Leading clinicians have today written a joint letter to David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, urging him to put the Mediterranean Diet at the heart of health policy and to make it centre stage in the fight against dementia.

The letter was signed by experts from Britain, France, the United States, Greece and Italy. It calls for governments to spend more educating adults and children on the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Dr Aseem Malhotra, a top cardiologist at Croydon University Hospital and one of the letters signatories, said, We are not going to overcome the increasing burden of chronic diseases by prescribing more pills.

The medical profession has itself been guilty of placing too much emphasis on drugs, the benefits of which are often grossly exaggerated and fuelled by a powerful pharmaceutical industry, who naturally wish to expand the use of their drugs for financial gain. He went on to add, The evidence base for the Mediterranean diet in preventing all of the chronic diseases that are plaguing the Western world is overwhelming.

In 2004, I first did a speech about the Rainbow Diet. It followed an extensive review of available research on a great number of diets. I first wrote this book in 2007, some seven years ago. The research was strong then, It is overwhelming now. We even sent a document to the then Health Minister with a detailed plan to build dietary education into schools for pupils, teachers and parents alike. Urged to apply for a Government grant, we were turned down the reply said Its already being done.

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