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By now youve probably read our comprehensive article Prostate cancer - The Facts, and our checklist of 20 important things you need to know, How to avoid Prostate Panic. In this section we will add some flesh.
On the left you will see several articles which we have blocked into 6 sections.

Section 1Prostate Cancer drugs, is a kiddies guide review of the key ones.

Section 2 contains snippets that have been in cancer watch over the last few years concerning the PSA test:

2.1 Prostate Risk Test

2.2 PSA tests under the cosh again

2.3 Stanford Professor dubs PSA tests almost useless

The PSA is now largely discredited in the USA. Certainly you should never rely on a single test. In one research study half of the men found with high PSA readings (which would justify medical intervention) had returned to normal within a month!

Section 3  covers Ultrasound.

3.1 Sound waves to beat prostate cancer

3.2 Ultrasound - a real "breakthrough" in prostate cancer treatment

3.3 Killing cancer with ultrasound

3.4 Ultrasound to be more widely used

3.5 Prostate Cancer - Surgery Alternative

This is a technique you really should know all about if you have a localised cancer and doctors even mention the word operation.

Section 4  has 3 articles relating to Professor Pfeifer.

4.1 Professor Pfeifer

4.2 Ken Jones story

4.3 Pfeifer Protocol

Here you will find details of his protocol, which involves natural herbal compounds and has been through clinical trials in Switzerland. Several doctors are now following this protocol in the UK, one being at Barts in London.

Section 5contains part of someones Personal Prescription for Prostate  cancer. Normally these are over 15 pages long and tailored to the individuals needs. You can apply for one online.

Finally Section 6 - Why take the risk,  is our downloadable Prevention leaflet. Well worth a read and passing on to your friends.

2018 Research
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