Resveratrol supplementation can suppress growth of breast cancer

Resveratrol has had numerous research studies on its benefits with dementia, heart disease, cancer, longevity and even slimming over the last few years we have a full review on our web site.
Now researchers from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Calabria in Italy (published in the FASEB Journal report) have shown that, in vitro, resveratrol blocks the effect of oestrogen on cells and can help to prevent the malignant growth of breast cancer in women. Research used several breast cancer cell lines all with oestrogen receptor sites. One group was given resveratrol, while both were stimulated with oestrogen. The resveratrol group showed lowered cell growth and further research showed this to be due to a reduction in the number of oestrogen receptor sites, as a result of administering resveratrol.
The team concluded that resveratrol is able to counteract the malignant progression of breast cancer cells by inhibiting the growth and spread of hormone-resistant cancerous cells. No negative effects were reported on healthy cells.
(Ed: Please note that this is a laboratory experiment only and may not be reproduced in real life)

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