The Healthy Body and Vibrational Energy

The Healthy Body and Vibrational Energy

Your body has a vibrational energy of approx 5Hz; this can charge depending on whether you are standing or seated, on the vibrational frequencies in your environment, or on emotions and sounds. The big question is 'can changing your resonant frequency heal you?'

The Resonant Frequency of the Human body

Every Human body has a resonant frequency. It is around 5 Hz. This figure results from tests made on a vibrating plate. Don’t take my word for it. The people who worry most about it are NASA. In fact, much of the work has been recorded in the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System, or ADS. This is operated by the Harvard-Smithsonian center for Astrophysics (1).

Human bodies are often exposed to vertical vibration in vehicles. Prolonged exposure can cause undue stress and discomfort in the human body, especially at its resonant frequency, so space travel might be an issue.

There’s even an International Standard - ISO 2631 for vibrational frequency in the Human Body. According to this, the sensitive range is 6 Hz-8Hz and the parts of the Human body are usually found in a range from 3 Hz to 17 Hz. 

The Human standing frequency is about 7.5 Hz, and sitting frequency is between 4 Hz and 6 Hz. Research comes from reliable sources - it’s not just NASA worrying about space flight, but car manufacturers spend significant sums of money on researching this (2). All to make your driving experience more relaxing.

Individual organs have natural frequencies too. While the body may vary between 7 and 13 Hz, the heart is approx. 5 Hz, pelvic region 6 Hz, the thorax between 4 and 6 Hz, abdomen between 6 and 9 Hz, and the head 8 to 12 Hz.

Health and illness

There is (of course) some concern over using vibrating plates and that the research was only interested in movement. Other studies, by people such as Bruce Tanio (Head of Dept. of Agriculture at Eastern Washington University; and head of Tanio Technology), have shown that resonant frequency levels of the healthy Human body should be 6.8 Hz to 7.2 Hz. And that the body becomes ill when this falls below 5.2 Hz.

Body frequency and health is not a new subject. In the 1890s Nikola Tesla said that if we could eliminate outside frequencies that interfered with our bodies, we would have greater resistance to disease.

Royal Rife generated a frequency machine in the 1920s, and showed he could kill viruses and cancers.

Bjorn Nordenstrom, a radiologist in Stockholm in the 1980s, inserted an electrode inside cancer tumours and, by running just a small DC current through it, changed the cellular frequency, stopping the growth and even dissolving tumours.

The Resonance Theory of Consciousness 

All things in our universe are constantly in motion. Electrons spin around protons and neutrons, oscillating and vibrating, forming atoms, forming molecules forming the TV plasma screen, your car, your mobile phone, your heart and your lungs.

Resonant energy is not just a physical reality but it is now proven to be altered by the mind and emotions. It’s called the ‘Resonance Theory of Consciousness’. Yes, the Hippies were right, ‘You are what you think’.

But there is yet another level. Synchronisation.

Synchronisation and Health

Synchronisation adds an extra dimension, so far unexplained. When two similar vibrating objects come into close proximity, they ‘Sync’ up. Fireflies, all start flashing at the same time, your brain exhibits neural synchronisation, and the moons’ rotation is perfectly timed to its rotation around the earth. We never see any of the dark side.

All the elements of the body emit vibrations at very low frequencies - these are called infrasonic waves. And the whole healthy body ‘Syncs’ up, so that all its components work in unison. For example, scientists from the National Research Nuclear University looked at the whole cardiovascular system - it exhibits clear synchronisation between the heart, the arteries, the lungs, the veins, the kidneys and more.

Three types of ‘waves’ are known to be linked - one from the heart beat, the second from the respiratory system, and the third from emotional issues. Yes, it’s how tension and stress can affect the whole system (3). 

Understand the synchronisation of the different vibrational frequencies of the body's organs, and it becomes easier to understand that disease is a failing of the whole body, not just an organ. 

