Rainbow diet links to improved bone structure as you age

Rainbow diet links to improved bone structure as you age

Osteporosis is a fear for many ageing men and women. But research in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (JCEM) have now shown that going on a two year Rainbow Diet enhanced with olive oil maintains blood calcium and insulin levels, and increases serum osteocalin concentrations, providing a ‘protective shield’ against future bone loss. Lead researcher Dr. Jose Manuel Fernandez-Real added, "This is the first randomized study which demonstrates that olive oil preserves bone, at least as inferred by circulating bone markers, in humans."

All of the subjects researched were also diabetic. The team reviewed levels of glucose, osteocalcin, cholesterol, triglycerides at the start and again after two years. The group following the rainbow diet with olive oil showed a large rise in the concentrations of total osteocalcin, as well as other bone-formation factors over the groups not on the diet. Blood calcium levels also remained constant, but declined significantly in the non rainbow diet groups.
Dr. Fernandez-Real concluded "It’s important to note that circulating osteocalcin was associated with preserved insulin secretion in subjects taking olive oil."
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April - June Cancer Watch 2013
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