patient’s acupoints with a handheld electrode, which is also connected to the machine. This enables the practitioner to measure the electrical energy of the acupoint on a meter. Test items are then fed into the circuit and the response to each item is noted. For example - if you have a wheat problem the body will react on this "subtle energy" level and the meter reading will drop - indicating an aversion to the substance.

Open quotesThis enables the practitioner to measure the electrical energy of the acupoint on a meterClose quotes

The effect of different medicines can also be monitored by the resonance reaction, which occurs in testing. Although this sort of device should not be used alone instead of traditional blood tests to diagnose specific conditions, it has been shown to be extremely accurate in confirming results and offering extra information to patients to assist them in their choices of treatment.

The value of such testing in skilled hands cannot be overestimated. The multi-dimensional nature of chronic disease requires a full understanding of each individual’s nutritional balance and how the body is reacting to food, chemicals and medicines. We also need to be aware of the effects of parasites in the body - since these can undermine the health by blocking the proper absorption of essential vitamins and minerals. "One man’s meat is another’s poison" is certainly true in the area of nutrition.

Cancer & Parasites

Recently an American doctor Hulda Clark has put forward the theory that most chronic disease involves parasite attack in the body, and she believes that we can assist recovery from chronic illness if we are able to identify and destroy these invaders.

For instance - Fasciolopsi buski is a fluke which she claims is present in every case of cancer which she has investigated. Apparently the same fluke is found in sufferers from Alzheimer’s disease, Chrohns, Kaposis and Endometriosis. These adult flukes live in the intestine and can produce 1000 eggs per bowel movement and live many years. When the immune system is sound these parasites and others will not survive long enough to cause damage but in the presence of pollutants such as chemical pesticides - they thrive and develop to the adult stage.

Open quotesWhen the immune system is sound these parasites will not survive long enough to cause damageClose quotes

Yeast is another problem. Most people have too much yeast in their bodies due to prescribed antibiotics and the high levels found in animal feeds. The rapid spread of bugs like MRSA in hospitals tells us that antibiotics are not dealing effectively with new types of bacteria.

A common mould known as afIatoxin B is found in large quantities when parasites are present. It is believed that this could create a carcinogenic environment for the host. Since vitamin C has been found to neutralise aflatoxins it would be important to know about any deficiency of this vital vitamin by testing Bioelectronic testing is really the information highway of complementary medicine and will undoubtedly find its way into the mainstream. Meanwhile the technology is out there and availabl for you to try. As with any therapy it is wise to seek the counsel of well-established practitioners when dealing with chronic disease conditions.

Testing a wide range of items can help patients make necessary corrections to their lifestyle and diet - thus reducing risk factors and strengthening body systems which have become disabled.

Communicating With Our Cells

Scientists working with bioelectronics have suggested that cancer might be a disease in which the normal electron signal, which regulates cell division, has gone wild. Cells emit weak bursts of UV light, which is one of the ways in which they communicate with each other.

Open quotesCancer might be a disease in which the normal electron signal has gone wildClose quotes

Russian scientists made a remarkable discovery 50 years ago when they placed cell cultures in quartz dishes side by side. When a poison was added to one of the cultures, the cells in both culture dishes died a "mirror image" death.

This meant that there had to be a transfer of cellular information, which had jumped from one dish to the other. This same effect does not occur if we use glass containers as glass blocks UV light. From this we can deduce that UV light emission is vital to cell communication.

Light to Treat Cancers

Cancer therapies today are using different frequencies of light to activate the cancer killing properties of certain types of medicine.

Photodynamic Therapy uses light sensitive dyes which selectively kill cancer cells while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. This is being used for basal and squamous cell carcinomas of the skin.

The introduction of "light" therapies to the current medical agenda for cancer treatments has its counterpart in the growing interest in ’Bioelectrography’ in the complementary arena. This is a term used when showing the effects of the body’s aura (electrical field) in health and disease.

Kirlian Photograhpy

Open quotesAll Kirlian photos are taken within a high frequency energy field and reveal the invisible scaffolding around us known as the human
auraClose quotes

This is the name given to the special techniques of aura photography originally developed by Semion Kirlian during the Russian Revolution. Dr Konstantin Korotkov from St Petersburg University is at the forefront of bioelectrography research and development and has invented a device based on this knowledge - called GDV (Gas Discharge Visualisation) which I have found very useful in everyday practice. All Kirlian photos are taken within a high frequency energy field and reveal the invisible scaffolding around us known as the human aura.

Within minutes of taking photos of the acupuncture points around the fingers, we can construct a whole body image which shows the balance or disturbance in specific areas. We are also able to observe the aura on the computer screen as the photo is being taken. Using this equipment, we can demonstrate the energy fields around foods and other substances. This provides information about the quality of food - particularly when grown to organic methods. The Biophotons, or light emissions from items tested, vary considerably and are much less in poor quality products.

Interestingly we have found that food cooked by microwaves loses its essential quality of biophoton emission and is therefore not recommended. Eating food is considered to be a kind of transference of light energy to the cells of the body.

The same principle applies to food grown organically compared to food grown with pesticides and herbicides present in the soil. Organic food has a better biophoton output - more light energy - and in my opinion is therefore better for us.

Kirlian Photos & Cancer

Open quotesIn randomised blind experiments with 280 patients a researcher was 85-95% correct in evaluating different kinds of cancerClose quotes

Surveys in Russia demonstrate a significant increase in the ability to diagnose cancers using the GDV device. In randomised blind experiments with 280 patients in Georgia Oncology Centre - Marina Shaduri was 85-95% correct in her evaluation of different kinds of cancer.

This same researcher was able to make a detailed analysis of different parts of the digestive tract, individual sections of the head and organs - including the measurement of the level of urine in the bladder.

Harry Oldfield -a British pioneer in this field discovered that if you probe the area over a tumour with a kind of Kirlian gun- the frequency and polarity characteristics of the signal would become distorted. A pilot study of cancer patients at Charing Cross Hospital showed accuracy in pinpointing the specific location of tumours.

Oldfield used several probes at different angles around the body and found that he could mathematically triangulate to calculate the tumour’s depth and exact location.

To summarise- The use of Bioelectronic Testing and Kirlian Photography and its modern equivalent - the GDV device - can help in the following ways...

We can observe the interactions between diseased and stressed organs and the whole body.

Patients can be monitored during treatment so that a more effective evaluation can be made.

Pathological processes can be observed through the images present

We can observe healing processes taking place.

These Bioelectronic systems in skilled hands can provide patients with information vital to their recovery.

The use of what is described as "subtle energy techniques" can lead us onto even greater discoveries about how the body works which in turn will help us all to gain the knowledge necessary to defeat suffering and disease.

Vega Testing is carried out at clinics all over the country but, as standards vary, it is best to have a personal recommendation.

NOMA, who supply machines to approved practitioners may be able to help. Send SAE to: Noma Ltd., Unit 3, 1-16 Hollybrook Road, Southampton, S016 6RB.

David Broom

David Broom

David Broom has practised as a medical herbalist and allergy tester for over 20 years. He incorporates many aspects of naturapathic medicine into his practice and has worked at some of the pioneering clinics in this field. He recommends the use of raw juices, herbs and sprouted seeds for the treatment and prevention of disease.

He and his wife Judy work together at their naturopathic clinic at:
Hum Forest Clinic
40 Wayside Road
St Leonards, Ringwood
BH24 25J
Tel: 01202 874 149

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