Testicular cancer; half the chemo dose works just as well

Testicular cancer; half the chemo dose works just as well

In testicular cancer, patients with a high risk of recurrence do just as well in terms of survival, by having one rather than two rounds of chemo.

The incidence of Testicular cancer has tripled in men, especially in Northern Europe, over the past 40 years. Testicular cancer already has high ten-year survival rates from diagnosis with approximately 98% surviving ten years. The problem is that the usual person diagnosed is young and the after-effects of the chemo can be quite damaging and life-long. For example, the chemotherapy drugs can damage organs, including the kidneys, damage fertility, damage the immune system and increase infection.  

The aim is the study was to look at ways to reduce side-effects. Professor Robert Huddart, from the Institute of Cancer Research led the research. In the study, two years after the chemotherapy, only 1.3% of the 246 men had seen recurrence whichever dosage they received.

2,400 men a year are diagnosed in the UK with testicular cancer. We have covered research on a number of possible causes; one is a high level of toxins from perfume in the mother while the foetus was forming in the womb.

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The research appeared in the journal, European Urology.

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1. European Eurology - Testicular Cancer and chemotherapy


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