Low energy changes

The idea that sound at low energy might not be heard by your ears but could alter the workings of your whole body, is not a new one. It has been researched by organisations from NASA to the US Navy since the 1950s.  It’s called infrasound and one researcher, Vladimir Gavreau, is reported to have started his studies when people in his laboratory were becoming nauseous; he tracked the cause to low and inaudible sound emissions from a ventilator fan. True or not, infrasound could possibly be a potent weapon - a noise you cannot hear yet damages your internal organs. Seth Horowitz was a Professor and neuroscientist at Brown University and wrote a book in 2012 called ‘The Universal Sense: How hearing shapes the mind’ and went on to produce psychophysical algorithms in music.  

"Even the Archbishop of Canterbury is 80% water', said JB Haldane" and it wasn't just a joke Our bodies are 80% water and sound travels more easily in water than light. If inaudible sound could damage your liver, could it also heal it? 

How your mind can make you ill

We wrote a review only recently on how fear and stress produced neuropeptides in the nervous system of the brain and how the Thalamus, Hypothalamus and Pituitary communicated, leading to the production of hormones that could instruct the adrenal gland to produce cortisol and adrenaline, which could turn on an enzyme in every cell of your body called Cox-2, and that makes highly inflammatory hormones. It's a complicated, synchronised chain reaction. You see or hear something stressful and your breast and liver cells become stressed. 

It is not hard to understand how emotions can affect organs through neuropeptides and/or hormones; nor is it hard to imaging that energetic messages like sound could screw up the natural resonance of the organs too. 

There are over 6,000 scientific papers on the dangers of EMFs and WIFI to the Human body. One 2013 study (4) explored the role of ‘Resonance Signaling’ not just in terms of making you ill, but in terms of healing you as well. 'Ultrasmall' magnetic intensities were found to be biologically significant by Zhadin in 1998, and this led to the thinking that although some ultrasmall magnetic or energetic frequencies could damage human tissues, others might heal through ‘resonance signaling’. 

Changing your frequency

Using sound to uplift the body is nothing new.

Pythagoras in Ancient Greece thought that sound was healing and everyone should listen to music everyday. Tibetan monks sitting in the snow chanted at a certain frequency and were impervious to the cold surrounding them; research on people using meditation prior to surgery at the New York Presbyterian Hospital showed they lost less blood; and people who hear Gregorian chants in the Catholic Church become more tranquil and calm. 

Sound healing has been used to treat insomnia, anxiety, nervous disorders and depression.

Solfeggio frequencies - there are seven frequencies - spookily aligned to the frequency of the Chakras in your body, although they were derived from chants. Chants are performed at critical frequencies. Many chanters, chant in a musical key or tone. But this has a frequency. It is claimed that listening to certain frequencies 3 times a week for 4 weeks can produce changes in your body. It would not be surprising. 

The most talked about frequencies are:

417 Hz - reduces negativity in the body and brings the body out of crisis and trauma.

528 Hz - also known as the Love Frequency or the frequency of transformation. It is believed to have strong healing powers and, from research, reduces cortisol levels in the body.

963 Hz - also called the God Frequency. It is believed to be a corrective frequency, returning the body to its original and perfect state.

Using Resonant Vibration to heal

We know the Resonant vibration of a healthy person. Lowered scores we know means illness.

We use Quantum Physics to build machines that scan you, take X-Rays to show how ill you are, but then we resort to localised drugs, radiotherapy or surgery to treat the problem.

Quantum Physics as a diagnostic is established, but as a route to cure is largely laughed at or ignored, except by people like NASA who worry how they might heal a man in space who develops appendicitis. The Russians have long had frequency machines for this purpose. 

Many patients try meditation, chanting, PSYCH-K, visualisation, Reiki and yoga, but it’s a shame. Because if NASA and car manufacturers know what is going on, it really is only a very small step to a frequency machine that could correct the body’s fall in Resonant Frequency; the Scenar was one version. NASA puts its astronauts onto a vibrating plate when in space to keep them fit and healthy. We have already seen several cancer patients who fervently believed that a full Rife Machine (e.g. Spooky 2) helped them cure their cancer but it's complicated and many users don't get it right.

Remember too, using sound, and/or changing emotions are not the only routes forward.

Sitting down lowers your resonant energy. So get up, walk more, exercise, don’t sit for more than 45 minutes at any one time. Be more active.

Go to: Royal Rife and Spooky2



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